Thou Shalleth Mourn the Actor

The Worth of One White Pete TR


Excuse me… for not joining the bandwagons mourning an actor whose aim was to help divert our attention from what is really going on in the world… De’ath meets Ma’at.


6 comments on “Thou Shalleth Mourn the Actor

  1. As always, you tell it like it IS!!! Applause!!!!! You know the score. We’ve ALL got to mourn ‘blondy blue-eyes’!! Now, shall we pray? “Hell to da NO!”

    • Much appreciated. Black news media reporting on this got under my skin. Too bad that there was no picture large enough that could show the stacks of African bodies that are omitted from this list. Oh well hell, I will use what I can to show the insanity.

    • Well since Black news media is ‘massa’s’ puppet, there you go! Of course, WE are always omitted from the list, unless it is the Prison Industrial Complex slave entrance list ‘doncha’ know.

      As you always say, “it is war, peace!”

  2. They keep mentioning the F&F movies he did, but nobody is speaking about this movie he did where “nigger” dropped outta his mouth like it was at home. I can’t remember the movie, but whatever.

    And stop conflating the death by mentioning death. Don’t nobody cares about some dead brown savages. And I say this as the an advocate of the devil.

    • The-evil has plenty of advocates already. No need to join that overcrowded bandwagon. I do not know the guy nor the guy that killed him. I only know that the movies were crap. Anyone to join the mass mourning I will consider lost.

    • When this person was killed the other day, I’m sure the greasy cops murdered at least two Black people. My concerns are intact.

      The fact that this movie is in 7th return speaks greatly to where we are as a society. I saw the first and that was plenty. Also, you can best believe that if it wasn’t blue eyes and blonde hair the notice would have been minimal.

      I advocate for the devil outta sheer boredom.

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