Happy Men and Women – 2

(written circa 1997)

Part -> 1

Last piece, we laid the foundation of this wicked “white-with-black-faced” secret society called the Boule’ or Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc. We unleashed our liquid sword and beheaded the beast of secrets exposing the organization’s founding 6 members, one being dr. henry mckee minton of Philadelphia, on May 15, 1904. We also know, from reading the history book of the Boule’ — written by charles h. wesley, that on page 28, we find that minton wanted to make this organization just like Skull and Bones, the 2nd chapter of a german-based white supremist organization (the Illuminati) which founded Skull and Bones at Yale University in 1776.

We also found the premises for this wicked group was to steal the black professional from the ranks of Marcus Garvey, which, at that time was reaching over 1 million-plus Afrikans in america without tv or radio. We also realized that right after the Boule’ was founded, the 4 black frats and 4 black sororities were founded, as well as the NAACP and Urban League. And we also found a close relation with masonry. Next, our next incision will go a level deeper. We will perform open heart surgery and split open the aorta of so-called black greeks; we will define the meaning of the Boule’s logo — the Sphinx; their colors; and more of their connection with masonry. Let’s start with their logo. Most will say it is a sphinx. True, but not truth.

Most will associate the sphinx with the tall, solid block statue our ancestors built in ancient KMT (in Afrika). Because we have been conditioned to accept without question, we never thought of looking up what the word sphinx means. Look in any dictionary and it will tell you that a sphinx is a third part woman, one-third eagle and one-third lion (notice the breasts and wings). So when I think of the tall statue in KMT, does it look like a woman?? Where are the breasts?! What about the wings?!

The original, Afrikan name is Her-Em-Akhet, which means Heru of the horizon and has the face of the builder, Khafre. When we look up the definition of sphinx, it means “to strangle, guard; gatekeeper or protect”. This has nothing to do with KMT or Afrikan people.The sphinx is a grecian myth and is a major part of masonry. We will see why the black frat, alpha phi alpha, the frat I was down with (but have since denounced my membership), adopted the sphinx and not Her-Em-Akhet. The history of the sphinx is wack, in fact, all greek myths is bullshit!

According to the greeks, this beast was a guardian of the city of Thebes (along with Wo’se and Nowe, are other names for Nile Valley region). She sat on a cliff on the only path leading to the city. Anyone that wanted to enter Thebes had to first confront the sphinx. The sphinx would ask one simple riddle and if you didn’t know the answer, she would devour you, tearing you to pieces. The king, creon, was upset that many people were unable to enter his city. He consulted a homosexual named oedipus (NOTE: homosexuality was a norm for the grecian culture).

The king offered his crown and his daughter if he could kill the sphinx. So he bounced to where she was and she asked him the riddle, “What has one voice, and goes on four feet on two feet and on three, but the more feet it goes on the weaker it be?” oedipus responded, “Man — who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age.”

After answering the riddle correctly, the sphinx committed suicide by jumping off the cliff and oedipus was claimed king of Thebes for outsmarting the beast. Where do you see an Afrikan presence in this? Nowhere. Remember, greek mythology is based on myths!! It doesn’t necessarily mean their stories actually happened. All pale-faced people came from the caucus mountains and their knowledge base is based upon what abraham and moses gave them (33 1/3rd° of knowledge), therefore, they are incapable of being master’s of origination. They are, however, the masters of plagiarism. They could never understand what Her-Em-Akhet means.

The statue faced the east because our ancestors knew the pineal gland is the seat of the Afrikan soul and when the sun rises in the east, it hits the forehead (pineal gland), suppressing the beastly nature of man. As author Tony Browder puts it, “Symbolically, the body represents the animal nature which exists in wo/man, and the lion exemplifies the royalty and power of the divine spirit that exists in its lower physical form. The head of a man symbolizes the intelligence of the mind which must be cultivated in order to elevate the consciousness into a higher spiritual state so that it may become divine. Metaphorically speaking, it is the suppression of the lower animal nature and the refinement of the thought process that leads to the spiritual evolution of man. Spiritually speaking, it is only by conquering the “beast” within that one is capable of truly knowing God.”

When I learned this, it clearly made sense why the first black college fraternity, alpha phi alpha, would choose to call it the sphinx and not Her-Em-Akhet; because their knowledge base is greek oriented and not Afrikan! The caucasian (including these people who think they’re jews) is incapable of an understanding this deep because of their calcified brain, lack of melanin and long, stringy, lifeless hair (our ‘kinky’, coiled, curly hair — and is made up exactly like the curves in your DNA, the spiral look of the Milky Way galaxy we live in and so on — serves as antennas to ancestral data bank, or how we’ve been able to remain spiritual and aware of our Afrikan heritage despite, at one time not being able to read, being kidnapped from our homeland and duped with white values). Some who’ll read this will think I’m makin’ nothing but racist statements, which really isn’t my concern. What should be of concern is that these statements can and have been proven from not only Afrikan historianz but european scientist’s who still conduct studies and research today from melanin to anthropology!


First, let’s breakdown another name BGLOs (Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz) go by, the Pan-Hellenic Council. This name dates back to the Hellenic Republic (or the modern Greek state), also called the Helladic Period known by historianz as the Bronze Age dated 2800–1100 BC. During this era, Greek culture was enforced over non-Greek people mainly through the direction of tyrant Alexander the (Not So) Great who called it the ‘Hellenistic Civilization’.

What’s interesting is geographically, Greece sits between Italy & Turkey! Now if you’ve read my series, ‘IZ YT Human? or Mutant!‘ you’ll recall the island of Pelan (or Patmos) in the Aegan sea sits above the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Turkey. This is the area whitefolk is believed to have evolved! It must be noted the term ‘Pan-Hellenic Council’ used by BGLOs reflects the rooted deedz and barbaric lifestyle of both ancient and modern Greeks—not Afrikanz but Greeks; basically anything related to Greece in general, and ancient Greece in particular. So when we wonder how this loyal admiration trickled down to BGLOs, we find the Boule’s influence. First, when we look at the Boule’s logo and see the *tetragrammaton, we see 9 squares: 8 being the first 4 Black frats (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma) and the first 4 Black sororities (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho). The 9th and center square being the “Father of BGLOs”, the Boule’. It is here we find all originated from the concept of the Boule’s founderz, men who not only idolized the monstrous acts of Alexander and the cryptic Masonz, but the diabolical global white supremacist plots of Skull & Bones, aka the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati against people of color, Afrikanz in particular! Not that’s some self hate! A tetragrammaton is 9 squares hidden inside 72 squares is hidden name of God, which is YHWH (Yahweh). I’ve come across the #666 when studying this geometrical figure as well. It’s definition dates back to mean God in Hebrew now pronounced Adonai or Elohim. This name has been held sacred since 2-3rd century BC. In masonry, it has a numerical value of 9, for the 9 squares also resemble a checkerboard with 72 black and white squares. the tetragrammatonm, defined as “the Hebrew word for God, consists of the four letterz yod, he, vav, and he, transliterated consonantally usually as YHVH, now pronounced as Adonai or Elohim in substitution for the original pronunciation forbidden since the 2nd or 3rd century BC. What’s deep is we find this stemz connection to Masonry and can also seen on the Boule’s logo.

WHAT DOES THE LOGO MEAN?As stated before, Boule’ means “advisor to the king”, and we clarified last piece that the king is the Rockefeller Foundation. If we were to bring some numerology into this, the sphinx’s number is 9. The riddle of the Sphinx is what walks on 4, 2, then 3. That equals 9. 4 symbolized the ignorant man (baby); 2, the intellectual (young adult); and 3, the spiritual (old man with cane, which means wisdom).

The masonic definition of the number 9 is the natural number of man AND the lower worlds (or evil)! Looking at the logo, you will notice under the sphinx in between the greek letters, there are 2 sets of 3×3 squares. Brutha Steve Cokely pointed out, after attending a Boule’ national conference a couple years ago, that each square represented each of the 4 black frats and 4 black sororities. The final square belongs to the one that started it all, the Boule’! Understand, this ain’t something I thought up to amuse you. We went to the lion’s den to find out what this beast is all about. None of this is secondhand info! Remember what I just told you about 9 being their number?! I know I don’t have to think for you, weigh it yourself! You will also notice the sphinx with his right paw covering an earn (vase). Inside the earn we see a circle-within-a-circle with a dot in the middle. This had 2 meanings. First, the circle-within-a-circle is the symbol of the Rockefeller Foundation (which is subservient to the Rothschild/Rhodes secret society, the Illuminati).

So what the sphinx is doing is what it’s definition is, “protect, guard; gatekeeper”. It is protecting the interests of white supremacy! The second meaning is the circle within the circle has a dot in the middle. The circle, including the dot is the symbol of Ra. Our ancient Sun God, or Heru of the original trinity, Ausar, Auset, and Heru. The outer circle is like a enclosed layer, closing off the power of Ra, along with the paw to further conceal the truth of our ancient history the beast knows is very vital to our upliftment! There are many symbols out here that have racist definitions. Remember the saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. This is a code of communication we originated on the walls and temples back in KMT (Metu Neter or as the greeks call it, hieroglyphics).The Boule’s colors are blue and white and is a cipher within itself. Blue has a close relationship with masonry. In masonry, blue resembled the lower protective lodges. These are also the code of silence lodges. They are the frontline of the protective layer. The color white really needs no elaboration, but we will for those ‘YT lovers’…it represents the race they respect the most.

THE BOULE’S NEED TO RECRUITThe Boule’ has taken a sworn oath to maintain the state of white supremacy and to never let you know the whites that rule the world. It’s just like the house negro/field Afrikan theory. The white ‘massa’ needed a house negro to keep an eye on the rest of the Afrikans to alert him if there would be an uprising (the word ‘negro’ stands for clarification. Many have been taught that negro is spanish and means black. But the spanish got this word from the greeks, who called ‘necro’. Necro in greek means DEAD! So what we are dealing with when dealing with ‘negroes’ is DEAD-thinking Afrikans!). The Boule’ is no different. They are guaranteed table scraps as long as they keep the rest of us in check. They are allowed to get high paying salaries, luxurious cars, even their own businesses (although dictated by YT — look at Ebony, Jet, Essence, Black Enterprise, etc and notice the many white advertisements inside each issue. These are the one’s who dictate what goes in and goes out of each issues of these so-called black magazines.) as long as they ‘inform’ massa of any Marcus Garvey’s, Queen Tiye’s, Malcolm X’s, or Queen Nzingha’s.

As in the first piece, we knew the Boule’ was founded to steal the black professional from Garvey. We know Garvey wanted to go back to Afrika because Rockerfeller, Rothschilds, Carnegie, Mellon’s, and the Oppenheimer’s were in our motherland raping and stripping her natural resources (gold, silver, oil, diamonds) and building mega-trillion industries. What we don’t realize is why and how white supremacy, using the Boule’, got the newly pardoned young black professional.

Think, around the early 1900s (Boule’ founded in 1904; All black frats and sororities, NAACP, and Urban League founded within 10 years after that), we were barely 40 years out of physical slavery. The Civil War just passed. We were free (physically), but our mental was so damaged, there was much self-denial going on. Many of our ancestors hated havin’ their dark complexion, having nappy hair, thick lips, hips, the whole nine. Alot of this was enhanced with white amerikkka portraying us as monkeys, watermelon eater’s, shoe-tapping, broken english, happy-go-lucky, turn-the-other-cheek, passive negroes.

There were many products available to those blacks who no longer wanted to be Afrikan, or their true selves. There were bleach creams to make your skin lighter and the straightening comb (Madame CJ Walker, 1908). This allowed those who didn’t want to be Afrikan, to fantacize bein’ something else, YET still not white! What was going here was separation. As a result of this, our people were divided. If you were dark-skinned, it wasn’t much you could do. But if you were light-skinned (mulatto) you had a chance.

We still see this today, especially in our women having artificial hair (weaves), nails, eyes, breasts, you name it! When given a deeper look, the “founders” of these organizations, most found in the early 1900s, “not only mimicked their prototype, white institutions, they attempted to ‘out white’ them”, as writer Charles Grantham cited in his book ‘Do “We” Really Wanna Be Greeks?’

Most disagree, and you’re probably wanna-be greeks, but ask yourself, if these organization are really for Afrikan people, why do they wear the greek letters of our Ancestorz enemy??!! You don’t need ANY affiliation with the enemy to do good for your peeps!!

The first Afrikans allowed to go to college were those that came from families that tried to be what they were not, white! These were the ‘upper-class’ negroes YT knew were busy trying to be like them. They knew these negroes didn’t like being around their darker-skinned brutha and sistaz. They knew these negroes tried to act like them, dress like them, eat, sleep, mate, speak, and worship the same demonic god like them! Now there were a couple of dark-skinned Afrikans that got through. A couple of the founder’s of the wack frat I’m no longer apart of had some. These were the one’s most suitable to be the gatekeeper’s of the concrete plantation the New World Order was beginning to physically manifest.

The 8 black frat and sororities are subordinates of the Boule’. The founders of alpha phi alpha, were affiliated, in some way with either the Boule’ or masonry. Within the organization, they started segregation. In the history book of a phi a, there was a day called ‘tap-day’, where interested bruthaz were blindfolded and the members of the frat walked up and tapped on the shoulder the ones they wanted to become members. Those not chosen could not join. These bruthaz, envying the declined membership, chose to start their own frat, Kappa Alpha Psi, with the help of a “jewish” frat, Phi Nu Pi.

Understand that all black organizations had black faces as scapegoats, but it was this white beast that used these negroes to further mentally enslave us, having us segregate ourselves. The bruthaz of Kappa Alpha Psi, in turn, became just as selective. Along with the Alpha’s not taking bruthaz solely because of our Afrikan link, two other frats emerged: Omega Psi Phi and Phi Beta Sigma. Today, there are even more frats, further dividing our people and enabling the beast to slay us because we are not united. The same goes for the sororities. It shouldn’t come as a shock when learning what the AKAs requirements were for anyone to become considered a possible member when they first started in 1908, they had a system called “the brown bag test”.

This was a test that consisted of a brown paper bag. They would line up the ones interested and put a brown paper bag next to their skin. If they were darker than the bag, they couldn’t become a member. Deep, DEEP hatred of our culture! Think of how many could not join because they were “too dark”. Sistaz who were members of AKA, who didn’t like what they were about, broke away and formed their own sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. Soon, two other’s formed, Sigma Gamma Rho and Zeta Phi Beta. Today, we have more black sororities, even one’s that claim they’re a nursing sorority. As Cokely stated, “You may be just an Alpha or AKA, but you are greek nevertheless!”

The whole notion of becoming a black greek is wack! When I pledged (and every initiate of every organization has to do this), one of the first things we had to learn was the greek alphabet. Why not the Metu Neter?! After all, that is one example of a cultural identity we had that preceded greeks! The reason? If you remember, in the Boule’s history book, on page 38 it says, “In the building of the organizational plan, reliance was placed upon Greek history and tradition. The reasons of this action are not difficult to discover, for it is well known that the study of Greek civilization as basically an acquaintance with western civilization.”

So it makes sense why they would carry on the legacy using greek letters and reciting the greek alphabet. But it doesn’t stop there. For all you black “greeks”, I’ma ’bout to behead the whole ‘crossing over’ ritual.

THE CROSS OVER RITUAL Once an initiate has pledged a certain amount of time, there is a ritual that goes on before they are welcomed into the organization. Most call it “crossing the burning sands”. What many don’t know is the history behind crossing the sands. I will need to use refer to another piece I wrote “IZ YT Human? or Mutant!” So go ‘head and get your copy…Got it? Ai-ight! Remember the tribe of people who were ousted from KMT? It was Ad(h)am and Eve. If you recall, we ended our cipher knowing Adham and Eve were not literally man and woman, but that Adham was a tribe of people. We know why they were exiled from KMT, because they were albino’s who were grafted from Jacob (Yakub), causing mischief. We know the pharaoh sentenced them to journey, by foot, across the Sahara Desert up to the caucus mountains where they lived for 2000 years!

While the beast struggled to make it across the “burning” (hot) sands of KMT, our Afrikan ancestors rode on camel back. We also know that, first Abraham, then Moses, went up to the caucus mountains to “civilize” them with 33 1/3rd° of knowledge, which is “tricknology”. They were instructed by these 2 sellout Afrikans to come back to KMT (by this time they lost all their melanin and ability to understand nature) again and take over KMT. They came as the Persians, Romans, and lastly the Greeks! Do I have to spell the connection?!

In one of masonry’s rituals (degrees), there is a riddle. A master mason asks an initiate, “did you come by foot or camel back?” If the initiate, unknowingly replies, “by foot,” this let’s the master mason know he is talking to “the beast” and he is not ready to earn that degree yet. The mason’s know about the story of Jacob and they know of their true origin. The underlying message is that we don’t know! It is evident when black frats and sororities “cross”, by foot, over the burning sands of egypt (KMT), they are mocking the travel of the beast from KMT to the caucus mountains. This understanding is key, for if you are a member of something and do not know what it’s really about, you have been misled; and if you are given this information and continue to misrepresent something that’s s’posed to be Afrikan, you will be held responsible once we decide to liberate ourselves, and furthermore you will have to answer to the spirit of our ancestors and The Almighty Creator!

As Cokely put it, “I say to you black greeks, that if you control these organizations, to make them afrocentric and change the name’s and number’s that you use to articulate them. They are letters and codes you can develop to be ancient Afrikan and the replacement would be supported by all of the black people — we would guarantee you that. But we serve notice to you that today it’s the Boule’, tomorrow, the other 8, you will have to stand into account for the wearing of the clown suit and impersonating a people of which you are not.”

I leave one last seed I want to plant in the mindz of every black greek readin’ this series, “Did you come by foot or camel back?”

Source:  http://daghettotymz.com


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