For the Holy-Haired – 1

Two Lines of GenesisBible Interpretations and Explanations, Booklet Two
By Dr Malachi  Z York
Those Who Care (1968)


1. As stated in Booklet 1, entitled BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS, there is an evil hypnotic spell cast upon the Ethiopian (Wooly-Haired People by Nature) everywhere by Leviathan via Caucasians and their Bible, and the adverse spell is also in the atmosphere itself, because Leviathan emanates it. It is the GHOST SPELL of spiritual ignorance and racial indifference, and the only way the opium like hypnosis can be destroyed is by right knowledge, wisdom, and understanding working with Nature and Its atmosphere of the New Cycle, the Revolutionary Cycle, now coming in because right knowledge, wisdom and understanding produce right thinking, and right thinking causes us to follow the right way to liberty and equality through right words and right works. Right knowledge is truth, and TRUTH IS THE BEST KNOWLEDGE, therefore, if information is the best knowledge, it is RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.

2. Part of the evil spell is NEGATIVE SPIRIT FORCES within the oppressed, dispatched there by Leviathan, and this means, although those negative spirit forces are within the Captives, they are enemies of the captives and there by working against the captives by compelling the oppressed to do the very things that are against the oppressed in the rise from their serfdom. It is a very depressive position for a race of people to be in—having forces within self constantly working against self and kind. But that is the position of the oppressed, and the only way to destroy the negative forces that maintain that position is destroy the negativism (ignorance) that those negative forces live and strive on. The acceptance of right knowledge is the solution, for that leads to right thinking, and right thinking leads to right action.

3. Ethiopians, do not just read the Booklets entitled BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS but also study them, because these Booklets are dedicated and designed to offset and help destroy negative mind, negro mind, and slave mind among us. Negro mentality is negative mentality is slave mentality. Negro, negative, and slave mind is one (regardless of race or color) that knows no more or little more than what Caucasians have written for public reading and spoken for public hearing, or no more or little more than what Caucasians and or their helpers have taught. The results of the GHOST SPELL are negative and slave mentality, replete with physical slaves and captives.

4. The Moon Cycle (which lasted six thousand years) ended in February 1962. Just before the end of each RULING CYCLE of Nature, a male person is authorized and appointed by the Forces of Nature to determine and disclose to the people (especially those of his own kind) the hidden past, the changing present, and the ruling future. The Moon Cycle was the climax and final phase of the Evolutionary Cycle which lasted 17 million 250 thousand years. Therefore, since the end of the Moon Cycle was also the end of the Evolutionary Cycle (the Cycle of Mankind) and it is now the REVOLUTIONARY CYCLE which means EVOLUTIONARY REVERSE, it was necessary for the Forces of Nature to select from among the oppressed, a Wooly-Haired Ethiopian (a descendent of Ptah) and qualify, authorize, and appoint him to manifest the knowledge of and rule the beginning present cycle.

5. Just as there are forces that can foretell the future, there are also forces that can retrace the past, and AMUNUBI RAHKAPTAH (Writer of BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS) has access to all forces necessary to retrace and foretell, and this fact made these Booklets possible. One authorized and appointed by the Forces of Nature is given connection and access to powers of the Sun and Moon and powers of Planet Earth that he may take his place in the Sun, meaning, in universal affairs, and all of his kind who are able to learn, understand, and accept universal knowledge and facts as disclosed by NINE ETHER will also be given the same connections and powers for realization and maintenance of liberty, justice, equality, rightness, and survival beyond Armageddon, the war or showdown between right and wrong.

6. Right knowledge organizes and unifies the minds of Ethiopians, individually and collectively. If knowledge is not to be confusing and thereby ineffective, it must be in sequence. Knowledge received must be in organized sequence in order to put the mind in order and unity. One purpose of these Booklets entitled BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS is to help organize and put the minds of Ethiopians in unity and order enough to qualify for our own efficacious spiritual science called NUWAUPU. Nuwaupu and the Forces and Powers hereof are liberty, equality, justice, rightness, and proper survival for Ethiopians everywhere. Nuwaupu and the Powers that make it effective and binding are the equalizers for Ethiopians in all fields of necessity and endeavors in which other races offer contest. The liberation forces for Ethiopians are not God, Jesus, Lord, Christ nor the spirit power-names of any other race. The liberation forces of Ethiopians (Wooly-Haired People by Nature) is NINE ETHER whose scientific name will be disclosed in our science NUWAUPU. Nine Ether is the Original Creative Forces that made these Booklets possible.

7. When the Writer uses the name ETHIOPIAN, he does not mean only a Wooly-Haired Person born in the small territory in Africa called Ethiopia today; he means a Wooly-Haired Person born anywhere in the Universe. The root of the word Ethiopian is ETHER, and Ether is the Creative Power that the Sun and other True Stars produce and emanate. Nine Ether is the celestial origin of all Ethiopians, for It is the power that produced the African Pygmy (the Dwarf Ethiopian), the Ancestral Tree of all Wooly-Haired People. At one time all Africa (all our motherland itself) and the nearby surrounding islands and territories were called ETHIOPIA, and the Atlantic Ocean was called THE ETHIOPIAN SEA. Therefore, Ethiopian is a name that gives Wooly-Haired People their celestial origin terrestrial origin, and ancestral origin. Hence, Ethiopian is the best all around name-identification for mentally resurrected Wooly-Haired People, until Nuwaupu by power of Nine Ether gives us Ethiopians our new-cycle name.

8. If a person has a negro, negative, or slave mentality, these Booklets will help him or her get rid of it, provided the person not just read the Booklets but also study them and accept the facts therein and herein. Facts can be rejected but they can not be refuted. Those of us Ethiopians who shall survive Armageddon, the showdown between right and wrong, will accept these facts and adhere to them. Caucasians did not and will not teach others (besides themselves) any real knowledge about Universal Powers and forces which would enable others to rule themselves and rule Caucasians. Moreover, other races are not going to give Wooly-Haired People real Universal knowledge either, because in real spiritual and universal knowledge is where REAL RULING POWER is found and exercised.

9. For the time being, it may be permissible for Caucasians to teach occupational knowledge, jobs, and trades plus mathematics — works and subjects that no one can be deceived with by others — but not subjects like history, religion, origins, etc., because Caucasians will not and sometimes can not give others the facts about these subjects. Caucasians know and teach certain, occupational jobs and trades according to present-day standards, and mathematics is in universal science which speaks for itself, but what can Caucasians teach anyone about morals and best way of life, when they are those who destroyed real knowledge, morals, and best way of life by suppressing and murdering Darker Peoples, lying to divide others and create ignorance, and stealing other peoples’ lands, culture, and natural resources, that is, other peoples’ heritages. Caucasians never did and never will give others true spiritual and universal knowledge, because much of it they do not know themselves, and what they do know they keep it among themselves, so that they may continue to rule the ignorant and impoverished.

10. Occupational, professional, and technical knowledge we need and should have, but We Ethiopians need more than that in order to be free and equal again and have ruling power. Occupational, vocational, professional, and technical knowledge’s are not sufficient to eliminate negro, negative, and slave mentality. Negro or negative mentality (negative mind) is one which is void of real universal knowledge — knowledge about time and origin of Universes, Stars, Planets, Satellites; origin of oceans, mountains, vegetation; time and origin of races, cultures, and what each race is supposed to represent. Negro mentality is void of its own true spiritual science, and the powers which maintain a race’s spiritual science are those that create a race’s culture, make its history, and direct its way of life. Therefore, if a race does not have its own true spiritual science, it is void of what is necessary to make it free and equal. In the case of Ethiopians, NUWAUPU is his and her true spiritual and universal science.

11. Universal knowledge informs us about the governing codes and cycles of all existences and living beings, and kinds of spirit forces and the ones that are for or against whom. Real universal knowledge must answer the knowledge questions: WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHY, and NATURE OF, that is, whom a thing is for or against. Amun Nubi Re Akh Ptah, the Writer of Booklets entitled BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS, is qualified by the Forces of Nature to receive and disclose universal knowledge, unveil the past, emphasize the present, and blueprint the future. What Amun Nubi Re Akh Ptah writes is meant to destroy the barriers between Wooly-Haired People and their spiritual science and heritage in general. Universal Forces can not beneficially and effectively work for us and with us as long as so many minds among us are so negative, because negative mind attracts negative forces and those negative forces destroy us and cause us to destroy ourselves. Then we need positive mentality to offset the negative, then we will have the brain power necessary to identify ourselves with Universal Forces, and they will help us to liberty and equality and justice.

12. When the Caucasian meets someone who does not believe in God, that is, Ghost, he calls that person an ATHEIST, because there are two kinds of spirit (Ghost and Ether), therefore, if a person is not of Ghost, that is, God, he or she must be of Ether, hence, he or she is called ATHEIST by Caucasians. Atheist and Etherist have the same ORIGINAL or ETYMOLOGICAL meaning — NOT GOD or NOT OF GOD, because, if one was originally created by Ether instead of Ghost, that person by Nature is NOT GOD and NOT OF GOD. A person originally created by Ether can and most likely will become OF GOD and CREATED By GOD MENTALLY during the Cycle of God (the Moon Cycle). The beginning letter, of Ether was A instead of E in ancient times. Amun Nubi Re Akh Ptah is able to distinguish between that which is for Ethiopians and that which is against him and her. Ghost (God), the spirit of Caucasians, represents death for Ethiopians and is thereby against Ethiopians. Nine Ether, the spirit of Ethiopians, represents life, and of course life and death are opposites just as Ethiopians and Caucasians are opposites. Moreover, death is an enemy of life just as the Caucasian way of life is an enemy of the Ethiopian way a life.

13. The purpose of anything and everything written, in these Booklets is to help destroy negro, negative, and slave mentality, so that Wooly-Haired People everywhere may have and exercise free mind and equal mind and thereby enjoy freedom and equality because, if a person has free mind, he will do free things and, if a person has equal mind, he will do equal things. Booklets entitled BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS are designed to open the way to a spiritual and mental revolution by right knowledge, because there can be no change in racial status for Black People as a whole without first having change in mental powers and spiritual forces. The same old spirit forces and the same old minds will perpetuate the same old system. Although ways and means of maintaining the old system may change, it will be the same old system still as long as the same old minds and the same old spirits prevail, because the same old system is the nature of them.

14. Change in mental status by right knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding brings change in spiritual status, because right knowledge destroys ignorance in the mind, then the spirit forces of ignorance that maintain ignorance have nothing to subsist on and they die, dissipate, or become sealed in the Earth. When the mind receives right knowledge and accepts it, the mind defends itself by fighting against the forces of ignorance (its enemy), and when the right side of the mind defeats the weaker side, the person becomes free and equal as sufficient effort is made. The results of cruel suppression of the mind and the accumulation of gross ignorance are the state of miserable condition where the slave and slavemaster or captive and captor pray to the same God.  Since the slavemaster is an enemy of the slave, if the slave prays to the same God as the master, he is praying to the God that enabled the slavemaster to enslave the captive, and that God is the enemy of the slave or captive just as the slavemaster is. The ONE -GOD DOCTRINE that the slavemaster indoctrinated the slave with is FALSE and A TRICK to keep the slave from recognizing any other spiritual power but that of the slavemaster. There are MANY GODS but ONLY ONE SUPREME BEING or ALMIGHTY, and that being is INFINITE- OMNIPOTENT NATURE who has innumerable powers and parts. The One Supreme Being is EVERY PERSON, EVERY PLACE, and EVERY THING — finite and infinite, visible and invisible called in tones [PAA PAU’T]

15. The powers and forces of Nuwaupu are liberation and salvation for Wooly-Haired People everywhere. LIBERATION for Ethiopians is MENTAL AND PHYSICAL SEPARATION FROM ADVERSE FORCES, and SALVATION for Ethiopians is KEEPING ADVERSE FORCES AWAY FROM WOOLY-HAIRED PEOPLE AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN LIBERATED. Therefore, salvation comes after liberation and is the maintenance and perpetuation of liberty, justice, equality, and rightness. Like Booklet I, this Booklet helps to open the prison gate that has the minds of Ethiopians locked in, and as the gate or mental confinement opens, ignorance will flee and right knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding will become the keeper of Ethiopian minds. Right knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are Nuwaupu, and Nuwaupu is the spiritual science of all Wooly-Haired People throughout THE UNIVERSES. The Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS are not the science Nuwaupu itself, but the diligent reading and diligent study and profound understanding of these Booklets will open the mind, tear down barriers, and qualify the mind for the universal science called NUWAUPU.

16. The Reader will understand these Booklets better, if he or she REMEMBERS: Leviathan is the Sun God, Earth God, and Moon God for mankind — all straight-haired peoples. Leviathan can manifest itself as the Sun God at one time, the Earth God at another time, and the Moon God at Still another time, or it can manifest itself as a combination of two or all three at the same time. The group called Adam six thousand years ago was [an] incarnation of[the] Earth God known as Geb, Dagon, Jesus, Bal, et cetera. Moreover, Leviathan is God at one time and the Devil at another time or both at the same time. Of course, this means that Leviathan is VERY POWERFUL and VERY DECEPTIVE. In fact, Leviathan is the forces of trickery, deception, and hypocrisy. Leviathan is the SPIRIT FORCES of THE BIBLE. Leviathan is SIX ETHER, that is, spirit fire that produces Ghost. If the Reader understands this paragraph, he or she can understand the Bible and the Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS. In this Booklet there may be repetition, but it is needed for clarity and emphasis. From the ending of the Old Testament to the beginning of the New Testament, why is there a time span of three or four hundred years?

17. As was stated in Booklet I, the Egyptians and Jews had a war around sixteen hundred (1600) B.C., and the Egyptians, lead by Moses, that is, the Pharaoh Thotmose the First, defeated the Jews and repatriated them back to Asia with the aid of THE EGYPTIAN ARMY. After this event, Egypt became a war-like and conquering nation and took over all western Asia. Egypt ruled western Asia with great control until around six or seven hundred (600 or 700) B.C., then its rule began to weaken and Caucasians began to gain strength. By two or three hundred (200 or 300) B.C. the Caucasians had control of Egyptian territory including Egypt itself, and they started suppressing the Egyptian religion, which was PANTHEISM, and persecuting those who maintained it.

18. The Caucasians (Romans, Jews, and other Greeks) suppressed the Egyptian religion by taking certain books out of circulation, burning others, forbidding the adherents to practice it, and killing off the Egyptian priests and prophets (St. Matthew 23 chapter 35 verse) who protested and resisted. Zachariah (an Egyptian priest of high rank) was murdered before the end of that suppression. The killing of Jesus was considered the end of Pantheism, therefore they called the death of Jesus the death of the God Pan (same as Faunus). Pan is the GOAT GOD and Caucasians celebrate December 25th as the birthday of Jesus every year, because Pan (Capricorn of the Zodiac) is Born every December around that time and Jesus of two thousand years ago was considered to be Capricorn, THE SCAPE GOAT.

19. As also stated in Booklet I, the name of the man called Jesus was Esau Panthera. Panthera is a word which refers to the Great Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, and also refers to the religion of Noah which was Pantheism, hence. Jesus was the last incarnation of Noah, the Evolutionary Forces. Noah, 17 million 250 thousand years ago in person of Ham, Shem, and Japheth, was the beginning of Jesus (Six Ether) on Planet Earth, and Cain (first, born children of Adam and Eve) was the beginning of Christ (Ghost) in person on Orb Earth six thousand years ago. Everything that is invisible on Planet Earth has a visible counterpart somewhere on this Planet. The name Noel (as in the Christmas carrol) means NOAH IS ELYON, ELOAH, OR ELOHIM; Elyon, Eloah, or Elohim is Jesus and Jesus is SIX ETHER, the forces of Evolution. Jesus (who has many names such as Elyon, Marduk, Molech, Zeus, Jupiter, Ra, Harmachis, et cetera) was the God of the Phoenicians. Noah (Jesus) is the Zodiac, and the Zodiac is Leviathan. The Zodiac has many forms such as the dog, monkey, eagle, serpent, crocodile, et cetera, that are not shown in almanacs, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

20. It is written that the Jews are descendants of Shem and that Abraham was their father—this is true in the sense that Shem is the East Indian People and that Abraham (Ham) is the Phoenician People and the Jews were extracted by the Moon God from the East Indian and Phoenician Peoples. The words JEW and HEBREW are confusing to some people, because many people think they are the same in meaning. No people can be true Jews or true Christians by Nature but Caucasians. The word Jew (Gew) is short for Greek or a short combination of the words Greek and Hebrew, and the word Hebrew means Star-worshipper of Black, because the original Hebrews were Star-worshippers and the surfaces of the True Stars are Black in color. However, the Jews adopted the term Hebrew because they are derivatives of those East Indians and Phoenicians who were Hebrews, therefore, when the terms Hebrew and Jew are used in the Bible, most people think they mean the Caucasian of Judaism—in some cases YES and some cases NO.

21. Hebrew is a variant of the word Ghebre (sometimes spelled Gheber). A GHEBRE is A FIRE-WORSHIPPER. A True Star is Fire—ETHER FIRE. The Sun of our Solar System is one of the True Stars. There were Ethiopians [who were] Hebrews too, meaning, Wooly-Haired People who were Hebrews. However, since the Jews have possessed the term Hebrew for themselves, let them have it. Let us not try to reclaim it, because the Wooly-Haired People among the other Hebrews were only being used anyway. Moreover, the original Hebrew writers of the books of the Bible were Ethiopians and Phoenicians, BEING USED by the Moon God to reprove the Caucasians concerning what they were doing to Darker Peoples. But the Moon God knew that the Caucasians would persecute and even kill the reproves, but that was part of the game the Moon was playing to keep the Moon Cycle in progress and the Caucasians in power, and this is why Jonah rejected the calling and other people of the Old Testament complained and murmured against God (the Moon God).

22. In light of the foregoing paragraph, we can easily see that the people in bondage and captivity in the Bible were Darker Peoples, especially Phoenicians and Ethiopians. It is written that the Hebrews lost their tribal identities around four or five hundred B.C., but there never were any twelve tribes of Israel in the first place. The Hebrews who began losing their identity around that time were not the Caucasians of Judaism but the Phoenicians, because around that time is when the Caucasians started their cruel persecution and suppression against the Phoenicians, and the Phoenicians started going wherever they could to escape those atrocities and brutalities.

23. So by three or four hundred B.C. (around the time the last book of the Old Testament is supposed to have been written) there was hardly any need for a prophet, because the Phoenicians were so well scattered, but there were various writings between four hundred B.C. and one B.C. by priests and prophets that should be part of the Old Testament, but are not, because they tell of the cruel persecutions and atrocities that preceded the appearance of Jesus. The Darker Peoples of the regions controlled by Caucasians were forced to accept the Caucasians’ new version of CHRISTIANITY (St. Matthew 23 chapter 15 verse) which came out of the Alexandrian schools of Egypt around three hundred B.C.

24. The Septuagint (the Greek Version of the Old Testament from which came the Latin and English versions) was compiled (collected) after Alexander the Great (the Greek) marched (unopposed) into Egypt and northern Africa around 333 B.C. The Septuagint was published several decades later (around 300 B.C.), and this means that the Jews did not have an organized Bible until the Greek versions was compiled, for they had been using various scrolls and parchments for their religious rituals and rites. Moreover, the Jews were well schooled in the CABALA SYSTEM — a system of mystery words and clandestine know-how passed down from father to son and mother to daughter, orally, but never put in writing.

25. There have been many versions and revisions of the Septuagint (the Old Testament) since its compilation and publication around 300 B.C. The 70 or 72 emissaries from Jerusalem (those were supposed to be the ones who compiled the Old Testament) are the people who were persuaded to change the writings to suit the purposes of the Caucasian rulers. At the time of the advent of Jesus, apparently the Jews had not yet claimed the Ethiopian and Phoenician bondage and captivities of the Old Testament as their own, as evidenced by this written statement — (St. John 8 chapter 33 verse.)

26. Jews and other Caucasians, if given the opportunity in the future, will also claim the enslavement of the American Negro as enslavement of Caucasians, as the Jews claimed the enslavement of the Egyptians the enslavement of Jews. Moreover, in reading the Bible, people make the mistake of concentrating too much on what God or Jesus is supposed to have said and too little emphasis on the other side of the argument, and through this error, people miss valuable information and eye-opening knowledge which refute many biblical and Caucasian claims, not only by words but also by what actually took place before and then, took place since, and is taking place now. In other words, note that secular history does not coincide with those claims and that the Caucasians are still doing today what, they did then claiming one thing and then doing another, and this makes them history’s best known hypocrites and prevaricators.

27. So there is a time span of three or four hundred years between the Old and New Testaments because (1) The Hebrews (the Phoenicians) were too well scattered, therefore there was little need for a prophet (2) After the Septuagint (the Old Testament) was compiled and published around 300 B.C., any biblical writing in B.C. after that would have to be an unauthorized addition to the Old Testament (and there are unauthorized additions that are not published in the King James Version, such as BEL AND THE DRAGON, THE WISDOM OF JESUS, THE MACCABEES, et cetera) and (3) There were many words and works that went on between 400 B.C. and 1 B.C. which the Caucasians did not want known, such as the persecutions and atrocities Caucasians used to eliminate Egyptian Pantheism before they finished it off around the time of Jesus. Why are there FOUR similar books about the same story at the beginning of the New Testament instead of ONE?

28. Because in reorganizing Christianity after the death of Jesus, the Caucasians had no proof of their stories, particularly the parts pertaining to immaculate conception and resurrection of Jesus. The reorganizes of Christianity could not bring out the parts about the immaculate conception and resurrection until scores of years after the death of Jesus, because the people living in his time, and for years after, knew better. Therefore, they could not publish with success these additions to the story about Jesus until the people who knew better had died out and certain parts of the true story had been concealed. It was not until around 325 A.D. (the Council of Nice) that reorganized Christianity really began to flourish in the form that we know it today, because the new concepts called immaculate conception and resurrection had been added by that time.

29. The earlier forms of Christianity, such as the beginning of the book of St. John, did not have the later ideas called the immaculate conception and the resurrection in the sense that it is taught in the West. However, ORIGINAL Christianity did start with THE OSIRIS AND SET LEGEND which is based on the true story about ABEL AND CAIN. Christianity (before that based on Jesus of two thousand years ago) broke out around 560 or 600 B.C., when the Phoenicians’ power began to wane, and Caucasians’ power began to wax. These earlier forms of Christianity started with Greek Philosophers such as Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, et cetera, who received their knowledge from THE EGYPTIAN MYSTERY SYSTEM that was headed by Egyptian priests, prophets, and other mystic men. Of course the first and earliest form of Christianity started with CAIN. The beginning of the loss of Egyptian power, freedom and independence is when the Egyptians let Greeks and other Caucasians into their Mystery System from which they obtained vast, knowledge, secrets, and activating names of Gods and Goddesses. The Egyptians had what was called MYSTERIES and also GREATER MYSTERIES. The Phoenicians (latter-day Egyptians) took the Caucasians into their confidence, and that was the beginning of the end of Egyptian power and rule.

30. Alexander the Great, that is, the Greek, was a member of the Egyptian Mystery System, and by time be came on the scene around 333 B.C., the way was clear for just about anything the Caucasians wanted to put forth, and this is why Alexander was able to march (unopposed) into Egypt, eastern and northern Africa, and elsewhere. Although Alexander had sworn his alliance and allegiance to the objectives of the Egyptian Mystery System of which he was a member, he was also a member of a VAST CLANDESTINE SPY SYSTEM OF CAUCASIANS whose aim was to deceive and deprive the Phoenicians of their ruling power and independence. The first member of the spy ring to join the Mystery System was the first Caucasian accepted into the Mystery System, because that is the nature of the Caucasian— to deceive and spy on Darker Peoples. The Caucasian spy ring was the key that opened and cleared the way for Alexander’s march. Once the Caucasians were admitted into the Mysteries of Egypt, of course, the power they received would be or would turn adverse like the Caucasians were, and that adverse power was enough to make the spy system successful by help of the Moon God, Caucasian women, and some of the Phoenicians themselves who were spellbound by the Moon God.

31. Alexander the Greek was falsely built up as a great conqueror, but he was a fake who the Caucasian spy system chose to take the bows for the work the spy system had done. However, most Greek philosophers and members of the spy system who were also members of the Mystery System met with ill-fate for their deceit and broken vows to the laws of the Mysteries; the philosophy they taught was from Darker Peoples and foreign to their people, and their people were afraid of it at first, and the teachers of the new philosophy who were not put to death, died in shame and disgrace, including Alexander who died of intemperance (drunkardness)) at the early age of 32. The Alexandrian (Christian) schools in Egypt (that started around 300 B.C. and were named in honor of Alexander the Greek) produced such early Christians and reformed Jews as the Stoics, Gnostics, Essenes, Zealots, and others who lasted until the advent of Jesus and for a time after, but the Essenes (who were also called Zealots) and some others became a part of Jesus’ followers.

32. Subsequently, the four (gospels, the first four books at the beginning of the New Testament) had no factual backing when the immaculate conception and resurrection concepts were organized and became doctrine prior to the Council of Nice (325 A. D), therefore, the organizers at the Council decided to publish four similar books and proclaim that four eyewitnesses (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) who had no contact with Each other wrote their books in four different places at the same time—this plus the similarities among the four books supposed to prove the Gospels. But that is no proof because (1) There would have to be further proof of the four eyewitnesses who had no contact with each other and wrote their books in different places at the same time, therefore, (2) Three of the books were produced from the original one (St. John) of the four or all four from a fifth book (the Osiris-Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD) which the public has never seen.

33. In other words, Caucasians could tell the people anything after those who knew the true story had died out or were put to death. The Caucasian title of the Bible is HOLY BIBLE, but the universal title of the Bible is BOOK OF THE DEAD, because it is from the dead and is for the dead, the physical and mental dead, and this is why we see the same symbol on the church (house of the mental dead) that we see in the cemetery (place of the physical dead). The symbol to which we refer is THE CROSS, the sign of the dead—physical and mental. CROSS is a word that refers to CRESCENT, and crescent refers to THE MOON—a dead universal body which supports and multiplies the physical and mental dead and their forces on Planet Earth. The Egyptian BOOK OF THE PYRAMIDS (the cemetery) and BOOK OF THE DEAD (the Bible) were magnified by TEHUTI (sometimes called Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus)—the Moon God, also known as ANUBIS.

34. The only way such false concepts as immaculate conception, physical resurrection of Jesus, and ascension were able to take roots and grow in the first place is because it was the time and season for such fabrications. Christianity, as we know it today, took roots at the Council of Nice (325 A.D.) and other councils since then, including the Council of Chalcedon (451 A. D.). However, Protestantism came later and that shall be discussed in the next answer. The etymological meaning of the word GOSPEL is GHOST SPELL or SPELL OF THE GHOST, meaning, SPELL OF GOD. Ghost works by SPELL or fascination and is therefore spellbinding, and Nine Ether words by REASON through knowledge, wisdom and overstanding. What is presented in Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS discloses part of THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE BIBLE little known or unknown to Wooly-Haired People. Disclosure of the true history of the Bible is knowledge, and that knowledge helps to destroy ignorance of the oppressed and helps to open the escape route to liberty and equality by the mental process and progress.

Since Protestantism is an offspring of Catholicism, when was Protestantism born?

35. Protestant means ONE WHO PROTESTS, meaning, religiously, one who protests the established order of belief or decorum or both. The Order of belief and decorum for the time (1620 A.D.), place (Europe) in which reference is now made is CATHOLICISM. The etymological meaning of the words Catholicism and Pantheism are the same in the sense that they both refer to the statue of a huge cat with a king’s head at Giza, Egypt. The huge cat called the Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, symbolizes the Lion of Judah, that is, Jupiter (also called Ra and Zeus). Remember, all Greek and Roman Gods were originally Phoenician-Hindu Gods. Literally, the word Catholic means CAT HOLY or HOLY CAT. Of course, Catholicism and Protestantism and their many branches and denominations are all Christianity called CHRISTIANDOM, the Caucasians’ spiritual world.

36. According to history, Martin Luther (a German monk) and John Calvin (a French reformer) were two of the leaders who spearheaded the break from Catholicism call THE REFORMATION. Out of the Reformation movement came Protestantism winch represented looser religious practices and less religious discipline. The want for less religious discipline is one of main causes of the Reformation in Germany, France, England, and other European countries, because less strictness in religious practices meant that there could be separation of church (the national religion of a country) and state (the government of a country). Thereby, under Protestantism, the national religion of a country could PRETEND to represent one thing while the government of that same country represents another thing, and this opened the way to greater deception and hoodwinking by Christian rulers, that is, Caucasian rulers.

37. For instance, if there were no separation of church and state in the United States, the oppressed would know that it is the oppressor’s religion and the spirit forces thereof helping the oppressor to keep the oppressed ignorant and captive even more so than the oppressor’s politics and other systems, because the policy of the state would openly be the policy of the church and vice versa, but the separation scheme helps to keep the oppressed masses deceived about the enmity of the slave master’s GOD against the captives. However, in recent years it has been made very clear that the slave master’s religion is as RACIST as his politics and other parts of his oppressive system. It should be pointed out right here, however, there is nothing wrong with RIGHT RACISM. In fact, everything is RIGHT with it. Right racism preserves the RACES. There is no other way to preserve the purity of the Races but by RIGHT RACISM. The Caucasian practices WRONG RACISM, that is, ONE-SIDED RACISM. Right racism is a symptom of race pride and intelligence. Right racism is racism practiced on equal terms, and to practice racism equally, a race must have equal things, beginning with equal universal knowledge.

38. It is ironical and hypocritical that the very ones who introduced racism (as we know it today) to the World and the ones who practice wrong racism to extremes are the very ones who tell us now that racism is DIABOLIC. Caucasians mean that racism is diabolic and wrong when it is practiced by OTHERS toward Caucasians, because, when others practice it, it means that Caucasian males will not be able to: (I) abuse, misuse, rape, and ravish women of other races at will and nothing be done about it (2) Would not be able to mongrelize and leopardize (genocide by miscegenation) other races and (3) Would not be able to religiously spellbind and sexually stigmatize the bodies and minds of women of other races and use those women against the men of the women’s own race. In other words, right racism prevents Caucasian men from using the women of a race against their men. Remember right racism is THE ONLY WAY to reserve the purity of the Races and keep peace among the Races. Many Darker Peoples, especially Negroes, do not realize that the spirit forces that empower the Bible are more RACIST than most Caucasians show them to be. Protestantism made it easier for Caucasians and other races to practice WRONG RACISM on Wooly-Haired People.

39. The schism called Protestantism caused a great influx of European heretics and jailbirds to migrate to America, because Catholicism demanded too much discipline, law, and order. Soon after that influx of heretics and jailbirds from Europe, slavery started in the Americas and the surrounding islands and territories thereof. In 1520 A.D., the time when Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church by Pope Leo X, Catholicism controlled the church and the state (the government of the country where it had jurisdiction). So Protestantism sprang from Catholicism in the 16th century (around 1520 A.D.) by heresy. Catholicism is the mother of all Christendom (all Christian faiths and denominations) as it exists today. Unfortunately, Protestantism provides and allows separation of church and state, and this means that the masses are allowed to do their own biblical interpretations, instead of leaving interpretations to the head of the church, and also people are freer to practice their own evil wills and ways upon self and others without any real religious penalties or punishment. Nevertheless, Christianity and Judaism in all their forms and practices are religions of and for the Caucasian Race not in favor of Wooly-Haired People.

40. According to history, the Bible was not completely translated into English until around 1610-11 A. D., and various English versions were produced since the first English transition. Therefore, the Bible (Old and New Testaments) is nothing like the original writings which the present Bible is supposed to represent. In ancient times, laymen were not allowed to interpret spiritual writings, because (1) There would be different interpretations which would confuse the people (2) Different interpretations would not only be confusing but also false – the layman not knowing SPIRITUAL JARGON, and (3) Individual interpretation by the masses would open the way for religious profiteering, exploitation, and division, and there are other reasons why spiritual interpretations by the masses are undesirable and detrimental. Protestantism opened the way for all the foregoing detriments. The schism called Protestantism is AN OUTLAW from Catholicism. In other words, Protestantism is a result of SPIRITUAL LAWLESSNESS against Catholicism, just as the United States of America is a result of POLITICAL LAWLESSNESS against England.

41. In ancient times, once done, spiritual writings were never altered or revised. If there was something to be added or brought up to date, at would be put at the end of the book and labeled properly as such. Altering or revising a book means that it was not right in the first place or someone wants to deceive or mislead somebody into his own selfish way, such is the way of exploitation, oppression, and slavery such as that which took place in America after the Protestament Reformation. In ancient times, the masses were kept up to date with current periodic writings already fully interpreted. The masses were not constantly taught about past events except as history. They were not taught to live in the past or by the past. The masses were always taught what they should say and do for their well-being as of the present, because what was all right for the past may be all wrong for the present, depending on the issues in question or at hand and the surrounding Circumstances.

Part 2


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