For the Wholy-Haired – 2

White Fashion Mocking Black HairBible Interpretations and Explanations, Booklet Two
By Dr Malachi  Z York
Those Who Care (1968)

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 What is life and can it be eternal?

42. A living being gets its life from its parents. The parents of a living being is its personal Creator and Nature its impersonal Creator. A living being is in the image and likeness of its mother and father. The parents of a living being is its Creator by the help and laws of Nature. A child’s life is inherent from its parents and is spontaneous. The father and mother of a child (or any living being) give up part of their lives through the sex act, and this is how the child gets its life. The father supplies the blood through the sex act, and the mother supplies the bones and flesh through the gestation period by the laws of Nature and Its inherent and spontaneous powers.

43. Life itself is A BURNING. ALL life is a burning, including the life of vegetation. In people, the burning takes place in the lungs and blood. A person inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Carbon is residue of burning, that is, carbon is the waste of a burnt substance or gas. When oxygen enters the lungs, it reaches the blood and the acids in the blood ignite the oxygen and burn it, and that BURNING is LIFE. The burning generates light (natural electricity) and the blood transmits the light to the brain; then the person is able to think, see, feel, hear, taste, and smell. The burning is SPONTANEOUS by Nature and the acids thereof.

44. When food substances seep through the lacteals of the small intestines and reach the blood stream, the acids in the blood ignite and burn the substances. The heat and energy produced from the burning generate pressure (blood pressure) and the blood distributes the pressure to the various glands and nerve centers, then the person is able to move the various parts of the physical being and the heart is able to keep the blood flowing and distributing the energy and nourishing particles throughout the living being to maintain strength and keep the flesh replete. The burning is the imitative to all life activities of the body, for the burning is life. Therefore, when the burning stops permanently, that is THE END of life, then the person gets cold and stiff.

45. Open your mouth and blow your breath on back of your hands and you will feel heat from the burning. In order to determine whether life can continue after death of the body, it first had to be known WHAT life is. Now that we know life is A BURNING, it is also true that the body of a living being provides the condition (the necessary combined factors) for burning, therefore, without this condition for burning, there can be no life. All this means that life can not go beyond the death of the physical person, because there is no condition outside the physical body that can continue the burning for a person. Hence, when the burning stops permanently, the person looses all consciousness and that is the end of life. A person’s soul is his or her body, and the head of the soul is his or her mentality, meaning, the mind. THE BREATH OF LIFE is simply OXYGEN, one of the gases of Nature.

46. This is the way the Ancients had it. The soul is the body and mentality of a person. When a child is born, spirits may possess his or her body, but those spirits existed ever since Creation. The spirits that possess the person may be good or evil or both; this depends on the person’s environment and the Star or sign of the Zodiac under which the individual was born. Moreover, the seed from which the child sprang is a major factor in determining his or her pattern of life. Spirits will most likely take a liking to the person with a nature most relative to theirs, unless they wish to torment someone’s mind. Spirits can give false impressions or true ones— this depends upon the nature of the spirits possessing the person. Therefore, in addition to proof, SOUND REASON (instead of spirits or spirit dreams) is the best barometer for determining what is true or false, right or wrong: to be able to make these determinations is why people by Nature were given the ability to reason.

47. Spirits (like people) have laws of their own and those laws are binding by Nature. Since spirits are conscious gas forces, they can enter a person at will and leave at will, so long as the entering and leaving are according to the laws and codes by which they exist. The fortune or misfortune (the fate) of a person largely depends upon the spirits forces that accompany him or her and the seed from which the person sprang. Spirit, law provides for the evacuation of all spirits just before or at the time of the death of the person they possess, but the spirit or spirits that take permanent leave from the person’s lifeless body are not the individual’s soul or life, because they existed long before the birth of the person and they can not keep the person alive if the burning stops, that is, if the person stops breathing. Furthermore, a person can live without spirits, because THE BURNING is what’s keeping the person alive, and light from the burning transmitted to the brain is what keeps THE PERSON CONSCIOUS.

48. Spirits are not one’s soul or life but may be the factors that determine what course that person’s life will take and the length of his or her life. On the contrary, spirits are not people’s lives (the burning proves this) but people may be the lives of spirits, and Nature the life of ALL (visible and invisible). People are the lives of spirits because, at the death of a person, spirits possessing that person must transmigrate to something or someone else in order to stay alive, for they must keep subsisting (feeding) on the substance of something or someone’s blood.

49. The Ancients further maintained that ETERNAL LIFE for a person or a, race is CONTINUOUS PROCREATION (perpetual reproduction) of that person’s family or kind. For example, no Ethiopian (Wooly-Haired Person) is ever dead (in the ethnical sense) as long as two breeding Ethiopians (male and female) are still alive and together, because all Ethiopians are of the same origin or ancestral tree. Hence, as long as two breeding Ethiopians live, all Ethiopians (living and dead) live through them, for all Ethiopians are the same flesh and blood.

50. There is no eternal life in the sense that a person has a PERSONAL SOUL that continues beyond the death of his or her physical body (this is evidenced by the Burning), and spirits that existed long before the birth of the person and leave the body just before or at death are not interested in maintaining the individual’s image, identity, personality, and memories, but their own identities and ways instead. Moreover, since spirits transmigrate from place to place and person to person, there would be too many identities, personalities, and memories for them to maintain from the various persons through the years and centuries.

51. However, those people who can view spirits may see one in the image of a relative, friend, or acquaintance that is still alive or deceased, because spirits can alter their form and appear in any image. This power of spirits can be very misleading to those who do not know the deceptibility of spirits. Yet, spirits have the power to activate the Forces of Nature. The spirits of Christianity work hard day and night to keep the masses (particularity the Black Masses) deceived about the facts of life and death—to keep the captive pacified and the Caucasian in the dominant position. The spirits of Christianity constantly work hard to keep the Moon Cycle in progress and the Caucasian in power over other peoples.

52. In light of the foregoing answer to life and can it be eternal, we can readily see that SALVATION is not what we in the West have been taught that it is. We (Ethiopians) in the West have been taught that salvation is everlasting bliss and happiness some place in the sky after death, if we be good and obedient (of course, good and obedient to the hard taskmaster). Undoubtedly, this non-sense was designed to pacify the oppressed in their captivity, while the oppressor exploits them in every way. Salvation is protection from all kinds of enemies, including the enemies called hunger, disease, and ignorance, after a people have been liberated from them. Salvation comes after liberation— liberation from the forces of oppression, evil, exploitation, and servitude, while that person or people oppressed are still alive. Salvation is that teaching and those forces that keep a people free and equal.

53. Liberation for a people or a kind comes collectively for all and not individually, because one is not really free until all of his kind are free. However, as stated elsewhere in this Booklet, Amun Nubi Re Akh Ptah (Writer Of Booklets entitled (BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS) offers a DO-IT-YOURSELF SOLUTION to the problems of achieving liberty and equality for ourselves until all of us Wooly-Haired People can get strong enough mentally to do what we must do for our liberty and equality, together. The DO-IT-YOURSELF SOLUTION means: Every Wooly-Haired Person who desires liberty and equality can liberate his or her mind from the grave of gullibility and the prison of Ignorance by facing and accepting facts and knowledge as outlined in the Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATION AND EXPLANATIONS. Once a person’s mind is liberated, he or she will do things right that lead to liberation of the physical body. Once the captive’s mind becomes equal to that of the captor, the captive is not a captive any more, because he will do things equal to that of the would-be captor.

54. Liberation for a person and his kind is true independence from domination by another kind of people. The forces of exploitation, evil, and oppression destroy a people in every sense. Salvation, therefore, is protection from those wrong and cynical forces after being separated from them. Independent free peoples (peoples who are masters of their own destinies) need no liberation, for they have it already. Yet, salvation they constantly need, but through disobedience of the laws of Nature they can and will lose it, as is now happening to the Caucasian Race. A people in oppression and captivity is in Hell, and this brings us to the next question of life, but remember, eternal life for a person or a race is PERPETUAL PROCREATION, meaning, CONTINUOUS REPRODUCTION on through the centuries.

What and where are Heaven and Hell.[?]

55. Now that we know there is no personal soul each individual has that goes to Heaven in the sky or Hellfire under the ground after death, this changes the mental and physical location of Heaven and Hell for Peoples of Earth. Heaven and Hell exist indeed, but not in the sense and places the oppressed peoples have been taught. Heaven and Hell are states of condition, and whatever condition one finds himself in at any given time is his Heaven or Hell, no matter where he or she may be. If one is in captivity and oppressed, that is Hell for that person. If one has troubles day and night, that person is in Hell. If an individual is in bad health and he or she can not get or afford the proper attention, that is Hell. If he or she is hungry and clothes ragged and living in a society with closed doors to his or her well-being and economic progress, that is Hell. When a person or a people is deprived of freedom, justice, and equality, that is Hell for those deprived.

56. Heaven is where those of a kind make it for themselves, and Hell is where those of a kind let others of a kind make it for them. Heaven is in no particular [35] place; it is wherever heavenly conditions are for those realizing the bliss. A place can be Heaven at one time and Hell at another time. A place can be Heaven for one kind and Hell for another kind at the same time. For example, the United States of America is basically Heaven for Caucasians and basically Hell for Negroes. Hell is in no particular place; it is wherever hellish conditions are for those experiencing the misery.

57. However, there are WRONG HEAVEN and RIGHT HEAVEN. Wrong Heaven is Hell for the oppressed. Wrong Heaven is the Heaven of the oppressor, because his heaven is built upon, strives upon, and survives upon a foundation of fabrication, slavery, killing, exploitation, and oppression. Right Heaven is the Heaven of liberty for all in a society of justice and equality for all. Right Heaven includes the necessary provisions and protection for all. But the only way people can have RIGHT HEAVEN is that each race be in a land of its own, minding its own business, and practicing its own way of life. Liberty, justice, and equality are ingredients that make up Heaven. Liberty, justice, and equality are forces of RIGHTNESS. No one wants to rest all the time people get tired of resting all the time, just as they get tired of working all the time. Hence, Heaven is not a place of rest all the time; Heaven is reasonable rest and reasonable work plus the responsibilities for well-being and happiness. Heaven and Hell are right here on Planet Earth in the person of fleshly people. Heaven and Hell are states of condition; whatever condition you find yourself in at any place or time is your Heaven or Hell.

58. Basically the following is how Leviathan (who produces Ghost) keeps Hell going by way of the Caucasian Race: Leviathan is the boss or head of the spirits of the Caucasian Race and mankind in general, and it commands the most powerful, knowledgeable, and orderly spirits of itself to Caucasians for the purpose of ruling and oppressing. Leviathan, on the other hand, commands the least powerful, most ignorant, and disorderly spirits of itself to its captives for the purpose of submission, servitude, and informing the oppressor, because knowledge and order rule ignorance and disorder. Moreover, the spirits of ignorance and disorder make the oppressed (instead of the oppressor) look like the VILLAIN. Furthermore, destructive, ignorant, and disorderly spirits (possessing the oppressed by will of Leviathan) compel the oppressed people to distrust, dislike, and reject each other the same way the oppressor rejects them. Most times the oppressed do not deal fairly with each other, and this is cause for distrust of each other. Most times the oppressed are destructive and disorderly, and this is reason for dislike of each other, but all this is being done by evil spirit forces dispatched by Leviathan to the oppressed to aid in keeping them downtrodden through ugly words and ugly works. Spirit forces can cause people to be dumbfounded or cause them to be mentally keen.

59. Evil demons live and strive on the blood and suffering of the innocent, therefore, when those sadistic spirits are ready to subsist on the blood and rejoice at the suffering of the innocent, they cause the Caucasian to provoke the innocent or cause the oppressed to become discontent and rebel against the oppressor, knowing that the oppressor will willingly shed the blood of the innocent and rejoice in their suffering caused by his vicious attacks. In other words, Leviathan deliberately sets up opposition against itself and subdues it through brutality or kills it off, for that is part of the pleasure and livelihood of that SPIRIT MONSTER-DRAGON—this is the nature of the spirits of the Caucasian Race that keep hellish conditions flourishing and prevailing. That is the nature of the Caucasian’s religion whose purpose is to keep the Caucasian in the dominant position over other peoples. The thing that causes most of the ills in the World, as we know it, is DRACULA, the HUMAN VAMPIRE.

60. The Caucasian Race is DRACULA who lives by THE SCAPEGOAT DOCTRINE. The satanic scapegoat doctrine maintains that the Ghost (the God and spirit of the Caucasian Race) must survive by killing the living to obtain their blood, because Ghost has no blood (life fluid) of its own, and it loves (most of all) the blood of the Wooly-Haired People, for theirs is the richest by Nature of all blood on the Planet. So the dead, the Ghost of Dracula (the Caucasian Race) creates conditions called captivity and slavery, so that it may have victims whom it can conveniently prey upon whenever it needs additional blood for life. The blood of the best known victims of Dracula is sent to the high places in Caucasian religions, and that blood is offered up to Six Ether (Jesus) and the Ghost (God), the spirits of the Osiris Mummy, and the Ghost subsists on the blood, then Ghost gets thicker and stronger in the atmosphere around the Earth, for it is multiplied from the blood of those victims offered up in rituals and those whose blood is spilled outright. As Ghost gets thicker and stronger in the atmosphere, its posterity (the Caucasian Race) gets stronger to perpetuate oppression and captivity and keep the captive prepared for future needs of the Ghost and its posterity.

61. THE SATANIC SCAPEGOAT DOCTRINE further maintains that the guilty must survive on the blood and suffering of the innocent and ignorant. So Dracula in person of the Caucasian Race pounces on its prey in the darkness of the night, because then its victim is unaware of what is really happening. Dracula created that darkness (ignorance) in the minds of our forefathers and their children to use us as adjusting tools when something goes wrong in its oppressive system and to have us for exploitation. The darkness of the night for the oppressed peoples of the World is the ignorance of their minds. But Dracula can not withstand the Sun successfully and the light (right knowledge) thereof, because the Sun destroys the darkness (ignorance) which Dracula must have to practice its evils of death upon its victim. So, as the Sun rises, if Dracula refuses to go back to its crypt, it will be forced by Nature to destroy itself by help of Nature, for Dracula can not survive the RAYS (universal knowledge) of the Sun. The crypt of Dracula (the Caucasian Race) is Europe. The Caucasian Race is the visible and spiritual manifestation of THE DEATH FORCES, because, like symbolic Dracula, their creator and activator are the spirit (Ghost) of the necropolis (cemetery). Remember the slave-captive is the subsistence and scapegoat for Dracula and the death forces which empower Dracula.

62. Nevertheless, all this misfortune can be overcome through the acceptance of right knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding which lead to right action by help of the Forces of Nature. The discontentment and rebellion of the oppressed against their miserable conditions are justified 100 per cent, but the bloodshed and suffering from such action only serve to strengthen the oppressor, if the discontentment and rebellion are not channeled in the right direction by right knowledge and sound reason. To put it another way, all suffering done and every drop of blood shedded by a Wooly-Haired Person servant and victim of the while he or she is a Christian (a servant and a victim of the Caucasian) is shed for the cause, betterment, and salvation of the Caucasian Race, whether or not you agree with them, because the Caucasian is THE VISIBLE GOD of Christianity and Judaism as Leviathan (producing Ghost) is THE INVISIBLE GOD of the same.

63. In other words, instead if the Black Masses physically rebelling against the oppressor — a rebellion which leaves nobody killed and hurt but the Black Masses — the masses must rebel instead against the prevarications and ignorance created by the Caucasian which keep Black People’s minds imprisoned and their spiritual strength weak. To make it plainer, the only rebellion the Black Masses can win at this time is a mental and spiritual revolution which will put the Black Masses in mental and spiritual power, then they will have the power to do any thing else that may be necessary for complete liberation and well-being. The reading, study, and acceptance of right knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as found in the Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS are the weapons that all Wooly-Haired People should arm themselves with, then Universal Power will work with us and for us, individually and collectively. A person has accepted right and universal knowledge when he or she practices that knowledge. We must do that which is practical and sensible for ourselves and that which we can succeed in.

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