For the Whooly-Haired – 3

Two Lines of GenesisBible Interpretations and Explanations, Booklet Two
By Dr Malachi  Z York
Those Who Care (1968)

Part 1, 2,4

What are mercy, forgiveness, and justice?

64. MERCY is DEFERMENT OF JUSTICE until a later time. Then justice will fall upon the individual guilty one himself (or herself) or upon his or her seed or kind, because each and every one of a kind is one flesh and blood, for they sprang from the same ancestral tree or origin. FORGIVENESS is TEMPORARY TRANSFERMENT OF GUILT from the guilty one to the forgiver. However, forgiveness does not free the guilty from his or her wrong-doing because, according to the laws of Nature, the guilty one MUST ACCOUNT for his or her wrongness’s, personally, or the guilty one’s seed or kind must do so. Forgiveness means to take the guilt of someone upon self, and thereby the forgiver becomes an accomplice of the guilty, therefore, his penalty or punishment is the same as the guilty, but the forgiver’s punishment comes before that of the guilty. But the punishment of the forgiver comes before that of the guilty, because the act of the forgiver is a temporary transferment of the guilt to himself or herself, meaning, the punishment of the actual guilty one is deferred until later, since the forgiver has taken it upon himself or herself.

65. However, the innocent paying the price of the guilty does not satisfy the laws of justice, because the innocent did not commit the wrongness. The guilty one himself (or herself) must finally take the punishment of guilt in full, then the laws of justice are satisfied. Moreover, a person can not forgive another person for some wrongness the culprit did to a third party, for the only one who can truly forgive is the victim himself or herself, because he or she is the one who suffered the hurt and harm, and the victim does not have the power of forgiveness unless he or she is in his or her right mind, and one cannot be in his or her right mind unless he or she knows, accepts, and overstands right knowledge. A person has accepted right knowledge when he or she knows right knowledge and practices right knowledge. Right knowledge is UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE:

66. If a person of a kind/race forgives another person of his/her own kind, he/she has forgiven him or her self, because all people of the same kind are one flesh and blood by Nature and ancestral tree or origin, and justice works by the seed, that is, ancestral lineage. JUSTICE IS WORDS FOR WORDS AND DEEDS FOR DEEDS, NOT EQUAL TO THE AMOUNT SOWN BUT EQUAL TO THE AMOUNT GROWN. “Not equal to the amount sown but equal to the amount grown” means this: The one who initiates a wrong deed is AN AGGRESSOR whose wrongness may cause a chain reaction of wrong deeds, but the wrong-doer of the original wrong act is responsible for all the wrongness which result from the original wrong act, therefore, the one who first sowed the seed of wrong must reap the whole harvest, according to the laws of justice, because he is the aggressor as well as the transgressor. However, all who were a part of the chain reaction of wrongness are accomplices of the original aggressor, and will meet the same fate as the aggressor, if they deliberately follow in the foot steps of the aggressor, knowing that he or she is wrong and violating the laws of Nature.

67. Since the time of Adam and Eve, real justice was deferred, and therefore, evils and wrongs have continued to pile up, until those injustices have reached their peak, and that peak is supposed to and has triggered Armageddon (the last war of the Moon Cycle), the war between right and wrong. Justice can not be destroyed, hence, it was only deferred by mercy and transferred by forgiveness, temporarily. If one iota of justice could be destroyed in the sense, that iota exists no more, there would be no such things as wrong and right. Armageddon started before the end of the Moon Cycle and is still going on allover the World. The Moon Cycle ended February 1962, but the hangover will not be terminated until the end of Armageddon.

68. Since THE GUILTY THEMSELVES have not accounted for their wrongness’s during the Moon Cycle (the 6000-year cycle allotted to them), the end of the Moon Cycle is the time predestined for their reward in the form of justice. The only way the Moon Cycle could exist in the first place was by mercy and forgiveness, meaning, on the blood and suffering of the innocent and those with strong morals, because it was a cycle of weaknesses for the existence of the wicked. The vast injustices done against the innocent (since Adam and Eve) shall cause the impact of Armageddon to be so great that, when the war is over, there may be but few structures erect and few people left alive. Rest assured, those left alive will be the INNOCENT, and ROOTS of the NEW CYCLE, the cycle of liberty and equity. Everyone who lived long enough during the Moon Cycle did something wrong, for that was the cycle of wrongness’s, therefore, THE INNOCENT are those persons and the offspring of those persons who did not knowingly cross a race line and intentionally do something wrong to a person or persons of another race because he or she was or is a person of another race. The foregoing knowledge and universal law point out how important a race line is—universal and spiritual innocence or guilt is determined by THE RACE LINE. If a person of one race does harm to a person of another race because THE JUSTICE IN NATURE (Universal Law) requires it, it was an innocent act.

69. Among the guilty are those persons of a race who knowingly and deliberately worked and/or work against their own race for a price or for Nothing to please and help a person or persons of another race. When a person knows and understands that: If the punishment for wrongness’s he or she does, misses him or her who transgressed, the punishment will eventually fall upon the transgressor’s own children or the transgressor’s own kind, that person who knowingly transgress now would be very careful in the future to follow the way of right knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to the best of their ability and information, if that person is sensible and intelligent, because no sane father and mother want their son or daughter to suffer the punishment for what the mother or father did wrong.

70. The same holds true for the Races. Apparently, the Caucasian felt that it was all right to cross the race line and do what they desired to other races and nothing would ever come of it so long as they did not do that to themselves, but an act of wrongness is still a deed of wrongness whether one does it to themselves, or their own kind, or some other kind, and the process of justice is the same. However, when one race crosses the race line to aggress and transgress against another race because it is another race, the laws of justice are stricter and more drastic in final punishment, because people of different races are not the same flesh and blood, therefore, when a Caucasian does harm to a Wooly-Haired Person, he has violated THE CODE OF THE RACES as well as THE CODE OF RIGHTNESS. These codes are defined and explained in the science NUWAUPU. It suffices here to state that THE CODE OF THE RACES is a strict and drastic system of laws by Nature.

What is death and the resurrection?

71. Of course, death is the reverse or opposite of life. Since life is a burning, then physical death is the permanent stoppage of that burning. There are various kinds of death: Economic death, linguistic death, nominal death, historical death, unity death, spiritual death, citizen death, cultural death, mental death, and physical death. All deaths (except physical death) are parts or phases of mental death. A person may be resurrected from all deaths but physical death. Once a person is really physically dead to the extent that his or her body gets cold and rigor mortis takes over (which means that the law of decomposition has gone into effect), there is no return to actual life for that person, because the law of decomposition can not be reversed. Decomposition (decay) can be made to stand almost still as in the case of a mummy, but it can not be reversed.

72. There is such a thing as A TRANCE in which A person SEEMS to have no pulse bleat and no respiration, and later he or she comes out of it. That kind of thing is done by SPIRIT DEMONS, but the person was never physically dead. When a person dies indeed, the brain cells are damaged beyond consciousness, and even if the heart could start beating again, the mental consciousness could not return. A ZOMBIE is a dead body reanimated by SPIRIT DEMONS whose purpose is to scare and terrify, but the person is neither alive mentally nor physically in the same way as when he was fleshly alive. In other words, a zombie is a TRANCE BODY or DEAD BODY being used by demons or spirit demons, but there is no such thing as a person being resurrected back to life in the useful sense we know life, after he or she is physically dead.

73. Physical death of a person is the unity and completion of ALL DEATHS as an individual personality. An individual’s ideologies and thoughts (if put in writing and action) may survive the death of the body and prevail but this is not the person’s physical mind or mentality; it is THE WORKS of his or her mentality, for the mental

[46, 47, 48, 49 (two sheets or four pages) missing…]

— called GOLGOTHA, and Golgotha means place, mound, or mount of the dead. The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, is a SEPULCHER, that is, a place and mount of the dead. It is also written that Jesus died on THE CROSS. The Pyramid is THE CROSS that represents the astronomical symbol (power symbol) of Planet Earth, because the four triangles of the Pyramid form the cross that looks like this: [X], when viewing the Pyramid from a position above the Pyramid. So when the Romans and Jews and other Greeks put Jesus to death upon a pyramid, they put him to death upon THE CROSS.

82. What happened to the body of Jesus is the same that happened to the bodies of all Phoenicians-Egyptian Pharaohs before Jesus. The bodies of all Phoenician Pharaohs were MUMMIFIED, including the body of THE PHARAOH called JESUS, that is, ESAU PANTHERA. After the mummification process, the body of Jesus laid to rest in the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. Therefore, THE ORIGINAL SEPULCHER OF JESUS is the Great Pyramid which was erected for burial of kings and storing of riches, for imparting of knowledge, and symbol of power of the dead of the Earth. Since the original entombment of Jesus into the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, his body was moved to various places of concealment, like the Crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, for the benefit and perpetuation of Christianity.

83. Yet, even if someone would put the body of Jesus on public view after two thousand years and call it Jesus or someone else well known at that time, by what means after so many years would anyone prove or disprove it? Therefore, Caucasians have taken full advantage of antiquity by hiding facts so that the lapse of time would seal them because, of course, no one living now lived at that time except in the person of our ancestors who have been dead centuries ago. But Amun Nubi Re Akh Ptah, having the power to foretell and retrace time and events, now relates the true story.

84. Since the Sphinx and Great Pyramid have been mentioned briefly in Booklet I and this Booklet, a brief mention of their alleged and reputed architect shall be made here: CHEOPS and CECROPS were one and the same ruler, and Cheops was the King of northern and northeast Africa and western Asia who lifted the immigration ban and allowed the first group of Caucasians (Jews) from Europe (Greece) to reach Africa and Asia after the ouster of Adam and Eve. The Caucasian Race was sealed in Europe by Anti-immigration laws for one thousand years (Revelation 20 chapter 2 verse)—from the time Cain was sent from the Aegean Islands to Europe until Cheops. Since Cheops ruled part of Europe, as well a part of Africa and Asia, Caucasian mythology and legendary history call Cecrops (Cheops) the first King of Attica, actually meaning, the first King of Greece for Caucasians, because Darker Peoples had been living in Europe in time immemorial before the time of Adam and Eve. Cheops (Ethiops) was Ethiopian as the name implies, and he is the King who put the finishing touches on the symbol of living power called the Sphinx and the symbol of the power of the dead called the Great Pyramid. Ethiopian Kings (before Cheops) had blueprinted and already started the construction of those masterful monuments and masonries, but Cheops is given the credit for their completion.

85. Cheops (Khufu) was the last of THE REAL POWERFUL Ethiopian Kings of Egypt, because after Caucasians were allowed into northern Africa and western Asia, the morals and mentality of the populations weakened, Caucasians emphasized racial differences, and Phoenicians (who were in a much better power position than Caucasians) capitalized on those racial differences, and took over rulership of Egypt from Ethiopians as was predestined by the Cycle of Nature. The Phoenicians Race has always been closest to the Ethiopian Race ever since mankind evolved and Ethiopians became identified with MAN—closest of all the Races because the Phoenician People represented the Sun God for leviathan, and Ethiopians are the strongest terrestrial Sun Force by Nature, and this means Phoenicians used to worship Ethiopians long before the Romans, Jews, and other Greeks did. Cheops was a Wooly-Haired Ethiopian, but because the Cycle had changed in favor of the last stage of mankind’s evolution, Cheops became an incarnation of the Phoenician Gods called Ra and Tehuti (Thoth). So, since Cheops was an incarnation of Phoenician Gods (although he was Ethiopian by race) and was finisher of the Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid, this is why the Writer can refer to the Sphinx and Pyramid, when explaining information about Phoenician Gods with such names as Jesus, Noah, Ra, Thoth, Elyon, Jupiter, Zeus, Pan, et cetera. Because of the Moon Cycle and the forces it ushered in, the Ethiopian stopped being himself & herself ever since Cheops time, but it is time for us Ethiopians to be ourselves again.

What are the etymological or original meanings of the name and titles God, Jesus, Lord, and Christ.[?]

86. Most English dictionary meaning of words is not the etymological or original meaning. Searching for, finding, and studying the etymological or original meanings of English-language words are an education in itself, because it opens the eyes and shows how Caucasians have changed the value, meaning, and purpose of things in order to set up Caucasian supremacy. The word God is an example. In order for the Caucasian to make his creator stronger through belief and deception, he had to state that it is the One Supreme Being and call it the Almighty, but the definition he gives for the word God is not the complete definition of the One Supreme Being or Almighty. As stated elsewhere in this Booklet, the One Supreme Being is INFINITE-OMNIPOTENT NATURE who has in numeral parts and powers. God, therefore, can only be a motivating and activating part of the One Supreme Being. The One Supreme Being (The Almighty) is ALL AND EVERYTHING EXISTING—living and dead, visible and invisible, male and female, good and evil, flesh and spirit, et cetera. The only name attribute that is sufficient as the right name of the One Supreme Being is one that means ALL AND EVERYTHING EXISTING (All Space, All Matter, All Time, and their products) called in tones [PAA PAU’T], and the word God does not fit this definition.

87. The word ALMIGHTY means ALL POWERS. Thereby, Almighty further means there are no powers or forces existing anywhere (good or evil, visible or invisible, living or dead) that are not a part of the One Supreme Being or Almighty. Under no circumstances does the word God fit this description or definition of the One Supreme Being or Almighty called in tones [PAA PAU’T], especially since Caucasians and their helpers misrepresent God as being all good and all love—all good and all love to Caucasians, maybe, but not Darker Peoples. The etymological or original meaning of the word GOD is GHOST, and Ghost is of DEATH. Ghost is God and spirit of tile cemetery or necropolis. Ghost is God of the dead—mental and physical dead. Ghost is God and God is Ghost. The word GHOST means GAS — it is the gas of death for Ethiopians and life for Caucasians, because Caucasians are its posterity, and this is why American Caucasians put IN GOD WE TRUST on their coins and currency (paper money). Since Caucasians are the posterity of Ghost (God), they are the personification of death, and this is why Caucasians kill other peoples freely and deliberately and think nothing of it.

88. The manifestation of the Ghost started with Cain killing Abel, and it has been magnifying and manifesting itself through killing and death ever since, as evidenced by the Bible and its history. The Bible is the manifestation of Leviathan (Six Ether) and Ghost. Leviathan (Six Ether Fire) produces Ghost. Leviathan is called Jesus and Lord, and Ghost is called God and Christ. The manifestation of Jesus (Six Ether) started with Evolution 17 million 250 thousand years ago, and the manifestation of Christ (God, Ghost) started with Adam and Eve through Cain approximately 6 thousand years ago. Therefore, God (Ghost) is a part of the One Supreme Being and not all of the Supreme Being or Almighty itself, as Caucasians would have all Darker Peoples believe. When seen with the spiritual eye, Ghost looks like haze or fog. In light of the foregoing knowledge about Ghost or God, when the Writer uses the word God in the Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS and is not referring strictly to Ghost, he is using God in the English Language spelled with small g. However, whether the word God is spelled with small g or capital G, the original meaning of the word is the same, but the Caucasian gives a different definition to God spelled with small g. Yet, god or God is still GHOST. But the Writer is writing in the English Language, so he must use English words for the sake of understanding and clarity.

89. The name JESUS is the same as ESAU of the Old Testament and also the same people—the Phoenicians. God hated Esau (Malachi 1st chapter 1 thru 4 verses) because Esau was the biggest barrier in the way of Jacob’s (the Caucasian’s) climb to power and success. If God hated Esau and Esau was Jacob’s brother in the sense some Caucasians (Jacob) were extracted from Esau (Phoenicians) and Caucasians have keen features and straight hair like Esau, then how much greater would God’s hate be for Wooly-Haired Broad-Featured People like us Ethiopians?—and God’s extreme hate for us is one reason why Wooly-Haired People are slaves and captives whenever Caucasians are in control. Moreover, graveyard forces (Ghost) are very depressive, repressive, and oppressive by Nature, and this is why, if Caucasians do not have some other race or races to suppress, they will oppress and destroy themselves.

[56] 90. As stated in Booklet I, Esau is the Phoenician People and Jesus’ mother was a Phoenician woman who was impregnated by a Caucasian man who was God (Ghost) in person, because all Caucasians are God (Ghost) in person. Hence, the mother of Jesus was overshadowed by the Ghost in person of a Caucasian man. Since the mother of Jesus was the female side of Esau, God hated Esau (Jesus) enough (because of his Esau mother) to use him as a SCAPEGOAT for the benefit of the Caucasian Race. Jesus’ Caucasian father gave Jesus the right to be called the SON OF GOD, meaning, SON OF GHOST or CAUCASIAN, because the Caucasian is the personification of God (Ghost). The word GOSPEL means GHOST SPELL or SPELL OF THE GHOST, which is same as SPELL OF GOD. But remember, the meaning or definition of God is not that given IT by Caucasians in their dictionaries and other books. The definition of God is given in this Booklet, and the nature of God is explained in this Booklet. One knows the nature of God by knowing the nature of the Caucasian Race.

91. The etymological or original meaning of the name JESUS is GASES — CONSCIOUS FIRE GASES. In other words, Jesus is SIX ETHER, and was called Bal, Elyon, Marduk, Dagon, Bel, et cetera, in western Asia; Amen, Ra, Osiris, Harmachis, Horus, Sobek, et cetera in Egypt; Sol, Jupiter, Zeus, Lord, Bacchus, et cetera, in Europe; Buddha, Krishna, Rama, et cetera, in other parts of Asia. Jesus (Leviathan) in its Moon, that is, Ghost manifestation is called Thoth, Anubis, Hermes, Sin, Siva, God, Christ, et cetera. The spirit forces called Jesus are male and female, but the female forces are the dominant. Jesus is also called Esau and Leviathan in the Bible. Jesus (Six Ether) produces Ghost (God) and this is why it is written that Jesus is the way to God, because without Jesus to produce Ghost, there would be no God, meaning, there would be no GHOST SPIRIT. Jesus was spelled with G before the Romans started spelling it with J. The name Jesus also refers to EARTH or GROUND, and Jesus was sometimes called GEB in Egypt, and Geb is allied to the prefix GE which means earth or ground, but the body of Planet Earth is female, hence Jesus belongs basically to the female side of Nature, that is, the spirit forces called Jesus are more female than male. Originally and spiritually, Jesus is the spirit and creator of the Phoenician People and, physically, it is the Phoenician People—this is one reason why most Jews disclaim and reject Jesus.

92. Most other Caucasians accept Jesus because (1) They found out it produces Ghost and Ghost is their sustainer and creator (2) Jesus gave the other Caucasians a chance to get back at the Jews for refusing to share riches and true spiritual and universal knowledge with them (3) Jesus (as Phoenician People or their spirit Six Ether) is no friend of Wooly-Haired People, and this is why Africa today above the Sahara Desert is mostly in the hands and control of people other than Wooly-Haired Africans and (4) The man called Jesus was the saviour of the Caucasian Race, because they saw him as someone God had sent them as THE GOAT GOD (Pan) by whose sacrifice would keep Caucasians in ruling power by deflecting justice from the guilty until the end of the Moon Cycle. Therefore, Jesus is no friend of Wooly-Haired Innocent Black People. Lucifer and Leviathan are one and the same being, and this brings us to the next word which is LORD.

93. The wise neither judge a spiritual book by its cover nor by the writing that is found therein, because both can be very deceiving. The Bible is an example. There is just enough truth in the Bible to cause people to believe the deceptive false and slave teachings of it. The way the wise judge spiritual books or religion is by what the leaders and adherents of that book or religion do, not what they say or what the book states, because as it is said: ‘Actions speak louder than words’ and ‘You know the tree by the fruit it bears.’ In other words, one knows what the spirit forces of a book or religion represent by knowing what the leaders and adherents of that religion do. So, if Caucasian spiritual books and religion are judged by the actions of its adherents rather than by words, this tells us what the spirit forces of their books and religion are dragon and monster forces—speaking beautiful words and making melodious music and at the same time murdering Darker Peoples and taking their lands, oppressing, suppressing, stealing, lying, and ravishing the Earth and the peoples thereof in general.

94. So all this means that Negroes who call themselves JEWS or CHRISTIANS worship they know not what. Yet, what they worship are spirit monsters of the necropolis like Frankenstein, Dracula, the zombie, the mummy, the werewolf, et cetera, and other Hades spirit dragons and demons like the ape man, the dragon serpent, the cat man, the crocodile, et cetera. Those spirit dragons, spirit monsters, and spirit demons are Ghost or Six Ether or both. Those demon spirits are the nature of the alien religion Wooly-Haired People believe in, and this is another reason why Caucasians and those like Caucasians kill (or have it done by others possessed) and think nothing of it. The favorite diet of those sadistic spirit monsters is blood of the innocent, and their favorite pastime is the suffering of the innocent and mental dead. When possessed by those spirit demons and ghouls, the person becomes the likeness of them, and will prey upon the mental dead and innocent like the ghouls prey upon corpses.

95. The title or word LORD comes from the word LARES. The singular of lares is LAR. Lares are a troupe of SPIRIT MONKEYS well known to Caucasians in ancient times, and the chief among that troupe of spirit monkeys was called THE LAR or THE LARD; so in English they say THE LORD, meaning, THE BOSS of the SPIRIT MONKEYS. In Egyptian theology, the Lord is called Thoth or Tehuti and was worshipped as the Chief Spirit Monkey. Therefore, some Caucasian spiritual men call themselves MONKS today. The spirit monkey is one of the many spirit forms of Jesus. Like crocodile, the lion, the eagle, the serpent, the horsed, and dog such as Anubis of Egypt, and other forms of the Zodiac are spirit forms of Jesus. The Zodiac has many forms that are not shown in encyclopedias and dictionaries. The Zodiac is NOAH, the evolutionary forces, cast from the Sun 17 million 250 thousand years ago. Noah was the CHILD (Ham, Shem, and Japheth) born from the woman (the female energy of the Earth) after the Great Flood (Revelation 12th chapter). Mother Earth and her female energy were referred to as a woman in ancient times. The CHRIST CHILD came much later than Noah.

96. The word CHRIST came from the Greek prefix CHRYSOS. Chrysos means pink, golden, or yellow in color. Therefore, the etymological or original meaning of the word Christ is pink, golden, or yellow in hue. Christ is a Moon word which refers to the Moon and to the CHRIST (Christian) CHILD or CHILDREN called CAIN, because the favorite colors of the Moon God Sin are pink, yellow, golden, white and silver; and Cain (the first born group of the Caucasian Race) had silver and yellow hair and white skin like the color of Ghost. The original meaning of the word SIN, a name of the Moon God, is the same as that of CHRYSOS and CHRIST. The group called Adam and Eve was the first people CONVERTED to the Moon God’s way of life or rather death called CHRISTIANITY. Hence, Cain (Adam and Eve’s first offspring) was the first NATURAL BORN CHRISTIANS, meaning, the first Christians by Nature, and this fact was verified when God (Ghost) passed THE CROSS and its powers from the Indians to Cain the Caucasian (Genesis 4 chapter 15 verse).

97. The Moon God, Ghost, is Christ, the God and extractor of the Caucasian Race from the Phoenician and East Indian Peoples. CHRIST is GHOST, the death Gases. The Moon God Thoth (Anubis) is the part of Leviathan that produces Ghost, therefore, Ghost and Thoth are the SAME. The Caucasian Race inherited its colonizing nature from the Phoenicians and its caste nature from the Hindu (the East Indians). Jesus produces Christ, that is, Ghost. God is Christ and Jesus is Lord. Cain and their descendants, five and six thousand years ago, were also called the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD, that is, Ghost (Genesis 6 chapter 2 verse). No one can be a real Jew or Christian by Nature but a Caucasian. Christianity was called the HEATHENS’ RELIGION in Old Testament days, and Moloch still requires HUMAN SACRIFICES as is prevalent throughout Christiandom; Moloch (also spelled Molech) is Jesus.

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