For the Wooly-Haired – 4

White Fashion Mocking Black HairBible Interpretations and Explanations, Booklet Two
By Dr Malachi  Z York
Those Who Care (1968)

What is the real meaning of accepting an alien religion?

98. The Negro (the mentally dead) does not know what it means to accept AN ALIEN RELIGION. For example, if a Wooly-Haired Person accepts Hinduism as his religion, he should know that he has accepted the East Indian as his visible God, and neither can he become equal with or have power over the East Indian, because he has been accepted as the superior power. The same way it is with Judaism and Christianity or any other religion that is alien to Wooly-Haired People. If a Wooly-Haired Person accepts Judaism or Christianity as his religion, he has accepted the Caucasian as his visible God, and neither can that person become equal with or have power over the Caucasian, because the Caucasian has been accepted as the superior power, and this is why trying to obtain liberty and equality in Caucasian religion or any alien religion is a CRUEL HOAX. Hinduism is the spirituality and power of the East Indian; Judaism and Christianity are the religions and power of the Caucasian Race. Nevertheless, if a Wooly-Haired Person accepts his own spiritual science, Nuwaupu, he has accepted himself and his own kind as the superior power, then our visible and invisible forces and powers can easily work for us and with us for liberation and well-being. All religion is alien by Nature to Wooly-Haired People except our Spiritual Science Nuwaupu. Nuwaupu is the EQUALIZER for Ethiopians anywhere and any time.

99. Our Race, The Ethiopian Race, must embrace A PURPOSE and A PLAN and must develop THE POWER to execute the purpose and plan. Idleness and ignorance must play no part in the plan. We must take the plan and pursue the purpose. The purpose must be mental and physical liberation from adverse forces, and the plan must be pursuit of the purpose via right knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding, because right knowledge through right reason tells us what to do, when to do, where to do, and how to do, what must be done in pursuit of the purpose. We get the power to execute the purpose and plan by (1) Rejecting the oppressor’s religion and his spirit forces including the names of his spirit forces (2) Control our thinking with right knowledge as is found in the Booklets BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS, and control of the mind leads to (3) Control of our physical activities including our sexual activities.

100. To elaborate a bit further on the first (1) step to power mentioned in the foregoing paragraph—a Wooly-Haired Person must first pass THE CAPABILITY TEST. The Capability Test determines whether the mind of A NEGRO is capable of growing in and with the New Cycle, the Revolutionary Cycle. A Wooly-Haired Person has passed the Capability Test when he or she is able to actually deny and reject the Caucasians’ religion, spirit forces, and names of their spirit forces such as God, Jesus, Lord, Christ, Ghost, et cetera. There is no true growth in universal knowledge for the mind of a Wooly-Haired Person unless he or she is able to pass this test. Growth of the mind by right knowledge is power growth. Mind power is the greatest power in the Universe, and We Ethiopians as a race are greatly in need of it in order to think and do for ourselves independent of other races.

101. The second (2) step to power mentioned in paragraph 99 means, of course, the acceptance of right knowledge by the practice of it, then Universal Forces can and will work for us and with us to achieve our goals. The third (3) step mentioned in the same paragraph means controlling our various emotions and getting things accomplished through right knowledge, sound reason, and sound action instead of trying to escape from our responsibilities through strong drinks, drugs, and sex gratification. The less pleasure we have, the less our burden of liberation will be. A male person who does not control his sexual self is ruled by women or sex because he is a slave to sex. This does not mean that those of a kind should not have sexual relationship; but it does mean that it should be controlled and channeled in the best interests of the Race. Controlling sex means having sexual intercourse only with your own kind and only out of necessity and not out of lust, and the unnatural and homosexuals practice are against the laws of Nature. Sex is a heavy burden on any race when the sex of that race is out of control, and we as an oppressed and captive people can not afford any extra burdens as extra sexual activities, strong drinking, and dope using, for those pleasures stymie liberation. Having too much pleasure and too many children are great burdens, but women should not have to take cancer-producing drugs to keep from having too many children, because the husband should be the controlling factor.

102. Sex must also be channeled in the best interest of our Race. There is great power in SEX, and there is great power in the semen of the male, and when he shares that power with a female, if that female is not for the best interests of his race, like the Moon converts gases from the Sun to negative forces, she will convert much of that semen from the male to negative forces which help the enemy-oppressor. Eve converted Adam’s power into adverse forces and women have been doing that increasingly so for Leviathan ever since. So, we Ethiopian, males must awaken our women with right knowledge and get them on the side of Ethiopian Liberation, mentally, spiritually, physically, and sexually, by guiding them right and refusing to be so free with our sexual power, and then build an Ethiopian cultural, protective, and economic foundation for our women and children in our own communities, so that our women will have no excuse to let men of other races use them as sexual dumping grounds as they use them and exploit them now.

103. Love making in the form of sexual affairs with the alien enemy in all walks of life is one reason why our women do not desire to support Nationalist Liberation Movements going on in our communities today for future well-being of our descendants, for nobody likes for anyone to talk separatingly about his or her lover, sweetheart, et cetera, and that is what we are doing when we talk to our women about liberating ourselves from the Caucasian. Our women are easy prey for men of other races, especially Caucasian men, because they are ignorant to the facts, are in economic traps, and are stigmatized by the enemy’s religion. His religion softens up our women to become his easy victims, but it is time for a change, and these Booklets entitled BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS will help. If you are my kind, you are my kin, and you are my kind if you have Wooly Hair. Kin, understand and accept what is written in these Booklets, and you can think for self and kind and act for self and kind.

What is NUWAUPU?

104. Nuwaupu is THE SCIENCE of SOUND RIGHT REASON, and its adherents are the Sons and Daughters of Sound Right Reason. Belief is ignorance, and Nuwaupu is knowledge. If one has to believe, it means he or she does not know, and if one does not know, that is ignorance. Hence belief is ignorance. The most deceptive word in religion is the word BELIEVE or BELIEF, because a person can believe anything, and this means that a person can believes and be one hundred per cent wrong. But knowledge is KNOWING. Knowledge is CORRECT INFORMATION. TO KNOW gives one confidence, but belief infers doubt. Knowledge can be checked out by one or more of three tests (I) Experience (2) Evidence or (3) Reason. Knowledge is always logical and it reasons out. Nuwaupu is right knowledge which will pass anyone of the three tests that is practical for the knowledge given. One can not always use the experience test, because the experience test is not practical for all knowledge. The evidence and reason tests are those more often practical. Yet, Nuwaupu is the science of experience, evidence, and reason, because NINE ETHER is the POWER OF REASON. Nine Ether by Nature is the Male and Female Spirit Forces of Wooly-Haired People, and the scientific name of Nine Ether will be disclosed in the Ethiopian Science Nuwaupu when the minds of those Wooly-Haired People capable of entering the New Cycle have been qualified.

105. Ethiopian Forces, Nine Ether, first visit the minds of their posterity, because They know that nothing can be done right unless the mind is right, and the mind can not be right unless it has accepted right knowledge. Six Ether and Ghost cause Negroes to commit suicide, because that is just what our people are doing when they run up against the adverse forces with sticks and stones while the enemy has tanks with machine guns blazing. Six Ether and Ghost activate our people’s minds foolishly to provoke Caucasians and their helpers to shoot them down, so Six Ether and Ghost will have innocent blood to subsist on, and so that those two spirit forces will get stronger in the atmosphere and maintain Caucasian economic strength and religion and prolong their domination of Darker Peoples.

106. The solution to the racial, economic, moral, spiritual and social problems of Wooly-Haired People is the elimination of negro, negative, and slave mentality, and that elimination will lead to right thinking and right action for liberty and equality by help of the Forces of Nature. There’s nothing wrong with violence for our liberty and equality, if we have a chance to win, but there is no chance without our own Ethiopian Spirit Forces to counteract the adverse forces and show us the way to liberty and equality, and we can not see the way until the mind’s eye is opened — Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS help open the mind’s eye.

107. There is no solution to the problems and miserable conditions of Wooly-Haired People anywhere unless we have a solution that is workable everywhere. Amun Nubi Re Akh Ptah offers all Wooly-Haired People a DO-IT-YOURSELF SOLUTION until we get strong and united enough mentally to do what we must do together, physically. All of us can work diligently and determinately toward eliminating negative and slave mentality, and we all can do this privately without committing suicide by provoking the visible adverse forces to brutalities and atrocities against us. Reading and studying Booklets known as BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS thoroughly will go a long ways toward eliminating negative forces and repelling adverse forces, and this process leads to liberty and success for the Ethiopian Race in general. If we Ethiopians have, free mind, we will do free things; if we have equal mind to other races, we will do equal things — things equal or greater than other races, because our mental capacity as personifications of Original Creative Forces are greater than that of others once our minds break prison. Freedom requires a free mind and the responsibilities of a free mind; equality requires an equal mind and the responsibilities of an equal mind.


108. Universal Knowledge called Nuwaupu informs us Ethiopians that there were THREE CREATIONS: (1) Original or Primary Creation (2) Evolutional or Secondary Creation and (3) Ghostational or Terterary Creation. Primary Creation was performed by NINE ETHER whose science is NUWAUPU. Nine Ether is the combination of ALL EXISTING GASES of Nature. Nothing anywhere can be as powerful as All Existing Gases, therefore, Nine Ether is the most potent power in THE UNIVERSES. Hence, Nine Ether is the Original Creator who CREW All the Universes. In Nuwaupu, the word CREATION means GROWTH INTO FORM or SYSTEM or BOTH, and the word DESTRUCTION means CHANGE IN FORM or COMPOSITION or BOTH. Nine Ether is CONSCIOUS and CONSCIENCE GASES. The Ethiopian Race in person of the African Pygmies came along with Original Creation, that is, the same kind of Ether Forces that grew the Universes also grew the Dwarf Ethiopians (the Pygmies). Therefore, the Pygmies and their evolutionary descendants are the personification of the Original Creative Forces. To put it another way, the African Pygmies created the Universes in their SPIRIT FORM (Nine Ether), then personified themselves as flesh and blood beings. There are two kinds of Ether (1) Nine Ether and (2) Six Ether. Nine Ether produced Six Ether and Six Ether produces Ghost. Nine Ether becomes Six Ether through time and age; Six Ether becomes Ghost through time and age. Six Ether is Nine Ether in DEATH, and Ghost is the DEATH of Six Ether. After the death of Six Ether called the Moon or Ghost Cycle, Nine Ether rises again.

109. Hence, Six Ether is adverse to Nine Ether just as death is adverse to life. Nine Ether is Ether in its youth, strength, and old age, and Six Ether is Ether in death. Therefore, Ghost is the DEATH OF DEATH. Like everything else, when death gets old, it dies, and Ether comes back to life in the person of Nine Ether, the Ethiopian Forces of Nature. Our Sun and the other True Stars generate Ether, but Nine Ether first generated the physical bodies of THE SUNS. In other words, the Suns (the True Stars) of the Universes are SELF-CREATED, meaning, SELF-GROWN, by the very power that They now reproduce. Our Science Nuwaupu tells us just how and when, but it suffices to state at this time that Evolution or Secondary Creation started 17 million 250 thousand years ago and it was performed by Six Ether whose science is PANTHEISM, and Six Ether is known today as Leviathan, Jesus, Noah, Zeus, Lord, Bel, Jupiter, Vishnu, Ra, Sol, Molech, Marduk, Bal, Elyon, et cetera. Six Ether is also known as Sin, Thoth, Siva, Anubis, Tehuti, Set, Jehovah, et cetera, in its Moon or Ghost manifestation. Evolution was partial destruction of Original Creation, because destruction is change in form or composition or both. Booklet I entitled BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS tells us more about Evolution. SixEther, the evolutionary forces, is Ether with less gases than Nine Ether, therefore, it has a different nature than Nine Ether, and this is why the hair of Original Man (Ham, Shem, and Japheth) is straight, which means it has less strength than the Wooly Hair of Ptah, because Wooly Hair was produced by a more potent gas formula, meaning, more gases in the formula. Six Ether is CONSCIOUS GASES called DEVIL and WITCH in Caucasian mythology and theology.

110. Ghost is CONSCIOUS GASES which has less various gases in it than Six Ether, therefore, Ghost is a weaker gas combination than Six Ether, just as Six Ether is weaker than Nine Ether. Nine Ether is EFFICACIOUS FLUID FIRE. Ghostation or Terterary Creation was done by God (Ghost) 6 thousand years ago, and this is one reason why Caucasians taught the captive that God created the World and man 6 thousand years ago, but they did not tell the captive they meant THE CAUCASIAN WORLD and THE CAUCASIAN MAN or RACE. The spirituality of God is RELIGION. The albino group called Cain was the beginning of the Caucasian Race, and Cain was the beginning of God’s creation. When Six Ether reaches its climax in evolution, it produces Ghost and Ghost is God. The posterity of Nine Ether is the Ethiopian, the Wooly-Haired Ptah; the posterity of Six Ether is the Phoenician, Indian, and Mongolian—the straight-haired Original Man; the posterity of Ghost (God) is the Caucasian Race — the straight-haired Moon-Cycle Man, who was extracted from Original Man through the Ghost Process. When seen with the spiritual eye, Ghost looks like haze or fog, and this means that Ghost is WHITE and thereby the last stage of color, hence, since the Caucasian Race came into being by Ghostation, it has less color than any other race. All the original Caucasians (Cain) had SILVER or YELLOW HAIR, WHITE SKIN, and BLUE EYES, but the race now has various degrees of mixture with Darker Peoples.

111. The Jews are considered THE HEAD AND CHOSEN BY GOD of the Caucasian Race, because the Jews have at least one thousand years of universal knowledge, culture, and know-how on the other Caucasians, and thereby the Jews are richer, wiser, more observing, and more deceptive than the other Caucasians. When Leviathan producing God ghostized Cain (the Caucasian Race) from the Phoenician and East Indian Peoples, Cain eventually renamed everything, took over the rulership, and finished up God’s creation as we see the many man-made things today altered and increased by the Caucasian Race. Most things we see today that were created by people, existed in time immemorial, but like the evolutionary forces changed much of Original Creation, God’s creation (the Caucasian Race) altered much of what the Ethiopian and Original Man had created. Ghost and its posterity are THE DEATH OF DEATH, meaning, Six Ether represents death and Ghost is the death of Six Ether, that is, Ghost (ruler of the Moon Cycle) and its posterity, the Caucasian Race, mark the end of Evolution. There is no other stage of Evolution after Ghost and the Caucasian Race. Therefore, after the Cycle of Ghost, EVOLUTION REVERSES, meaning, the REVOLUTIONARY CYCLE takes over, then the Ethiopian Race is on its way back toward the Mount of Bliss and security.

112. Nuwaupu informs us that KNOWLEDGE is KNOWING. TO KNOW is knowledge. Knowledge is MENTAL POWER. Knowledge is CORRECT INFORMATION. Of course, knowledge can be thought, spoken, or written. Knowledge is the BEST INFORMATION. WISDOM is KNOWING HOW AND WHEN TO USE KNOWLEDGE. OVERSTANDING is RECEIPT OF KNOWLEDGE by the mind and is THE UNITY of knowledge and wisdom. The greater one’s mental power is, the greater are the things he or she can do and will do. The mental power of The Ethiopian Race is deeply deficient, and this is the biggest block between us and liberty, between us and equality. Nuwaupu is right knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and this is what we need to restore our POWERFUL MIND OF RIGHT REASON. At this time, most of our brain power that’s left is being used to support and maintain the Caucasian power structure and system. For example, most Negro college students, graduates, and professors use what they know to keep the Caucasian in power and domination over themselves and their own kind by simply looking for and being contented with a mere job in the Caucasian power structure, and that helps to perpetuate the barbaric system, instead of using what they know to build something of their own by helping develop the Black Communities into lucrative economic neighborhoods run by Wooly-Haired Black People. Students and graduates of other races do this to a much greater degree than our own. The diligent reading and diligent study of the Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS will help our college students, graduates, and professors utilize there mental power and physical strength for Ethiopian independence and well-being.

113. Another part and phase of the Caucasian power structure is the Negro churches. Preachers of the Gospel (Ghost Spell) proclaim that they do not like WHITE SUPREMACY, and at the same time Caucasian supremacy is taught in SUNDAY SCHOOL and in THE PULPIT. For instance, in most Negro churches and church books, they show Jesus as being Caucasian, the son of God, a Jew the chosen of God, and then teach that God is the Almighty and One Supreme Being. Our children and adults go outside and they see the Caucasian ruling and he has everything so they are thoroughly convinced that the only thing for them to do is serve the chosen of God —that is WHITE SUPREMACY in one of its rawest forms, and this is what the preachers are licensed by Caucasians to preach and if they preach any thing other than what they are licensed to preach, God (the Caucasian) will tax the church and find a way to rescind their licenses. For those of us who do not know that the visible Lord is downtown, let a serious dispute arise in the church, and see whether they take it to Jesus in prayer or to the Caucasian downtown. The Caucasian downtown is the ultimate in the church, and he has the last say. Whatever the Caucasian decides about the dispute is final to the congregation and they are satisfied.

114. Jesus and God are beginning to put it in the preachers’ minds to keep Wooly-Haired People deceived longer and deeper by proclaiming that Jesus was Black or at least of the Darker Peoples; but Jesus and God in any color are no friends of Wooly-Haired People, and the Negroes’ brutal -enslavement, barbarous oppression, and bestial leopardation (one-sided forced sexual mixing) under Caucasian religion and civilization are proof of Jesus and God’s enmity to Wooly-Haired People beyond any reasonable doubt. No spiritual force BUT AN ENEMY FORCE would help anyone do to Wooly-Haired People what the Caucasian did and are still doing to us. What our children should be taught are the facts — God and Jesus are parts of the One Supreme Being or Almighty— the parts that are for the Caucasian Race, and that our spiritual power and spiritual science are not the same as those of the Caucasian Race or any other race. Because our woman are not taught the right knowledge about others and our own Race, any male who calls himself a human being can use them as sexual dumping grounds, because our women have little or no pride of race and self, no real masculine protection in our Race, and their economically destitute condition renders them prey to be used in every way at any time — these have been and are MAJOR DISASTERS for the Ethiopian Nation of Wooly-Haired People.

115. Before the Ethiopian can ever get respect from the World of Peoples again, we must first regain trust and respect from our own females by restoring their confidence in us through proper protection. Proper protection means putting them in a position that they will be THE QUEEN instead of THE CHAMBERMAID. This means building moral and economic communities with all the resources that we have access to, spearheaded by right knowledge, proper teachings, and sexual discipline as well as all other restraints necessary. But our female counterparts must realize and understand that they must help us become KINGS before they can take their position as QUEENS, and this means they have to stop making love to Caucasians and men of other races and stop using their energies and mentalities to help maintain CAUCASIAN SUPREMACY by supporting his kind of society and his churches. The Negro preacher is a non-productive religious parasite who preys on the poor, the gullible, and the unreasonable in the black Communities by stirring up their emotions and deceiving the people about Heaven after death. Instead, our women should concentrate on how to become independent along with their male counterparts, and we will soon be kings and queens again. All sensible and intelligent women wish to be queen instead of handmaid to women of other races. No other people have had a greater opportunity to make great history and progress than Wooly-Haired People have today all over the World, because we all are at the bottom of the ladder with no place to go but up. The first history for us to make as individuals and as a race is to get rid of negative and slave mentality, then we can make history called liberty and equality. The Booklets BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS will help.

116. Freedom or liberty for a race is the responsibilities and realization of being master of its own destiny without interference from other races. Equality for a race is that race having what belongs to it by Nature, such as its own culture, its own heritage, and its own way of life. No intelligent race desires to be equal with the Caucasian, because that means being an equal vagabond in the Earth, an equal fugitive from justice, an equal murderer, an equal liar, et cetera. An intelligent race simply wants to be self-supporting, self-governing, and secure from enemies. Unfortunately, NEGROES are trying to change Caucasians and others to be like NEGROES think they should be, but other peoples are the way they are by Nature. Therefore, trying to change them is like trying to change Nature. We must forget about trying to change Caucasians, but change ourselves; this is in our power to do. We Wooly-Haired People must do what is in our own power to liberate ourselves and make ourselves equal with others, for the Caucasian is doing what he by Nature was created to do, but the Negro is doing what he by Caucasian was created to do. This means that the Negro was created by the Caucasian to do the will of the Caucasian. In other words, NECRO (The Caucasian) mentally created NEGRO — the dead begets the dead. When Wooly-Haired People start doing what we were created by Nature to do, we shall be free and equal, again. Changing ourselves from the mental dead (the Negro) to the resurrected Ethiopian is in our own power, individually And collectively. Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS will help.

117. The road to liberty and equality is a road of discipline and abstinence, meaning, we as the oppressed must make the sacrifice of limiting our pleasures, because limiting our pleasures limits our pains and burden and makes us stronger to break prison, mentally and physically. Those of us who expect to survive Armageddon, the showdown between right and wrong, can not keep getting drunk and using dope and narcotics and see THE HEREAFTER (HERE on Earth AFTER Armageddon), because those enemies destroy the mind, and when the mind is destroyed the individual is destroyed as a useful and intelligent person. Moreover, alcoholic drinks increase sexual desire in most people, and too much sex is adverse to our goals of liberty, equality, and justice because, according to the laws of the Opposites of Nature, pain must be compensated by pleasure and pleasure must be offset by pains. So this means the less pleasure we have the less pain, and this facilitates our movements toward independence and self-support, individually and as a race.

118. The many problems that have been created for the oppressed are parts of AN ORGANIZED SYSTEM to keep us Wooly-Haired People controlled, dependent, and thereby at the beck and call of the oppressor. Therefore, we must solve our own problems by creating everything we need and do not have. We Ethiopians, as personifications of the Original Creative Forces, have the brain capacity and potentiality to re-create our own heritage, culture, way of life, et cetera. Creativeness is the answer to the restoration of our heritage by Nature. Too many of us Wooly-Haired People try to say and do the things that please other races, but that is not the road to liberty and equality. Saying what we need to say and doing what we need to do, regardless of other races, are the road to independence, dignity, and our heritage.

119. Most women in these United States are fully possessed by Caucasian men, physically, mentally, educationally, occupationally, spiritually, economically, and SEXUALLY. Most Negro males are also possessed by Caucasians in various ways, but the Writer capitalized the word SEXUALLY in the case of our women because there is a SPECIAL CAMPAIGN under way by Leviathan to destroy our racial identity through the sex of our women and at the same time destroy all moral fiber that they may still have. Leviathan is using men of other races as well as Caucasians to accomplish that. The only one who will ever check that diabolical scheme of mankind and its forces is the male Ethiopian through proper teaching, protection for, and direct appeal to our women. Some of our women know that they are working against the best interest of Wooly-Haired People and do it deliberately because they are gold diggers, degenerates, and opportunists who want to please the master and seducer who keep them in power. Others of our women are just ignorant to what is going on, and yet there are still others driven to do things that they would not do but yet do them because of their poverty-stricken condition. One of the best ways to check our women is to give them right knowledge and see that they and our children get proper protection and provisions by way of us Wooly-Haired Males.

120. When our minds are too filled with Caucasian education and training, we do not have room in mind for any of our own type of culture, and this is one reason it is hard for college students, graduates, and professors to take much interest in Ethiopian education and way of life which is the highest form of education and best way of life. But the Writer hopes there is enough mental space left among the higher educated that they might participate in the spiritual and mental revolution now shaping up among Wooly-Haired People. In other words, if our higher educated would get into the right fight for Ethiopian goals along with the realistic and reasonable among our masses, the struggle for Ethiopian well-being would be shorter and easier.

121. Some may wonder why the Writer still uses the word NEGRO when referring to mentally dead Wooly-Haired People. It is because: As long as Wooly-Haired People have negative and slave minds, they ARE still NEGROES no matter what other names they choose to call themselves, and by calling themselves something other than Negro deceives them into believing that they are not Negroes any more, therefore, the Writer continues to call the mentally dead by the name NEGRO, for this emphasizes the fact that a person does not become something else just by changing his or her name but by changing his or her mind instead. After the mind is changed by the knowledge of resurrection, then it is proper to change the name. When the negative and slave mind of the Negro is changed by right knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding, he will automatically cease being Negro, and everybody will know it by their words AND WORKS.

122. The slave master taught Wooly-Haired People that it was our disobedience to God that caused our enslavement. But Nuwaupu informs us that is a cheap and cynical falsehood designed to falsely justify the enslavement of Wooly-Haired People. Nuwaupu discloses that THE OPPOSITES (ETHIOPIAN and CAUCASIAN) by cycle and law of Nature can not rule on Earth equally at the same time, hence, time came for the Caucasian to gain power and rule and the Ethiopian to lose power and become a servant. Now the time has come for Ethiopians to gain power again and Caucasians to decrease. The slave master also taught the Wooly-Haired slaves that God put a curse of black skin and kinky hair upon us, but Nuwaupu teaches us that it is purely false because (1) Ethiopians had BLACK SKIN and WOOLY-HAIR from Original Creation and (2) BLACK SKIN provides the best protection against exposure and disease and (3) WOOLY HAIR means that the Sun Genes (the genes of life) are much stronger in Wooly-Haired People than they are in straight-haired people, hence, Wooly Hair is a sign of life and originality. However, Nuwaupu does agree that God did put a CURSE on Darker Peoples, but the curse is not WOOLY HAIR and BLACKSKIN, instead, the curse that God put on the Ethiopian and other Darker Peoples is the CAUCASIAN and HIS WAY OF DEATH. The Ethiopian’s way is WAY OF LIFE.

123. In the 17 million 250 thousand-year epoch of Evolution, Leviathan would have ghostized (bleached) everybody into a Caucasian Race but for the laws of the Opposites of Nature which forbid it, and those laws are binding. God (the Creator of the Caucasian Race) represents riches for Caucasians and poverty for Ethiopians, except for those Wooly-Haired People willing and ready (for a price) to step on the necks of other Wooly-Haired People while doing the wishes and wills of the Caucasian as master. The Bible is a book tampered with and thereby possessed by Caucasians by will and power of the Moon God. Therefore, the Bible is a Caucasian book that spellbinds the weak-minded, the gullible, and the ignorant, that the Caucasian may rule, but the cycle for the Bible was the Moon Cycle and that cycle ended February 1962. As far as those being used by the Moon God were involved, the wisest and most courageous person in the whole Bible was JONAH, because Jonah found out it was not morality and justice that God was interested in, but was mainly interested in using Darker Peoples (including Jonah himself) to perpetuate Caucasian safety and rule — the same way it is today with God. In other words, God’s purpose is Caucasian rule and safety.

124. God exists indeed, but IT does not exist in favor of Wooly-Haired People. Neither preachers nor anyone else knows WHO God is unless he knows WHAT God is and the nature of the substance of God. The Caucasian knows WHO God is and WHAT God is, as this Booklet reveals. This Booklet also reveals WHAT God is by disclosing the substance of God and the Devil. God and the Devil are opposite sides of the same thing—LEVIATHAN. This means that God is not going to destroy the Devil as the Bible pretends and deceives, because destroying the Devil means destroying LEVIATHAN and that would be the end of God, for Leviathan produces God (Ghost). Yet, God is the death of Leviathan in the sense that the Moon Cycle (the Cycle of God) marked the climax and end of EVOLUTION, and Leviathan is the evolutionary forces. If one knows the nature of the CAUCASIAN, he knows the nature of God, for the Caucasian is the posterity of God (Ghost). The nature of the Caucasian is to oppress and cause Darker Peoples suffering and death. Furthermore, it stands to reason that the oppressive slave master did not and will not give the slave anything which he thinks may one day liberate the slave, therefore, we know that the Bible (which the slave master gave to us) and the spirit forces thereof will never liberate the captive. Hence, the powers of Nuwaupu are the only liberation forces for Wooly-Haired People everywhere. The powers in Nuwaupu are KNOWLEDGE, REASON, and NINE ETHER.

125. The following facts are so important they must be reiterated: There is a SPECIAL PROJECT under way by Leviathan to further leopardize and ghostize the Ethiopian Race (the World of Wooly-Haired People) by changing our original hair, original color, and original features to those of other races. In other words, destroy our beautiful Wooly Hair and pretty Black Skin by one-sided racial miscegenation (one-sided racial sexual mixing), and Leviathan is using straight-haired men of all races in its attempt to destroy our Race through the sexual use of our Wooly-Haired Women. Male Ethiopians must also refuse to have sexual relationship with alien women and refuse to mongrelize their seed by refusing to father offspring by women of other races. The HYBRIDS born from interracial sexual mixing are not accepted in the Caucasian Race, and the leopardation and burden fall upon OUR RACE — The Ethiopian Race. The only way We Ethiopians can put an end to that diabolical scheme is through the acceptance of right knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding which lead to right thinking and right action. A Wooly-Haired Woman should never buy a Caucasian doll for her child, because that mentally and spiritually ties the child to the Caucasian Race, and compels the child to think it is all right for her to have real babies that look like the doll. Black Women should ask themselves a question: Do Caucasian women (unless they start doing so for deceptive purposes) ever buy black dolls for their children? Buying black dolls for Wooly-Haired Children goes a long way toward restoring our racial pride and self-respect in the eyes and minds of our children as well as the restoration of respect from other races!

126. The Caucasian’s LAST STAND to Perpetuate his spell, influence, and rule is his woman— THE CAUCASIAN WOMAN He used to let an old Caucasian woman slip out of his hands once in a while to one of his REAL GOOD Negro captives, but when you see the Caucasian (the oppressor) -letting his girls and young women go hand in hand with Negro males, that is a true sign of the decline and fall of Caucasian power and rule, because he will only let some of his young women go freely but reluctantly in order to try to keep the oppressed confused, deceived, and spellbound for the purpose of remaining master as long as possible. The Caucasian Race is using all the tricks available to keep Darker Peoples from regaining liberty, equality, justice, and rightness, but when a person gets hold of right knowledge and accepts it, his wisdom and overstanding grow, and that person is able to see all the tricks of the oppressor and take the right steps to avoid them by help of the Forces of Nature.

127. For the first; time since King Cheops five thousand years ago, Wooly-Haired People are being given THE REAL CHOICE between right or wrong, knowledge or ignorance, liberty or serfdom, equality or disparity, justice or injustice, life or death, our own spiritual science Nuwaupu or alien religion, meaning, liberty with Nine Ether or captivity with God and Jesus. When sufficient circulation of these choices has been completed and sufficient time has been allowed to accept or reject these choices through overstanding, Armageddon will climax with FIRE — artificial fire and natural fire. The last war of the Moon Cycle is called Armageddon. Armageddon started before the end of the Moon Cycle and will continue until the Universe (including Orb Earth) is in the rule of liberty, rightness, justice, and equality, again. Armageddon is the war of the resurrection of the dead — the mental dead. Armageddon is the showdown between right and wrong, between life and death.

128. If any Negro (male or female) can read and study the Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS and still have the same old negative mind and the same old negative spirit that makes a person a Negro and keeps a person a Negro, that individual is incapable of being resurrected from the mental dead and is definitely detrimental to the cause of Ethiopian progress and well-being, because that person is indeed on the side of the enemy of Ethiopian liberty, equality, justice, and Ethiopian Nationalism. Furthermore, if a Negro simply reads these Booklets entitled BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS and the knowledge in them does not start a GROWING FIRE for mental resurrection, liberty, and equality, that person is dead forever, and is a bigger liability to Ethiopian progress and welt-being than the alien enemy himself, because we know the alien enemy on sight, but those enemies among us that look like us are more danger, for the only way we know them is by their words or deeds or both. Therefore, the enemies among us that look like us are enemies of right Ethiopian goals same as the alien oppressor.

129. Nuwaupu is THE BEST KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, AND OVERSTANDING. Nuwaupu is THE ETHIOPIAN’S EQUALIZER anywhere and any time, and it will be disclosed when the minds of all Wooly-Haired People with the ability to identify themselves with NINE ETHER have been qualified. The Booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS ARE SUFFICIENT TO QUALIFY WITH, if accepted and diligently studied as well as read. These Booklets are dedicated and designed to separate the SHEEP from the GOAT — separate those who can make it from those who can not make it. Those who are NOT FLEXIBLE ENOUGH to REFORM and CONFORM TO RIGHT KNOWLEDGE through SOUND REASON will not survive Armageddon, the showdown between right and wrong.



3 comments on “For the Wooly-Haired – 4

  1. Absolute truth. I hope your readers are drinking this in. by the way, have you read The Dog?

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