Protect Our Precious Ones


From Do More Good Deeds

Jor EL had the right idea when he placed Kal EL (Superman) into a “spaceship” (Merkabah) and sent him off planet.

You don’t need psyche abilities to see something is going on. Protect the ones you love by using your natural talents and gifts.

Tell your children* the truth about what is happening in the World.

Where do you begin? First let them Monsters DO exist; and many of them look like us.

Inform them: Although these monsters outwardly look like us, they are not like us on the inside. Show them News stories, Present and Past information, Movies, anything you can to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. [*SPECIAL NOTE: You should first tell your children not to discuss the information you are about to share with them with anyone. Protect your children from those that work for these people that wish to harm them such as Teachers, Doctors, Dentist, Social Workers and the like.]

Day Care Centers (and All Schools):
For children who are being taken out of Day Care Centers and programmed without their parents knowledge, they will be isolated from their real parents. The abusers will tell the children that they are actually the “real parents” and that they intend to come and take the child away from its parents later. They will make the innocent child feel like it is cut off and rejected by everyone including the world at large. In a sense, this is true, because the child is expected to endure the most horrible abuse and yet has no one to talk to. Feelings of isolation and despair take control over the child’s mind.
(Except From: The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, Fritz Springmeier)

If you have children of different ages: Direct the conversation towards each one of them at a time. Have the others sit quietly and listen. They will need to remember important details for later, so it is important to have them sit and to listen quietly as a Silent Observer. Do the same when you have this talk with each one of them, have the other children listen quietly, and tell them the importance of the Silent Observer role. To recall important details during a time of stress, or fear, in case you are not there. See article: Children of Zimbabwe.]

childandmotherThe Child becomes the Parent, and the Parent becomes the Child. Tell your child you need help to see different energy fields. Assure your child of their abilities and tell them you trust them. This may seem very hard for parents to understand, but children have an overwhelming need (and ability) to protect their parents.

Explain to them about the powers that are inside of them, tell them they need to use this energy to see (feel) these “people” true intention (as everything they say is a lie) and Protect and Shield themselves. Assure them that it IS there. All they need to do is Act on it. It IS already there waiting for them to realize it. They must use it everyday to make it stronger.

When explaining about psionic abilities, know that some children will already know these things, but may call them by a different name. So however they refer to them, you should use their terminology. Use visuals like cartoons (particularly those from the 70′s and 80′s (as they used less sex and violence; and told more truth) to convey what you mean. Let them know that much of the cartoons and superhero movies (and the abilities depicted) are based on people like them, even thou the imagery will depict others.

This is also true for you, the Parent. The only reason these abilities went dormant in you were because you stop believing in them; in what you saw; in what you experienced. You took the word of your Parent, Teacher, older Sibling when you were told Monsters do not exist, or you shouldn’t do (say) that because it’s bad.  By not believing in yourself [and remember, you can’t make a liar out of yourself] those abilities cease to exist. So if you don’t “believe” in what you see, you will not SEE. Although they are still there, you will not be aware of what exist on other frequencies (octaves). In your mind, your five senses are all you have. So you too, must work everyday to over come this way of thinking/ BEing.


Communicating with Babies is not hard at all. Actually, they have less stuff to contend with since they just got here and have yet to learn how to “think” and “see” the World around them.

Games to Play:

Play Peek-A-Boo: In this game, you can actually have them disappear. Pretend not to see them, until they get the hang of it. (Don’t be surprised, if  one day you find your baby “just appear” next to you.)

Imagery: Before communicating with words, we used imagery. Hieroglyphics. Make pictures of what it is you want to convey to your baby. You can get them from magazines, off the web, etc.

BOO! MerkaBah!

Show them a picture of a merkabah, then show them a picture of themself. [if you can, overlay your child’s picture with a Merkabah.] Now, say BOO! And hold up the image. Laughing. Do the same with a scared face. BOO! Feeling/being scared while show an image of your Baby inside Merkabah. BOO! think of a place while you show the image of your Baby inside Merkabah, at a predestined location (Park, An altogether different reality (dimension)). If you think it, your baby can see it in your mind and will go there.

[side note: (this is a really sad story). A young man who was a Nazi/skinhead, upon finding out the mother of his child was (light-skinned) “black”, he and his fellow skinheads beat her so badly it left her paralyzed. Unfortunately, it Killed their three-month old baby. Why? Because the connection between the mother and child was still intact.]

Think it, Bring it!

The connection the baby has to its mother does not stop at “birth”. Your baby will often know when you are sad, or will automatically become happy when you are happy. That is because your baby is sensing/feeling your energy inside them.

Here is a game: Do something relaxing, were you are not thinking about anything in particular, like washing dishes. If your baby can walk, see your baby bringing you a toy. keep doing this until he/she brings you this toy. Don’t change the toy, and make sure it is accessible and not on a shelf or inside a toy chest; but somewhat near them.

If your child cannot walk: Place toys around them and leave them alone, but where you can see them. Then see the toy in your mind and your baby playing with it, or handing it to you. Remember, you are not looking at them, nor are you too close to them while you are thinking this. Simply, do something relaxing and project this image to them. Then walk over to where they are playing, and lean over smiling. Continue to do this, until your baby hands you the toy you projected to them. When your child does this, move on to a new game.


For an older child: You may want your child to go to bed, in this case you can see (project) them sleeping in their bed. If the child is aware of this projection, they may project to you, them sitting and watching their favorite show. You in turn can compromise by projecting back to them you watching their favorite show with them, see the credits run, see you kiss your child goodnight, and then see them sleeping. This can be a wonderful way of communicating with your children without uttering a sound!



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