The One Prepared to Stand on the Mess

Katrina and ObamaThere is so much to say about the theater production that involves President Obama, that I would not know where to begin, if I even wanted to start.

Sure enough, I enjoyed reading conspiracy and crazy theories alike. My favorite story was about one of the ‘secret’ government time travel projects. I cannot remember if he met schizophrenic Abra’m Lincoln or only reptillionaires, but I look forward to reading the story that explains how his soul kept up with his body disappearing from the assigned time line. It probably got lost.

Yes, bullshit bingo. The puppet theater show means nothing if you are left without a house to live in nor food to feed your family. Too bad that those assigned to help the poor masses are to care for their own asses before they can think of really helping someone else. So many people have been dealing with a personal Katrina, yet white America got bored really quick when Katrina proved to have hurt the Black community and disunity the most.

What a shock. To have to lose every thing to find out that the ‘saviors’ still do not care about Black people. Did it really take man-made hurricane and man-caused earthquakes to show us? As people in Haiti are still living in tents, the Dominican Republic is doing as told by the world chaos puppeteers. “Get rid of those Black Black people or suffer the consequence.” What was done to Haiti can easily be done to the Dominican Republic too. Watch the quickness in which the ‘friendly’ neighbors who share the same island (!!!) get rid of the people who toiled their side of the island for generations. Whose island is it anyway?

“Haiti has nothing to do with us.” Really? “Katrina has nothing to do with us?” Really?! What needs to happen before we start to realize that it is all about us?! We have a world wide web, but the occult psychopaths still get away with mass scale tests? Just call it murder. They plot and plan while we cry that we feel overwhelmed. “Too Much.” Know that their world wide terrorism is meant to be overwhelming. The bank moving in to take away your beloved home is not much less overwhelming as watching the earth reclaim it. The hand in your pockets that got to your house is the same hand that rocked Haiti and New Orleans. Look the other way when it comes to them, but then do not be surprised when others look the other way when it comes to you. “You have nothing to do with us.”

If we put all our own personal Haitis – unwanted and left to die or starve – and Katrinas – unwanted and left to drown or Perish – together, what have we got? Something that looks like Haiti and Katrina breaking the scale. Where to leave the feather? And those bastards have only just begun… Philippines was another shocking target practice. It got people in Neanderland to donate 16 million euros. To get invested in more steady weaponry to be used against the next target. Who is next?

I will save the left-over preaching for next year, if I decide to continue with TMB. There is no end to their insanity, whereas my mind calls for retreat. It is a good thing that I am the boss of me. It is a mantra I may have to keep repeating to myself. For now, I might as well start with my Obama files.





9 comments on “The One Prepared to Stand on the Mess

  1. His name is Andrew Basiago and I love that story to pieces.

  2. The Fox News clip is a classic example of right wing propaganda designed to heighten and appeal to the fear blue collar white males have of people who are different from them (be they gays, feminists, Muslims and African Americans). I’m just reading Deer Hunting With Jesus, which eloquently describes how the Right uses this fear to get working class males to incorporate capitalist class values and vote against their own economic interests in the polling booth.

    I’m also re-reading Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, which describes in detail how right wing corporatists exploited Katrina to decimate public education in New Orleans, replacing it with lucrative private charter schools. They also used the hurricane as an excuse to destroy centuries old black neighborhoods in New Orleans to make it ripe for redevelopment.

    The really sad thing is that the blue collar schmucks who get sucked in by Fox News bullshit and vote for pro-corporate Republicans have no idea that their own jobs and lives are also on the line – that they’re voting for their own demise.

  3. My dear

    The worst thing that ever happened to us was integration. The second was the invention of “the other” so called black race i.e. hispanic, melanesian, negrito, etc…


    By not calling ourselves what we are, Africans, we distance and separate ourselves by language and nationality.

    When will we wake up?

  4. luckyoldman says:

    There is no such thing as a man made Hurricane or Volcano.
    The boy in the White house is as much white as black.
    These are just facts.
    God Bless

  5. luckyoldman says:

    Excuse me, I meant Earthquakes…. Or did I?

  6. Literat says:

    gambling ads?!

  7. Just government policy.

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