The Hurricane Called Police

Justice Is Muthafawkin Served! Judge Sentences Pig Cops That Murdered A Man During Hurricane Katrina!
From Bossip, 2011


Love the smell of frying bacon in the morning.

NEW ORLEANS — A federal judge on Thursday sentenced two former New Orleans police officers for their roles in the shooting death of a man and the burning of his body after Hurricane Katrina.

David Warren was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was convicted last December of shooting 31-year-old Henry Glover without justification outside a strip mall less than a week after the storm, which struck Aug. 29, 2005.

U.S. District Judge Lance Africk then sentenced former officer Gregory McRae to 17 years in prison. McRae burned Glover’s body in a car near a police station.

In a court filing earlier, Warren’s lawyers had argued their client deserved leniency and a sentence substantially below the guidelines.

“Mr. Warren had an unblemished record as a citizen and as a police officer,” they wrote. “There is simply nothing in his background to indicate that he would intentionally kill anyone and everything to indicate just the opposite.”
They also urged the judge to weigh the “horrific conditions” that officers endured after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city.

“No, society cannot let Katrina and its aftermath serve as an ‘excuse’ to break the law — be it by looters or police officers,” the lawyers wrote. “However, it would defy logic and human experience not to recognize that that calamity was certainly an extenuating circumstance that warrants serious favorable consideration when determining an appropriate punishment.”

Henry Glover’s car that was burned by Police in an attempt to cover up his murder

Wonder how these scumbag lawyers sleep at night knowing that they’re representing pieces of ISHT like these cops. “Favorable consideration”??? Get the fawk outta here!!



2 comments on “The Hurricane Called Police

  1. I am so glad that they were sentenced. However, I am somewhat surprised that they were when you consider that the majority get off without even a tap on the wrist for killing Black people. It is genocide!

  2. They do know the line, because they know exactly where to cross it. But these pig suits went into no-man’s-land. Lying, stealing. Check. To burn the car?! Nearby a police station?! Too much insane. (When caught.)

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