Getting to the NAACP

matchstick men-wolfgang-stiller-2THE NAACP CONNECTION
By Daghettotymz (1997)

In 1919, a group organization protested against the Boule’ in Washington, DC, exposing their allegiance to global white supremacy. Because of this, the U.S. military investigated the Boule’ and later adopted them as a spy network alliance. Each member of the Boule’ must take a lifetime membership to the NAACP, so it serves as no coincidence that we also find during that same time, in the 1910s, the NAACP initiated the Anti-Lynch Bill with the U.S. government. DuBois was one of the pawnz used in the finding of this so-called negro organization which is also started, owned and operated by the Round Table Group. The NAACPs major fund contributorz come from the Rockefeller Foundation who once gave them $3 million in the 1990s.

The government did not pass the Anti-Lynch Bill until 1959! This is just over 40 yearz ago!! Why?? We found the government would comply with the “request” ONLY if they (NAACP) would trade “Black intelligence”.

In other wordz, the government would not honor this bill unless the NAACP agreed to spy for them! Word out is the Boule’ can also be linked to the Tuskegee Experiment in Alabama. Of the negro doctorz who injected Afrikanz with syphilis, they were Boule’ hired on contract by the government. There was an incident with the local KKK because the clan did not believe the Boule’ would not, could not, do such a thing as expressing loyalty to YT over their own people. So they showed up to make sure they would. Needless to say, they met no resistance, for the Boule’ doctorz assured the clan the government hired to right group and that they would fulfill their assignment. These bootlickin’ house negroes assured the illuminati there was a group of loyal negroes available to counteract any type of Afrikan the “king” did not like.

In 1917, one Lt. Col. Ralph VonDemon set up a negro spy network, under direct orders from then U.S. Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker. Baker’s special assistant, or negro laison, was Emmit Scott who was the Boule’ grand archon in 1941 (Scott was also the one who was responsible for the emerge of Carter G.). Scott worked very closely with jewish spy, and co-founder of the NAACP, Joel Spingarn. We also found that the spy, R.R. Moton, Woodson refused to work with, was the one who got Emmit Scott his position with Baker. Moton was on duty during the Tuskegee experiment. In fact, he was responsible for bringing the US Army to Tuskegee! Moton also was the one who stopped the KKK from having white doctorz in Tuskegee to instill the syphillis.

VonDemon later hired “jewish” spy Joel Spingarn to “watch” (spy) the Afrikan community. This points out a direct link between the US government, the Boule’ and the NAACP, all spying on the Afrikan community looking for, what “Gay” Edgar Hoover later called in his COINTELPRO operation, the next “Black Messiah” who would emancipate the mentally enslaved Afrikan. All these organizations were working under strict dictation from the Illuminati or Round Table Group.

The Illuminati’s need to “control” the 9 areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, religion, and war AND I’ll add a tenth, HEALTH) as noted by Neilly Fuller and Francess Cress Welsing, had a significant impact in the realm of education. There has also been the misconception that our HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) were started by Afrikanz. This is not the case. The Illuminati used the Boule’ when they started to build these so-called “Black” universities. Rockefeller and Julius Rosenwald joined forces in the financial backing of these breeding groundz mistakenly called institutionz of higher learning (should be called higher training).

Labeled the Push Foundation, Rosenwald joined the Rockefeller Foundation in 1922. Together they found Phipps, Atlanta, Dillard, Spelman, Howard and Clark Universities just to name a few. Most likely there is a Rosenwald Hall on each and every HBCU across the country.



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