Shoot – You Better Recognize

Valentine Fake - lqThis immature joke fits well. White propaganda telling me to fake feelings one day of the year. For me to comply means that I will have to choose to fake hate. They are not offering a white flag. I will show them what to do with that… Red flag.

Okay, just calm down, missy. It is not that big of a deal, is it? They murdered that Valentine guy and made him a saint, or whatever. (No, I am not going to look it up. It is BLACK OUR-story month.) So what? So, I see a pattern. Why are all their holidays dripping in blood? Hellidays continue.

I consider it a waste of time for people to “fake it!” on command, but the command remains to “fake it!” regardless of my sentiment. The zombies shalleth obey. They are not able to love, only lust, and now they command us to learn to fake right along with them. Perfect practice.

Whether you like the Valentine nonsense or not, you better get her/him something. Society depends on it. Sure enough, it is about material junk. You need to buy something to get the other to lust you, so you can enter into sexual relations. Yeah, that type of ‘love’. Get something, play it cool, and you win whether you have to listen to fake protests or not. Play dumb and stumm, do nothing, and… be dumb and stumm when you have to deal with the consequences. Another headache.

There will be other consequences. When it is most inconvenient for you. You won’t be able to say that I did not warn you! Wasting breath.

A short post, because I have no more words to waste on this crap. It is not even worth a poem. Insert Song.

One for you, one for me. Separate checks.


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