Black History Salute*Promise 2 Former Slaves*40 Acres & a Mule

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Many of us have heard of the (broken) promise to newly freed slaves..Some parts of that part of history have been quoted with mistruths and little known facts..First and foremost General William T. Sherman in ‘Special Field Order 15’ promised 40 acres; but not the mule. The mule was added later..But what isn’t often told is how it all came about. It wasn’t a good will gesture made by General William T. Sherman alone..It was prompted by the direct result of a discussion (held 4 days before the order was announced) between General Sherman, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, and 20 leaders of the Black community in Savannah, Georgia. The meeting was unprecedented in American history! And as much as I thought I knew about history and black history; I didn’t know until recently that black leaders were present in that discussion..

The ‘promised’ land was 400,000 acres( owned by…

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2 comments on “Black History Salute*Promise 2 Former Slaves*40 Acres & a Mule

  1. 40 acres and a mule were promised to all freed slaves. I think the reason it never happened is because no slaves were every freed.

  2. Berna was clear on the con. It seemed to happen for a moment, but one strike of their pen, and… poof. Gone.

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