Kemetic Silence

KMT MetaphysicsGolden Silence
By Metaphysics

True knowledge can only be found at a level of heartfelt understanding that unites the will and the mind. When a person’s will and mind become united they can play in the realms between yesterday, today, and tomorrow for there is no true separation. This is unity. In the culture of KMT the concept of unity is realized thru union with a NTR or some NTRW.

The name, number, sound, and form of each NTR is an inseparable unity. To call on a NTR is to recall its name, number, sound, and form. Each NTR is the name of a specific principle or quality of energy that is manifested from the celestial to the terrestrial spheres. To quote R.

A. Schwaller deLubicz: “NTRW are the causal powers of everything that manifests itself in the Universe.” In Kemetic wisdom the symbol of something expresses the uniqueness of that something that therefore makes it the same as the actual object because they have the same essence. They are all parts of the great Unity.

MDW NTR has puzzled and fascinated scholars, researchers, and even artists of the Western societies for centuries. The glyphs or symbols are images of objects, plants, animals, geometric forms, and people in different poses. They were written without punctuation or spaces between the words. As weird as MDW NTR looks to the us we must keep in mind it only seems weird and confusing because this society has taught us to read and write and (most especially) think in a european language.

This has affected our cosmic sensibilities most of all. We don’t have a Kemetic mental perspective! This is most evident when you consider that the exoteric meaning of most of the MDW NTR has been deciphered and the much deeper, more informative esoteric meaning is for the most part untouched.

Consider this: egyptologists, scholars, philologists, theologians, and all those people who express an interest in the secular history of KMT have not begun to understand the deep, eternal reality of the wisdom of KMT. How can they when the spiritual teachings of our modern religions are translations, transcriptions, versions, and commentaries of original work?

The transcriptions and “reports to the friends and helpers” were written hundreds of years after the knowledge was revealed and in any case all of their original works have been lost. On the other hand, the spiritual texts of the Kemetic people have reached us in their original form, intact, across the millennia. They were carved in stone and painted on stone and papyri because of the sacred nature of MDW NTR.

Since we have the original forms we can do with MDW NTR that which is impossible to be done with other ancient writings. We can discover the true original “Kemetic” meaning through a process of esoterism.

Esoterism has nothing to do with the deliberate concealment of the truth. MDW NTR is not a riddle or a play on words. Many egyptologists speak of the scribes of KMT as being in love with making puns. Nothing could be further from the truth. The scientific, rational, logical, western mentality is child-like when trying to apply a meaning to MDW NTR. Esoterism can neither be written nor spoken.

It can never be betrayed. This is not a knowing but a total state of being that can only be acquired through the effort of each individual by her or himself. Esoterism is the spiritual aspect of life. It is inaccessible to cerebral intelligence for spirit can be found only with spirit.

Those who claim to reveal the esoterism of Kemetic wisdom are charlatans. (That goes for us too! This is why we always tease people about “not making preachers out of us”.) Those who claim to reveal the esoterism of Kemetic wisdom can only explain the implication of certain words or formulas.

When it comes to the Sacred Science the most anyone can do is be a guide to help others travel the path to the Unity of cosmic consciousness more quickly.

Those who reach the stages of true illumination in the oneness of cosmic consciousness will then realize the esoterism of the wisdom from within. No one can realize the unity for you.

There is in all of us a cerebral intelligence or “intelligence from the brain” and also an innate intelligence of the heart. Intelligence of the heart is accessed thru a fusion of the realization of the cosmic Cause (NTR) with that aspect of the Cause (NTR) that is present in all of us.

Innate intelligence is used to access and embrace the full wisdom of the NTRW. In plain english: you must become in touch with the godhood within you.

Cerebral intelligence gives us “plain english” which is very limiting in its foundation since the NTRW are not God or gods. Cerebral intelligence leads us to embrace concepts that put us in duality with nature and leads us to judge nature objectively. It needs opposition in order to serve a function. On a simple level think about our perspective of night and day, man and woman, humans and objects.

Consider how our cerebral “Western” intellect interprets the images received on our eyes. In their complimentary aspect when the colors red and green are superimposed their unity makes them colorless.

The red rods and cones in the retina intercept the color green, neutralizes this color, and creates a complementary reaction by which the green rods and cones of the retina are unchanged. This then causes our brain to interpret the color as green. Green is considered to be the opposite of red. So, the cerebral function is based on a principle of opposition. Let’s see how this very rational way of understanding is applied to other concepts.

1. We know the left side of the brain generally controls the right side of the body.

2. When we see something in the physical world we know its really there by understanding a qualitative description of its qualifications. This is accomplished by comparing its abstract elements.

3. Original Sin is a concept that the mind has categorized as being in opposition when it is actually two complementary aspects that must be merged to attain Unity.

The opposite of #2 is very revealing: It is impossible for cerebral intelligence to conceive an abstraction without defining it by a concrete image. Our dependence on cerebral intelligence hinders our minds from understanding things that are part of nature we have not experienced thru the five senses.

The origin of the universe is one single and unique source. We have a common origin and therefore a communion can take place among all things in the world. A kinship exists between each of us and a certain mineral, plant, animal, and other people. There may be an infinite number of combinations but we all belong to certain large families and subgroups.

Our state of consciousness distinguishes one from the other. The moment of communion between two or more beings is extremely variable and can be observed and analyzed in its effect only. This moment is therefore of an abstract order. The abstract cause within this physical scheme of organic constitution is beyond rational analysis.

There is an innate intelligence which is precisely the characteristic nature of each entity. All people possess this innate nature in the mineral of our bones, the vegetal matter of the tissues of our organs, in the coordination of all our organs. When we call this process instinct we put limitations on the operations of the NTRW within. The intelligence of our brains, the cerebral intelligence:

1. Depends on our five senses

2. The recording of observed facts

3. The comparison of ideas

4. No element of cerebral intelligence is abstract

In Unity cerebral intelligence can no longer discern anything. It has no role to play. The full meaning; the esoteric understanding of the NTR is hidden to those unable to embrace the abstractness of “Tehuti’s letters.”



2 comments on “Kemetic Silence

  1. nikki skies says:

    This is an incredible read!

  2. Thanks Nikki. It is very credible and many layers to it.

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