Guarding Bodies Instead of Minds

frank alexander tupacConspiracy Theory: What Really Happened To Tupac’s Bodyguard, Frank Alexander?
By Lena C.,  On June 06, 2013

54 year old Frank “Big Frank” Alexander, rapper Tupac Shakur’s former handpicked bodyguard was found dead in his Murrieta, CA home on April 28, 2013. It’s being reported that it was suicide. He was found with a bullet wound to the head. There haven’t been any further reports following Big Frank’s death.

Big Frank was Tupac’s bodyguard on the night of the 1996 shooting in Las Vegas, NV. In several interviews, Big Frank has said he was ordered –by the company he worked for– not to take any weapons or radio with him to Las Vegas. In 1998, two years after Tupac’s death, Frank wrote the book, Got Your Back: The Life of a Bodyguard in the Hardcore World of Gangsta Rap.

In recent interviews, Big Frank spoke openly about Suge Knight, the music industry and Tupac. He has said Suge Knight was a bully, Tupac did in fact sleep with Faith Evans, and he said he owned the rights to unseen footage of Tupac. Big Frank talked about starting a PayPal account and charging five dollars to those interested in seeing the footage. He said he was willing to donate ten percent of the money earned to the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.

Big Frank wasn’t interested in giving up his ownership of the footage, however, he did give Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur a courtesy copy. Unseen footage of an artist as popular as Tupac is a big deal in the music industry and is worth a lot of money. Many people believe Big Frank was murdered. Could this have been a reason why?

johnny j and tupacJohny “Johnny J” Jackson was the man behind many of Tupac’s hit songs, All Eyez On Me, Picture Me Rolling, Me Against The World, All About U, How Do You Want It, Life Goes On, Wonda Why They Call U Bitch, and many more. On October 3, 2008, it was reported that Johnny J committed suicide after jumping from an upper tier at Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, CA. He was serving time for a DWI. He was 39 years old.

In an interview Johnny conducted six months before his death, he said he had over 30 unreleased Tupac tracks in his vault. Conspiracy theorist believe this had something to do with his death.

People are still questioning what really happened to Big Frank. Someone by the user name MCNewYork71, who interviewed Big Frank about eight months before his death, posted this on his Youtube channel:

“from what i have been told by multiple people, he committed suicide. Now i find this very hard to believe, especially since i interviewed him last year and talked to him throughout the months afterwards. Frank was very Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ and very encouraging and uplifting. He would send me emails that helped me as well as others out, he would send text the same way. He was a great man and a good spiritual advisor. I’ll miss him and I’m glad to have spoke to him. RIP” © 2014 All Rights Reserved


[A few comments:]

Phenomenal work sister, I just discovered your work and you are on point on ALL fronts. To add to this Tupac/Biggie Conspiracy remember the actor Michael Clarke Duncan (Green Mile, The Players Club) he was Biggie’s bodyguard, he was suppose to be with big in LA the night he was killed but mysteriously was called off. He went on to have a successful acting career toasting it up with hollywood royalty, then he dies mysteriously in a hospital alone exactly the way he portrayed his own death in the movie (The Island, its on youtube) I know he was murdered…and omarosa was one of the devils responsible, she was handsomely rewarded with all of his belongings and a 20 million dollar insurance policy, it rings a bell to the deaths of Frank and Johnny j.

tupac like other rappers was an agent of the devil- corrupting children- and promoting violence. If you live by the sword…

Pacluv Guest
how can you talk or judge someone especially when you obviously know nothing about this man “Pac” you sound so ignorant “keep your mouth shut, study Tupac’s bio’s lyrics to his songs, research before you say your ugly things” Pac was a great man at 25 then you will ever be in your life time just by reading your words. May God Help You~~u know nothing about Pac he was a giver he helped so many children and homeless people he created so many organizations he was so compassionate and cared about ppl because he came from poverty and he had real Heart, what have you done to help ppl you and your little shiny suit, ppl like you are why we have no World Peace because you are the devil and your minions follow you, I rebuke you to hell. you Leave Tupac out of your ugly mouth!!! I was blessed to meet Tupac and he was til this day the most incredible man I have ever met!!!

Look up Greg Kading and he knows what happened to pac, that p Diddy paid the crips a real confession from one of the passengers in the Cadillac

I thought I was the only one who Highly Suspected Omarosa for Michael Clarke Duncan’s death. Great insight

Therealrjbond Belindabell
As his co producer and best friend of 20 years, let me say that you are 100% full of shit. I was at the home, saw the scene of the incident and was there the entire time. To you and to the author I say this: get it the hell right, please. This is embarrassing to a good man who had some personal problems that got the best of him. Sincerely, RJ Bond, Producer/Director Tupac Assassination/Reckoning.

Nick Therealrjbond
So are you implying that Frank actually did commit suicide? Did you actually witness the events that led up to his death

RJ Bond Nick
Yes I did. I was in communication with Frank that morning, and was not only there the following morning after, but was present for the GSR tests, stood in the room and saw then entire scene. He shot himself in front of this wife of 15 years. They were having big marital problems and she was in front of him. How do I know that- because the police took Gunshot residue from her clothing and I was in communication with the police. This of course was none of anyone’s business, but I am so tired of crackpot theories which give attention to assholes that don’t deserve it. Thanks for asking.

Ed RJ Bond
U are tired of Crackpot Theories?? How do you live with yourself? Look at all your DVD’s



One comment on “Guarding Bodies Instead of Minds

  1. this will go the way of JFK, MLK and Malcolm X to name a few. We’ll never know the truth because everybody is involved. And by everybody I mean every that counts.

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