Straight Up Hair

Black Queen 2

Love my hair

I can have straight hair, but I love my hair as it is.
My hair becomes me, as I take good care of it.

I know to nurture my hair like any other body part.
Without attaching my self-worth to it.
I feed my hair Natural oils, so it can take care of itself.

My hair has a mind of its own, as it refuses to lie down.
I cannot remain down, as it tells me that I need to get up.

I do not have to look like anyone else, fake nor bold.
I do not want to hide underneath other people’s hair.
I do not want to go without my Natural crown.

My refusal to bend and break is my own choice.
It will make the ones who shame of their crown,
strike out to get me back in line. The other line.

I have no respect for the line, I prefer to respect my self.
My hair demands my respect as it refuses to bow down.
So when I feel down, I touch my hair to see what is up.

Erykah Badu3

You can wear a weave if you want to, but I am fine.
You can shave your hair off if you want to.
But, I am fine where my crown is at. Straight up.


7 comments on “Straight Up Hair

  1. Marcia Simpson-James says:

    Yes My Sister, people can not believe that dark-skinned Black women, have a variety of hair. From the curly curly, to almost bone straight, and all, with a beautiful, dark-brown, chocolate-coloured, skin.We must celebrate everything that is Black, female and beautiful – in all its Great Glory!

  2. Much appreciated. As people kept asking Lupita Nyong’o why she cut off her hair, I felt like I needed to warn people that I am still not going to beweaver myself, nor cut my hair off. My crown has a mind of its own, and I have learned to respect it. Straight up.

  3. acj13 says:

    Nice poem. In majority of cultures around the world a lot of focus is placed on women to have hair or hair of a certain length as though it adds or takes away from them being women. I adore Lupita’s hair and find it to fit her very well.

  4. Yes. Our hair has been the root of many difficult times. And it’s just hair.

  5. Thanks acj. I cut up a poem into prose, and still dare call it a poem. Tsk.
    Hair is used as a tool to control. Women know that when they now go (near) bald that they will get applauded for looking like Lupita. Lupita is a starlet who may grow up to be a Queen. That does not mean that I have to look like her at any time. White Pete does not like me without hair either. I will assume so, for I am not going to test it. Ha.

  6. Thanks HLJ. Our hair is under attack, for unlike their dead hair, our hair is very much alive. Because I know it is not “just hair”, I know better than to cut it off. (But, if I were to decide to cut it off, then it would be “just hair”. Ha.)

  7. Peoples, I was just finishing up something in NBP. Now, hell awaits in my dreams. I am out of here.

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