I Know I Missed You

United Queens Magazine representing.

The talk about dating the untouchable garbage collector is interesting. But, Umar Johnson has more interesting things to share.

More interesting things.


3 comments on “I Know I Missed You

  1. There seems a basic contradiction here. These videos are based on the assumption that ordinary black people aren’t capable of living their own lives without the expert advice of an official government sanctioned (by the dominant European culture) psychologist. This is very much a notion the white dominant culture imposes on both Europeans and minorities as an instrument in imposing social control.

  2. the good doctor is very insightful and makes one think.

  3. If there is at least one thing to like about “the good doctor”, then it is the fact that he allows everyone to think as they please. He is very much of the school “take what works, leave the rest.”

    I do not agree on the garbage collector theory for he excluded management and owners. But I definitely have collected some of the “6 types”. Actually, a lot of guys – at least four that I know of – have ALL THE 6 TYPES down pat. Yikes.

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