The Warrior – Chapter 1.0

vein-man_jason-decaires-taylor-sculpture-art-02The warrior stood on the mount overlooking the land that stretched forth in all directions. The green of the land stretching all the way to the forest in the South. The brown red and grey mixture of the clusters of city-villages to the West. More city-villages to the North, unable to guise the red of the earth desert. In the same way that the industries to the East were not able to hide the colors of the great many drops behind them.

Even as the soldiers camped out across the green fields, things looked peaceful. This could not be the case in the minds of the enemies. There would be no room for peace as their desire to conquer and destroy enveloped even their unborn. It was war. A war that started a long time ago, and kept pushing them to rise above themselves.

3 comments on “The Warrior – Chapter 1.0

  1. It is beyond me why WP keeps changing so many text functions. The change of the ‘more text’ button is too much for me. It has become too much work to keep texts – even those I write myself – nice and tidy. So, I will keep posting less.

    Most people do not know the first thing about text coding, and it is showing on their sites. They are forced to keep things very basic, waste much time figuring things out, or waste time getting help. And then the help has to waste time changing the codes or post the article afresh without codes which is a pain when there is some text coding or pictures. This ‘help’ is not getting paid for all that work. I do not have the time to waste on recoding the texts of all the sites that I ‘help’ manage.

    And I am not the only one not amused. Six sites have already dropped out of active duty to get deleted. If other blogsites keeps blogging simple, why not WP?

    Bladibla. Cut through the annoyance. I will do what I can, and leave the rest.

  2. Oh, I forgot to make the point. The next parts of the Warrior will not get posted on WP. It will just have to wait for yet another year…

  3. The ‘more text’ button has stopped jumping. I will consider putting up another snipbit next month. When my nerves have calmed down a bit. (I seem to need another break.)

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