Wande Abimbola


Wande Abimbola is currently the officially appointed delegate to Boston from Nigeria to represent and transmit the tradition of Ifá.

As Babaláwo and Àwise Ni Àgbáeé (“spokesperson for Ifá in the World”), he is a renowned scholar of Ifá thought, Yoruba theology and traditional culture. He is president of the International Congress of Orisa Tradition and Culture. He is also Professor of African Religions at Boston University.

Dr. Abimbola has written extensively on the Yoruba tradition, authoring such works as Seminar on Yoruba Oral Tradition, Poetry in Music, Dance and Drama, Sixteen Great Poems of Ifa, Ifa: An Exposition of Ifa Literary Corpus, and Ifa Diviniation Poetry, and is a contributor to Secrecy: African Art that Conceals and Reveals (Mary H. Nooter, ed.). One of his most recent books is Ifá Will Mend Our Broken World: Thoughts on Yoruba Religion and Culture in Africa and the Diaspora.


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