Black Anon – Blueprint

disturbing-photo-series-babak-hosseiny-and-jeffrey-vanhoutte-4Black Anon – Blueprint
By No Black Pete

You still think jhws were so ‘intelligent’ to look at dead people walking, and think up a “laundry list”? To believe the babble on them getting inspirited one night, coming up with the list through a “Higher Power”? If you still cannot see through the lies, you might as well go check on that Brooklyn bridge for sale.

Let me attempt to help you see straight. My help comes at a price, but that is for you to figure out. If you cannot see that their “help” comes at a steeper price, then you do not care anyway. The beast is cunning. But, I continue to place question marks at its intelligence.

The jhws seem ‘intelligent’ because they got you to be dumb. Why would they waste time and energy on traveling the hard road to divine Intelligence attuned to divine Justice, when they can pretend to travel? Or better yet, get others to embark on the perilous journey, and then possess their wandering minds and take possession of any inspired knowledge.

These parasites are actors stuck in reacting. And reading that “laundry list”, I see that they blatantly tell you to mimic them. Cunning, but not intelligent. Not to worry, I am still fighting to take ownership of my own intelligence. Some inspired knowledge is shining through, so I can show you what their “laundry list” is based on.

It is the blueprint for enslavement. This is what every psychopath already knows and can read into that list, while others get stuck on airing their laundry so they can get enslaved better. I will translate the “laundry list” toward myself, so it will feel ‘safe’ when you read my ‘weaknesses’ in to it. Inspired. Translated into present tense though. Already less safe.


By Black Anon

1. They isolate me and want me to fear them.
2. They want me to seek their approval and for me to lose my identity.
3. They want me to fear their anger and ridicule.
4. They want me to become a slave or addict, and enter into relationships with other slaves or addicts.
5. They want me to live life from the viewpoint of a victim, to embrace slavery and to feel attracted to those who seek to enslave me.
6. They want me to take responsibility for them, to be concerned with them instead of myself.
7. They want me to feel guilty if I dare stand up for myself instead of giving in to them.
8. They want me to get addicted to their sick spirits, to feel excited through them.
9. They want me to love them and rescue them, as they demand me to pity them.
10. They want me to stuff my feelings from my traumatic life and stop expressing what I feel for they will punish me for it. For me to be in denial of the pain of their punishment.
11. They want me to judge myself harshly and have very low self esteem.
12. They want me to depend on them and become terrified of their continuous abandonment, so I will do anything to hold on to them, not realizing that they are responsible for my enslavement and suffering, as they force me into relationships with them.
13. They want me to blame myself and my family for my enslavement. For me to follow their lead into darkness and become enslaved too, and not be told whom I would be enslaved for.
14. They want me to react to them, rather than acting for my own benefit and grow out of their grasp.

As people of all colors read my blogs to see about my state of Perish, I have gone easy on the color. Sic. Plenty of color in the links. No matter your color, follow these rules and you will be rewarded. Enjoy the reward while it lasts. For it will last, but no longer feel like a reward. By then you will not be able to stop coming back for more.




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