Black Anon – Ever More Guidelines

TupacBlack Anon – Ever More Guidelines
By No Black Pete

“Once you can read through the lies, it becomes too easy, man.” Really? You think you know it all now?! For there is more insanity where the steps, traditions and laundry lists from these anonymous covens came from. Psychopaths have all the time in the world to plan and create more insanity, for their puppets and victims are made to do all the hard work their created chaos demands.

If it is all “too easy, man” for you, I have no problem pushing forward. I will skip any further introduction, and go ahead with the next list. Instead of telling you which one it is, you may guess (or “goggle guy” it) for yourself.

More Self-Enslaving Guidelines
Black Anon, 2014

1. You are not supposed to love and accept yourself. You are to find a job, and use it to gain the approval that will give you an identity and reason for existence.
2. You need to isolate from your feelings through your job. You are to deprive yourself of knowing what you truly want and need. You are to fear yourself.
3. You need to be at your job and work more than your health, relationships, and sanity, allows for. Even when you are not at your job, you should be thinking of it. Your activities need to be job-related to show that you are worthy of the job. You are to enjoy denying yourself a balanced and varied life.
4. You need to use your job as a way to deal with the uncertainties created into your life. You need to fear and worry. You need to waste time planning and organizing for your job and career. You become willing to surrender to control. You let go of any Natural spontaneity, creativity and responsibility, instead you will jump on command.
5. You grew up in a controlling home and conformed to job demands of your parents (caretakers). Stress and insanity feels normal to you. You now seek out these conditions at your job. You are to create crises, and then get high by working hard to resolve the problems. After all the excitement to get your high, you crash and become anxious and depressed. These mood swings will help to destroy any peace of mind. You will soon look for your next high.
6. Your job is your addiction, you will do anything to have one and keep it. You lie about the work that you do, and you hide the work that you really do, to seem more important than you are. You are to make sure that you look busy and never bored. You have come to fear free time and vacations as you are to be ever anxious to get back to your job. Thus, you find it painful instead of refreshing.
7. Your home is an extension of your job. Family and friends are not allowed to disturb you in the time you need to come down from the stress of your job when you are at home. Even when you spend time with them, you are not really there.
8. You make unreasonable demands on yourself. You are no longer aware of any difference between job-imposed and self-imposed pressure. You over-schedule your life, forever racing to beat the clock, afraid to get further behind, working harder to catch up. [*]
8b. Your attention is fragmented as you try to do several things at once. Your inability to pace yourself leads to breakdown and burnout. You rob yourself of conclusion and rest. [*]
9. You have become a perfectionist in areas that cannot help you get ahead. You no longer accept mistakes as part of being human, and find it hard to ask for help. Because you do not belief that anyone can meet your standards, you cannot delegate and do all the work yourself. You have come to believe that you are indispensable, whereas it renders you unable to make progress. Your unrealistic expectations cheat you out of contentment. [*]
10. You are responsible for anything that is wrong with your job, and you have become over-serious as you burden yourself with the blame. All your activity is to be purposeful. You can no longer just relax nor just be. You feel guilty and restless when you stop working. [*] You no longer know how to fully engage in recreation and renewal. You neglect your sense of humor, and rarely enjoy the healing power of laughter.
11. You are made to wait on others, but cannot stand it. You are more interested in results than process, quantity instead of quality. Your impatience distorts your work as you no longer allow proper timing.
12. You are overly concerned with your image. You think that looking busy makes people think that you are important and will gain their admiration. As you seek the approval of others, you react to them while you lose your self.

[*] Beware. Psychopaths do not work harder. They will pretend to, while they manipulate someone else to take care of it.




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