Never Shit On Your Self

I never said that I was “conscious”. I have been sleep walking, and I know it. It is besides the point. I will warm up, and start spitting again soon. All I want to get out now, is that I do hold grudges. Just saying…

5 comments on “Never Shit On Your Self

  1. Yes, we have seen too much and we know too much and everything that we have seen is piles of shit being thrown at us and everything we know is that what’s throwing the shit at us is worse than shit!

    Thanks for posting this! Good to see you back!

  2. HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! SISTA!!!!!!! where you been at??

  3. Lol. I have been dealing with a war. I think I lost… Oh well, shit happens.

  4. I find this rap incredibly inspiring. This is exactly what we need to pull young people into the street to fight for change. If we can’t look to white musicians to write music that reflects the evil in contemporary society, I guess we’ll need to look to black ones. And rap music is still extremely popular with white kids.

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