Hiding Nas

Move over Nas. You are on igg. There is no more time to listen to you wine. No more moping and hoping. We are dealing with a real disease…




This video was found as I was going through Kushite Prince’ archive.
See: http://kushiteprince.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/racism-they-keep-changing-the-rules/


6 comments on “Hiding Nas

  1. Thanks for the reblog Pete. Ironically Nas is featured in Hidden Colors 3.lol He does make some insightful points in the documentary.

  2. Much appreciated, Prince. Glad you caught the irony.

  3. I think segregation plays a vital role in reinforcing negative stereotypes about African Americans. My (white) parents were rabid racists until they had the opportunity to work with African American teachers in ghetto schools. My mother came to teaching in her early forties and was trained by a brilliant African American master teacher.

    That experience and the warm friendship offered by other African American teachers caused that racism to evaporate in a matter of a few years. Ironically my parents found that their value system was closer to that of their African co-workers than their white neighbors. It was a real eye-opening experience for both of them.

  4. Thanks, Stuart. Somehow I hear a white echo…

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