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面具 (miànjù) Mask 面具 (miànjù) Mask

Halloween offers an opportunity for us to mention such scary things as vampires. In Chinese, they are called (xīxuěguǐ), namely blood-sucking ghosts. Actually, there are quite a few other words and expressions we can learn that are related to blood.

The Chinese character for blood is (xuè). It is also informally pronounced as (xiě) or (xuě). At the base is the character (mǐn), which means a utensil, a dish or a container. And, as you can see, there is a drop of blood that is dripping into this container.

The plasma, or (xuèjiāng), contains (hóngxuèqiú red blood cells) and (báixiěqiú white blood cells). These circulate in our body via the blood vessels, or (xuèguǎn) and provide us with the vital energy the Chinese call (qì). You see, we refer to vigor and courage as (xuèqì).

Blood that is rich in oxygen has a red color. Therefore, (xuèhóng…

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