Tanzania’s president knows how to play the China card

Tanzania’s president knows how to play the China card via China Africa Project

Quite interesting podcast, because there have been many African leaders who have been trying to cosy up to China in recent years. From Robert Mugabe to as we can see here, Kikwete, China is becoming the place to go for Capital for African leaders, something which probably wasn’t conceivable 50 years ago.

Among the links below, one statement [in the guardian article] is most striking:

….Tunisia’s president, Moncef Marzouki, said economic development alone could not provide stability without social justice and political rights. He said foreign businesses have a responsibility to do more than seek profit and should choose to invest in democratic states that are working to combat corruption, educate their populations and create equality. …


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One comment on “Tanzania’s president knows how to play the China card

  1. China is rapidly buying up all our agricultural land and businesses here in New Zealand. It’s very concerning because it’s all for profit – and always makes things worse for Kiwis. Here in Taranaki they bought our only private abattoir. The farmer who supplies our organic meat was required to use the abattoir under New Zealand law (selling home killed meat is against the law). However under the new Chinese management, the abattoir only processes meat for export. So local residents no longer have the option of organic meat.

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