Screenplay Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures Screenplay

(Based on the book “Hidden Figures” by Margot Shetterly)
by Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi – May 12, 2015
2 Based on a true story.

3 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 1. In darkness, the voice of a little girl. Counting. LITTLE GIRL (V.O.) 14, 15, 16…prime. 18, prime. EXT. TREE LINED PATH – DAY A pair of little feet navigates down a gravel path. Kicking a pine cone. LITTLE GIRL (O.S.) 20, 21, 22, prime, 24, 25, Pulling up, we reveal: COLEMAN (8,) a peculiar, quiet, mouse of a child, wearing glasses bigger than her bookish face. Counting to herself. A VOICE (her Mother s) in the distance hollers out: JOYLETTE COLEMAN (O.S.) Katherine! Come on now! Katherine looks up. Sees a car stopped at the end of the path. She runs off. Counting all the way. Titles over: White Sulphur Springs, Virginia EXT. WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS GRAMMAR SCHOOL – DAY A colored grammar school. Small, spirited. Katherine s now between her parents (dad: JOSHUA and JOYLETTE,) holding their hands as they enter. INT. WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS GRAMMAR SCHOOL – DAY – CONT. A long hallway lined with windows. Sitting on a bench, outside a Principal s office, Katherine sketches (in a small notebook) the window panes, highlighting all the geometric shapes she discovers within: YEARS OLD) Isosceles, scalene, obtuse, equilateral, rhombus… On the windows opposite her: the tetris-like patterns of her mind s eye come alive. And on she goes. YEARS OLD) (CONT D) Trapezoid, tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron…

4 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 2. INT. PRINCIPAL S OFFICE – CONTINUOUS Katherine s parents sit across from the school s principal, MR. MARION SMITHSON and Katherine s teacher, MS. SUMNER. MARION SMITHSON West Virginia Collegiate Institute is the best school for Negros in the state. MS. SUMNER It s the only school, past the eighth grade, anywhere close to here. JOSHUA COLEMAN Katherine s in the sixth grade. MS. SUMNER They want to take her early. MARION SMITHSON They re offering a full scholarship. All you have to do is get there. Joshua and Joylette are overwhelmed. They grasp each other s hands. MS. SUMNER Joshua, Joylette…we took up a collection amongst the teachers and such, a few parents. Ms. Sumner hands Joylette an envelope. MS. SUMNER (CONT D) It s not a whole lot, but it ll surely help get you settled in. Joylette accepts the envelope. JOYLETTE COLEMAN That s beyond kind, Ms. Sumner. MS. SUMNER In all my years of teaching, I ve never seen a mind like the one your daughter has. You have to go. You have to see what she becomes. Joylette starts to tear. The kindness of people. Joshua puts his arm around his wife.

5 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 3. EXT. ROAD – INSTITUTE, VIRGINIA – DAY The Coleman family car, hauling a trailer with all their belongings, drives past a pasture dotted with COWS. A road sign reads: Welcome to Institute, Virginia. INT. COLEMAN FAMILY CAR – DRIVING – DAY – CONTINUOUS Katherine s crowded in the back seat with her siblings (CHARLES, MARGARET and HORACE.) She stares out the window, studying the cows whizzing by, the patterns on their hides forming shapes in her mind. She studies the shapes, only now she s… INT. WEST VIRGINIA COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE – ANOTHER DAY…staring out another window in a new classroom. A fancy classroom in a prestigious academy. The class is full of OLDER STUDENTS dressed in the best they have. Unbeknownst to Katherine, her new teacher, PROFESSOR GRAVES, is standing right in front of her. PROFESSOR GRAVES Ms. Coleman. Katherine whips back to reality. Embarrassed. PROFESSOR GRAVES (CONT D) You find something out there more interesting than quadratic equations? YEARS OLD) Yes, sir. I mean no, sir. Professor Graves holds out a piece of chalk. PROFESSOR GRAVES Why don t you figure out the equation on the board? Katherine looks at the chalkboard. The equation looks Greek: symbols, signs, parentheticals. Professor Graves pushes the chalk closer. Go on. PROFESSOR GRAVES (CONT D) Katherine takes the chalk. Stands. Walks sheepishly to the front of the class. Every eye on her.

6 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 4. She stands in front of the blackboard, the equation. Studies it for the longest time. Inspecting every number, sign, symbol. Wheels churning. Then she starts to write. Slow and meticulous at first. Then fast. Faster. With passion and fury. The Students crane their heads. Professor Graves rubs his temple. And Katherine writes on, chalk dust dropping like snow from her chalk stick. On and on and on…until she s at the very bottom, far side of the board. She circles the answer. Stands and faces the class. The equation behind her dwarfing her in stature. She clears her throat… YEARS OLD) If the product of two terms is zero, then common sense says at least one of the two terms has to be zero to start with. So, if you move all the terms over to one side, you can put the quadratics into a form that can be factored, allowing that side of the equation to equal zero. Once you ve done that, it s pretty straight forward from there… You can hear a pin drop. There s nothing to say. Katherine shuffles. Adjusts her glasses….sir. YEARS OLD) (CONT D) Katherine walks back to her desk. We push in on the equation. The numbers. The endless, endless numbers. The title fades up: EXT. ROAD – DAY Hidden Figures We float down towards a lone stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. Infinity in all directions. A 1955 Chevy Impala sits on the shoulder, the hood up. THE CAR – DAY – CONTINUOUS GOBLE (now 38) sits in the passenger seat, staring out the window. Up into space. Titles over: Hampton, Virginia, 1961

7 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 5. A holler crashes the silence: (O.S.) Try and turn it over! Outside, a pair of legs poke out from under the car. (O.S.) (CONT D) Katherine?! VAUGHAN (40s) slides out from under the car. Nononsense, brilliant, tough, mechanically gifted. Mary!? (CONT D) At the back of the car, sitting on the trunk, we find JACKSON (30ish) putting on lipstick. Mary s a spirited beauty, free-tongued, unbridled. Katherine!? Quit staring off into space! Turn the damn car over! Mary bangs on the rear window. Katherine snaps out of her trance. I got it. I m not deaf. I wonder some times. Katherine slides over to the driver s seat. Pumps the gas. Stamps the pedal to the floor. Here it goes. She turns the key in the ignition. Click, click, click. The engine whines, the car doesn t start. That s the starter. It s definitely the starter. That starter s startin to make us late. We re all gonna be unemployed driving this hunk of junk to work everyday. You re welcome to walk the 16 miles.

8 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 6. CONTINUED: (2) Or sit on the back of the bus. Won t do neither. I ll hitchhike. Mary models her hitchhiking thumb, pose. Just then, far in the distance, Mary sees a POLICE CAR coming over the hill… Girls. (CONT D) Dorothy and Katherine look. See the car coming up fast. No crime in a broken down car. No crime being Negro either. Katherine gets out of the car. Dorothy stands up. Button it up, Mary. No one wants to go to jail behind your mouth. I ll do my best, sugar. The police car stops behind them. And the gruffest WHITE COP steps out. Walks toward them. Silent. Then… WHITE COP Not a great place for the three of ya ll to be havin car trouble. Mary can t help herself. We didn t pick the place, Officer. It picked us. The White Cop steps into Mary. Not interested in talk back. WHITE COP You bein disrespectful? Mary shakes her head. No, sir.

9 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 7. CONTINUED: (3) Katherine jumps in. WHITE COP You have identification on ya? We sure do. We re just on our way to work. At Langley. Katherine pulls out her NASA ID badge. Holds it up for him to see. (CONT D) NASA, sir. Dorothy specifies, holds up her NASA badge. We do a great deal of the calculating getting our rockets into space. He turns his attention back to Mary. WHITE COP All three of ya? Mary pulls out her NASA badge. Yes, Officer. Hmm. He takes Mary s badge. Studies it. Inspects the back. It s official. WHITE COP NASA. That s somethin. Had no idea they hired- He stops himself from saying coloreds. Or worse. There are quite a few women working in the Space Program, sir. She saves him the embarrassment. He looks toward the sky. Paranoid. WHITE COP Damn Russians are watching us right now. Sputniks. His wheels turn. Shifting gears.

10 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 8. CONTINUED: (4) WHITE COP (CONT D) You girls ever meet those Astronauts? The Mercury 7? Mary lies through her teeth: Absolutely. WHITE COP Alan Shepard? John Glenn? We work with those gentlemen all the time. The White Cop gets patriotic. WHITE COP Those boys are the best we got. That s for sure. We have-ta get a man up there before the Commies do. Whole damn country s counting on em. That s for certain. Hard to be of service broken down on the side of the road though. The White Cop springs into action. WHITE COP That s right. That s right. You need a tow or somethin? Dorothy motions to Katherine to toss the screwdriver to her. She does. No, thank you, Officer. I think I got it, right here. Just have to bypass the starter… Dorothy ducks under the hood. Crosses the screwdriver across the battery poles. SPARK! The engine starts. (CONT D) That a girl. We re all set.

11 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft – 9. CONTINUED: (5) Mary butts in. Damn Mary. WHITE COP Hell. Least I can do is give ya an escort. Imagine ya ll are running late. Oh, we wouldn t want to trouble you. That would be wonderful, Officer. EXT. ROAD – DAY – MOMENTS LATER The police car screams down the road at a million miles an hour. Dorothy s car lunges right on its tail. INT. S CAR – DAY – CONTINUOUS Mary s driving like a mad-woman. Loving every minute of it. Dorothy s in the passenger seat, white knuckling the dashboard. And Katherine s in the back, holding onto the ceiling. Praying. Slow down, Mary! You re too close! He said to follow him. Doesn t mean you hit him in the ass! Dear Lord…please…I don t even know where to begin! I ll tell you where to begin: three colored women are chasing a white police officer down the highway in Hampton, Virginia, Ladies, that there is a God ordained miracle! Mary screams! Dorothy bursts out laughing. Finally… Katherine. Mary hits the gas. The car lunges forward.

12 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft EXT. NASA – LANGLEY RESEARCH CENTER – DAY – LATER The sprawling campus of NASA: hangars, wind tunnels, research buildings, surrounded by tall, barbed wire fences and SECURITY. The police car slows, pulls to the shoulder, as Dorothy s car speeds past. The White Cop waves them on. And our camera floats up to… EXT. SPACE – DAY From the vast blackness of space…looking down on Planet Earth. Quiet. Picturesque. Peaceful. Then: a rumbling sound creeps up. And the camera pans to find…a massive ROCKET burning up through the earth s atmosphere. Atop the rocket, a capsule shakes, rattles, grinds. The noise is deafening. We then hear a RUSSIAN VOICE, military-esque. The VOICE then translates into TURKISH…matter of fact. And finally: The CRACKLING VOICE of a radio communication in English. Not happy at all. Tense. CRACKLING VOICE (ON RADIO) Approximate speed: 17,400 mph. Ascend angle: Closing. INT. THE WHITE HOUSE – CONTINUOUS The Oval Office. President Kennedy is handed a briefing doc. He s worried. The VOICE OF AN AIDE: PRESIDENT S AIDE (O.S.) Latest intelligence on the Soviet booster rocket still in relay, Mr. President. INT. US CENTRAL COMMAND – CONTINUOUS A room packed with US MILITARY BRASS. JIM WEBB, NASA ADMINISTRATOR, a hard, powerful man, is front and center. All eyes are on the radar screen plotting the rocket s trajectory. SPACE – CONTINUOUS CRACKLING VOICE (ON RADIO) Disengage booster rocket. We are go. The booster rocket falls back to Earth, as the dislodged capsule floats at us, into the black of space.

13 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft INT. NASA TRACKING CONTROL ROOM – HAMPTON, VA – CONT. Al Harrison stands in a control room packed with ENGINEERS. He leans forward, owl-eyed on the massive screens tracking the rocket. And then: SPACE – CONTINUOUS CRACKLING VOICE (ON RADIO) Orbital entry is…go. The capsule twists on axis, revealing…the blood-red hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union. This is Korabl-Sputnik-4. The Russian Military Communication crackles in: RUSSIAN MILITARY ANNOUNCER (O.S.) (in Russian, with English subtitles) All systems safe. Confirmed. Orbital entry is established. THE OVAL OFFICE – DAY – MOMENTS LATER President Kennedy rubs his eyes. US CENTRAL COMMAND – DAY – MOMENTS LATER Dire mood. Jim Webb picks up a ringing phone. NASA TRACKING CONTROL – HAMPTON, VA – CONTINUOUS Harrison, distraught, walks out of the room. A SCREENING ROOM – DAY – CONTINUOUS A black and white film reel plays. It s a Russian Press Conference. A RUSSIAN SCIENTIST is holding a small, wiry dog in a cosmonaut vest. This is ZVEZDOCHKA, the world s first space traveler: a Jack Russell Terrier mix. He barks. RUSSIAN SCIENTIST (in Russian, subtitled in English) Zvezdochka is ready to go again. (motions to his side) So is our comrade, Ivan. Next to the Scientist: a mannequin with a placard, IVAN IVANOVICH, is propped up in a chair, dressed as a cosmonaut. The Russian press laughs.

14 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft RUSSIAN SCIENTIST (CONT D) Now it is time. Mother Russia will be first to put a human in space. The hoarse voice of Jim Webb breaks in: JIM WEBB (O.S.) A goddamn dog! And a goddamn mannequin! Webb steps up out of his seat, the news reel plays across his back. The screening room is packed with MILITARY BRASS and NASA ENGINEERS. Including: Al Harrison, Lead Engineer, PAUL STAFFORD, Associate Engineer, SAM TURNER, and Harrison s Secretary, RUTH. JIM WEBB (CONT D) And then a 1.6 megaton RDS-37 thermonuclear warhead drops down in the middle of Des Moines. Harrison stands, holds up his hand. The news reel abruptly stops. Lights come up. It s funeral wake quiet. Until, Paul Stafford speaks out of turn. PAUL STAFFORD Well, that s a pretty big jump, sir. Bad move. Webb turns to Stafford. JIM WEBB Who the hell is he? Harrison defends his man. Paul Stafford…our Lead Engineer, Mr. Webb. I think what he meant to say is that speculation, at least on our side of the equation, can be dangerous. Webb wags a finger at Stafford. JIM WEBB You know what s dangerous…inaction. Inaction and indecision. The Russians have a spy satellite lapping the planet. Taking pictures of God knows what. The President is demanding an immediate response. No more delays. Alan Shepard, John Glenn, your uncle Bob. Doesn t matter, just get us up there, Harrison. We can t justify a space program that doesn’t put anything in space.

15 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (2) Webb walks out. A mass exodus. EXT. HALLS OF NASA (IBM COMPUTER HALLWAY) – CONTINUOUS Footsteps echo off the marble floor, as Harrison walks with Paul Stafford, Sam Turner, Ruth, and the rest of the TEAM. (to Stafford) How did that feel in there, Paul? Do you think you enlightened the Administrator? Stafford has no response. (CONT D) He didn t look enlightened to me. Harrison stops. He cleans his glasses. Addresses SAM. (CONT D) He look enlightened to you, Sam? SAM TURNER Not particularly. Paul nods. Harrison walks away. The Team keeps up. And just so you know, he s not wrong about what he said in there. You know that, right? Because now that they can get up there, a bomb will follow. That s what happens to all our good ideas. Harrison stops again. Stands in front of a window staring at something we can t see. He s quiet for the longest time. (CONT D) Where s the machine? RUTH Any day now, Mr. Harrison. Any day now. What s it called? The initials…the letters IBM. RUTH PAUL STAFFORD International business machine.

16 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft Harrison jots a note in a mini notebook. Space is business. I need a mathematician. RUTH I ll put in another request, sir. Another request. Jesus Christ. We don t have a single person, in this entire building, that can handle Analytic Geometry? RUTH That s what I ve been told. Well, tell me something else, Ruth. Like we re going to find such a person, before the Russians plant a flag on the damn moon. He walks off again. Mumbling. The Team hustles after him. We stay at the window Harrison was staring into. It s a stark white clean room. Bright…and empty. EXT. THE WEST COMPUTING GROUP – BUILDING – LATER Nondescript brick. A sign reads: West Computing Group. TWO PROFESSIONAL BLACK WOMEN lead us in. INT. WEST HALLWAY – CONTINUOUS This is the other side of the tracks at NASA. No white marble here. Concrete floor, no frills. We push toward a door labeled: West Computers, as the two Black Women enter. INT. THE WEST COMPUTING ROOM – DAY – CONTINUOUS The West Computing Room is a dumpy rectangle of long tables and mismatched chairs below a Colored Computers sign. Dorothy stands in front of TWO DOZEN BLACK COMPUTERS, women of all shapes and sizes, assigning the day s work. Katherine and Mary stand in back. Ugh. Eleanor you re with Bernie today in Data Reduction, Building 202.

17 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft Eleanor hops up. ELEANOR Date Reduction?! You re welcome to join the charmers in Magnetoplasmadynamics. ELEANOR No thank you, ma am. Data Reduction s just fine. Dorothy holds out paperwork. Eleanor takes it. Heads to the door. Mary. Mary raises her hand like a school girl. Present. The Mercury 7 prototype has arrived for testing. Mr. Zielinski s requesting you…for permanent assignment. Mary can t contain herself. This is big news. Are you serious? Get moving. Mary literally jumps to the front of the room. Takes her paperwork. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you, Jesus! (privately) Keep it inside, hon. The other girls… Mary tempers her boisterousness. Buttons it up. Sorry, Dor. Mary winks at her. Dorothy shakes her head.

18 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (2) Just then, in walks: VIVIAN MITCHELL, Supervisor of Female Computers, flanked by her ASSISTANT. Armfuls of worksheets and graph pads. The Group snaps to attention. Mrs. Mitchell. VIVIAN MITCHELL We re on double time this mornin, girls. I need these calculations before lunch. Vivian s Assistant dumps the workload on the table. Thud. Vivian hands Dorothy an assignment sheet. VIVIAN MITCHELL (CONT D) The Space Task Group needs a computer ASAP. Someone with a handle on Analytic Geometry. Much to my chagrin, we can t fill the position outta the East Group. Permanent or temp? VIVIAN MITCHELL Everything s temporary, Dorothy. You have someone? Dorothy doesn’t hesitate: Yes, ma am. Katherine s the gal for that. Vivian looks the room over. Katherine raises her hand, squirms: the Space Task Group is the be all. (CONT D) She can handle any numbers you put in front of her. Vivian sizes Katherine up. VIVIAN MITCHELL I ll check her credentials. And with that, Vivian swoops off. Assistant behind her. They exit. VIVIAN MITCHELL (CONT D) Didn t think of comin all the way down here.

19 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft THE WEST HALLWAY – MOMENTS LATER Vivian and her Assistant walk away from the Computing Room. Dorothy comes out, catches up. Mrs. Mitchell…if I could- Vivian stops. Turns back. Dorothy is sunk. (CONT D) My application for supervisor, ma am. Was wondering if they re still considering me for that position. VIVIAN MITCHELL Yes. Well, the official word is: no. They re not assignin a permanent supervisor to the Colored Group. I see. May I ask why? VIVIAN MITCHELL I don t know why. I didn t ask why. We need a Supervisor, ma am. Haven t had one since Ms. Jansen got sick. Been almost a year. VIVIAN MITCHELL Things are workin just fine as is, Dorothy. I do the work of a Supervisor. I m in charge of the Group, like a Supervisor. VIVIAN MITCHELL That s NASA, for ya. Fast with rocket ships. Slow with advancement. (changes the subject) Get those trajectories calcs worked out. We need em for the Redstone test. Vivian walks off. Dorothy simmers inside.

20 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft EXT. WIND TUNNEL – NASA COMPOUND – DAY The sun bounces off the massive, silver spheres that house the wind tunnels. Mary, arms loaded with reports and worksheets, walks briskly underneath the turbines. INT. HALLWAY TO THE WIND TUNNEL – DAY Mary scoots down the hallway leading to the tunnel. She stops at the edge: for the first time she sees the Mercury 7 prototype capsule suspended in mid-air. Her eyes twinkle at the sight. THE WIND TUNNEL – CONTINUOUS Mary ambles under the Mercury 7 capsule. She inspects every single bolt, every shingle. This is why she s here. This is why she works at NASA. A PA announcement jars her back to reality: PA ANNOUNCER Mach 2 tunnel test, T-minus one minute. Red lights flash, a siren spins. Mary hustles off, through the tunnel. As fans start to whir. Wind builds. She s almost at the end, when she missteps off the path. One of her high heels gets caught in the grating. THE WIND TUNNEL CONTROL ROOM – CONTINUOUS Chief Wind Tunnel Engineer: KARL ZIELINSKI, 50s, Polish Jew, stares down from the glass control booth. He sees Mary struggling with the shoe. THE WIND TUNNEL – CONTINUOUS The wind picks up. Mary s in a state. Fighting with the shoe. A voice over the PA shocks her: ZIELINSKI (OVER THE PA) No shoe is worth your life. Mary looks up at the control booth. Sees Zielinski staring down at her. PA ANNOUNCER Mach 2 tunnel test, T-minus ten, nine, eight… Mary pulls her foot out of the shoe and runs one-shoed, hobbling toward the exit.

21 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft PA ANNOUNCER (CONT D) Seven, six, five… Mary steps out of the tunnel. Just as the wind becomes deafening. THE WIND TUNNEL CONTROL ROOM – CONTINUOUS Zielinski and WIND TUNNEL ENGINEERS watch the Mach 2 test. The Mercury 7 capsule is engulfed in forceful winds. It shakes. Rattles. Groans. Mary comes up behind Zielinski. The bolts strain on the heat shield. Pop! One of them pops off, a shingle flies off the heat shield, hits the control booth window. Crash. Engineers jump. Then another two break off. Crash. Crash. A few more. Bang. Bang. Zielinski holds up his hand. The wind subsides. ZIELINSKI Shut it down. THE WIND TUNNEL – LATER Zielinski and Mary are walking around the Mercury 7 capsule. Inspecting. Mary s taking notes. ZIELINSKI If we alter the exterior from smooth to corrugated, the capsule would have more stability, despite the air displacement. He stops, touches an indent in the heat shield. ZIELINSKI (CONT D) But the friction it s under during reentry…heat trumps wind. It s less predictable. Note: most shield erosion occurs on the posterior side abutting the retro-boosters. Conclusion? Mary looks up from taking notes: The area closest to the boosters is closest to the heat. (MORE)

22 CONTINUED: (CONT’D) Coupled with rising temperatures on reentry, the contacts soften. We could consider another fastener other than bolts. Zielinski nods approval. Inspects another section of the capsule. ZIELINSKI There s another opening in the Engineer Training Program. She s heard this before. Deflects. Flat head rivets could reduce wind drag. He turns to her. Serious. ZIELINSKI Mary…a person with an engineer s mind should be an engineer. You can t be a Computer the rest of your life. That would be a tragic waste of your ability. Mr. Zielinski, I m a Negro woman. I m not going to entertain the impossible. ZIELINSKI And I m a polish Jew whose parents died in a Nazi prison camp. Now I m standing beneath a space ship that s going to carry an astronaut to the stars. I think we can say, we re living the impossible. Let me ask…if you were a white male, would you wish to be an engineer? Mary doesn t need to think. I wouldn t have to. I d already be one INT. NASA HALLWAY – LATER Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft Vivian Mitchell leads Katherine down an endless white hallway. Briefing her: VIVIAN MITCHELL Skirts must be worn past the knee. Sweaters are preferred to blouses. No jewelry. A simple pearl necklace is the exception. (MORE)

23 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft VIVIAN MITCHELL (CONT’D) Your supervisor is Mr. Al Harrison, Director of the Space Task Group. You ll write research, proof calculations, so forth. Don t talk to Mr. Harrison lest he talks to you. Not many Computers last more than a few days, he s been through a dozen in as many months. (hands her a lanyard) Your clearance. Katherine takes the lanyard. She s overwhelmed. They arrive at steel doors labeled: Space Task Group. VIVIAN MITCHELL (CONT D) They ve never had a colored in here before, Katherine. Don t embarrass me. Vivian walks off, leaving Katherine alone. She takes a deep breath. Walks into her future. INT. SPACE TASK GROUP OFFICE – MOMENTS LATER Katherine steps into a cyclone of activity and stress. ENGINEERS chalk equations on blackboards, slug coffee. AIDES and SUPPORT STAFF scurry, answer phones. This is the Space Task Group: the world s most exclusive scientific club. At the back of the room, Harrison paces in his glass bubble, talking with Karl Zielinski. For the briefest moment, everyone seems to be looking at the black woman who just entered their world. But it s just a passing moment, there s far too much to do. Engineer Sam Turner hands Katherine a trash can. SAM TURNER This wasn t emptied last night. I m sorry. I m not- He s gone before she can explain. Katherine sees the only other woman in this zoo: Ruth. Puts the trash can down, walks her way. (CONT D) Excuse me, ma am, Mr. Harrison s Computer reporting. Ruth barely looks up from beneath a pile of worksheets.

24 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft RUTH (points, far off) Take the desk in the corner. I ll get you work in a bit. She finally notices Katherine is…black. Pauses. Katherine smiles. Ruth considers her. Her strength. Her calm. Katherine lingers. RUTH (CONT D) Mr. Harrison won t warm up to you, don t expect it. Do your work, keep your head down. Thank you. RUTH Go on. Get settled. Katherine walks to her station, way at the back of the room, against the wall. Puts her personals on the desk. Sits. She looks at the Engineer toiling aside her, it s Paul Stafford. He looks at Katherine. Doesn t smile. Just studies her. Harrison (with Zielinski) steps out of his office, eating a sandwich. He barks: Stafford, why are we still losing shingles off our heat shield? Stafford damn near jumps. STAFFORD We re working with a prototype of the capsule, Al. It s one third the size- I get that. He turns to Zielinski. Dead serious. (CONT D) Well, do we need to turn our million dollar fan down, Karl? ZIELINSKI No, Al. I don t think-

25 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (2) Back to Stafford. Of course not. That was a joke. (CONT D) Paul. If the heat shield comes off, what do you think happens to our astronaut? Stafford nods his head. Harrison moves on. (CONT D) So we re going to come up with a solve, right? STAFFORD Yes, sir. We re working on it. Ruth. What s the status on my Computer? RUTH She s right in front of you, Mr. Harrison. Ruth motions to Katherine. Harrison gives her a once over. Not what he expected either. Does she know how to handle Analytic Geometry? RUTH Absolutely. And she speaks. I do, sir. Which one? Both, sir. Geometry and speaking. Harrison waves a finger at Ruth. Then give her the-

26 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (3) She knows exactly what he s talking about. She always knows what he s talking about. She snatches a bundle of worksheets off her desk, rushes them to Katherine. (CONT D) (to Katherine) Do you think you can find me the Frenet frame for that data using the Gram- Schmidt– Katherine glances at the data sheets. –Orthogonalization algorithm. Yes, sir. I prefer it over Euclidean coordinates. That s all Harrison needs to hear. She knows her stuff. Stafford rebuts. Good. Then, I m going to need it by the end of the day. And I m also going to ask you to check Mr. Stafford s math as well as others on this floor from time to time. STAFFORD I can work that out myself, Al. I m sure you can, Paul. I m sure all of you can. But if that were the case, shingles wouldn t be flying off the heat shield, now would they. Harrison walks into the center of the Task Group. (CONT D) Excuse me. I just want to be clear about something…in 14 days the Mercury 7 will be here for training and I have no doubt that they ll be asking questions about our work. Do I need to remind everyone…that we are putting a human on top of a missile and shooting him into space? It s never been done before. And because it s never been done…everything we do between now and then is going to matter: it s going to matter to their wives, their kids, I believe it s going to matter to the whole damn country. (MORE)

27 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (4) (CONT D) So this Space Task Group will be as advertised. And Americas greatest engineering and scientific minds will not have a problem with having their work checked. Will they, Paul? He waits. Then…nods all around. No issues. (CONT D) Good. So let s have an amen, goddamnit. Amen. THE ENTIRE SPACE TASK GROUP Harrison plods off, into his office. The Group jumps back into the work. Katherine arranges her personals. Everything in it s place. Meticulous. She looks over at a very frustrated and diminished Stafford. He s using a thick black marker to redact much of the data in a report. He feels Katherine s gaze, and stares hostilely at her until she looks away. Katherine puts her head down, opens Harrison s bundle of worksheets. Starts to dive in. THUD. A thick report lands in front of her. She jolts. Stafford s standing above. STAFFORD My numbers are spot on. I ll double check them, sir, not a problem. Katherine opens the report. The black marker redaction is bleeding through pages and pages of numbers. Can t make out much. (CONT D) I m not going to be able- STAFFORD Work on what you can read. The rest is classified. You don t have clearance. Stafford walks off. Joins Sam and a FEW COLLEAGUES at the coffee maker. All clearly talking about Katherine.

28 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (5) She holds Stafford s report up to the light. This is going to be impossible. Then…her foot starts tapping, jittery. She crosses her legs. Has to pee something fierce. She walks over to Ruth, who s on a phone call. Excuse me… Ruth holds her hand over the phone. (CONT D) May I ask you where the ladies room is? RUTH Sorry, I have no idea where your bathroom is. Ruth returns to her conversation. Katherine walks away. INT. HALLWAY – MOMENTS LATER Katherine rushes down the hall, worksheets in her arms. Searching for a bathroom. Her papers drop. At the far end of the hall…she sees the bathrooms. Thank God. She scoops the papers up. A TRIO OF WHITE WOMEN come out of the ladies restroom. They stand outside the door, chatting away. Damn. Katherine gathers herself, ducks down another hallway. ANOTHER HALLWAY – MOMENTS LATER Katherine s practically running. No colored bathrooms anywhere. EXT. NASA GROUNDS – MOMENTS LATER Katherine pushes through steel doors into the blinding sun. Sees the West Campus Building way off in the distance. 1/2 mile away to be exact. She runs. INT. WEST CAMPUS HALLWAY – DAY – MOMENTS LATER Katherine sprints down the familiarly dingy West Campus hall. She crashes through a door labeled: Colored Restroom.

29 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft THE RESTROOM – MOMENTS LATER Katherine plops down on the toilet. She reaches down to her feet, puts the paperwork on her lap…and keeps working. Calculating numbers. EXT. NASA GROUNDS – MOMENTS LATER Katherine runs back toward the East Campus. As fast as her legs will take her. INT. SPACE TASK GROUP – MOMENTS LATER Harrison, one ear glued to a phone, plunges out of his office, looks for Katherine. Not there. He hollers at Ruth. Where s that girl with those numbers? RUTH On a…break. (to himself) We take breaks now. Harrison returns to his phone call. Katherine bursts through the main door. Ruth intercepts her: RUTH My God, where have you been? Are you finished yet? I was- Almost. He said: the end of the day? RUTH The end of the day around here was yesterday. Ruth thrusts a double stack of worksheets at Katherine. Thrice the size of the first. Harrison s voice booms from above. I want those done first. Katherine startles. Harrison s outside his office, still on the phone. Then…he disappears again. Katherine inspects the stack. Shell shocked.

30 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft RUTH He wants those done first. Get going. Katherine hustles back to her station. On her way, she sees Harrison standing in his bubble, still on the phone, staring right at her. She lands at her desk. Gathers herself. Opens the new worksheets: miles and miles of data. This will be the longest day of her life. THE COFFEE AREA – LATER Katherine s head is buried in data sheets, as she steps up to the coffee counter, holding her cup. She looks around. Only one coffee pot. She picks it up… Sam looks up from his desk. Sees Katherine pouring her coffee. He looks over at ANOTHER ENGINEER. They share a confused look. OTHER ENGINEERS look over. Stafford sees everyone staring, he follows their gaze to Katherine. Now stirring her coffee. Sam looks to Stafford, What the hell is she doing? Katherine turns back, sees all the eyes on her. Puts her head down and walks back to her desk. INT. SPACE TASK GROUP – NIGHT – MUCH LATER A BLACK CLEANING LADY is wiping the coffee counter. The Space Task Group is all but abandoned…aside from Katherine working by lamp light at her desk. She finishes her last calculation. Looks up and sees: Harrison standing in his glass bubble. Scribbling on a chalk board. The only other person left. She rises, takes her report. Walks up the stairs. HARRISON S OFFICE – MOMENTS LATER Katherine taps on the glass door. Mr. Harrison. Harrison waves her in. (CONT D) Here you are, sir.

31 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft Without looking. And Stafford s heat shield calcs? It s hard to be sure, sir. That s not what he needed to hear. He swivels to her. Do you know what we re doing here? We re trying to put a man in space, sir. That s right. So you can throw that in the trash. Excuse me? Harrison gets up, moves around his desk. I said you can throw it away. He gently takes it out of Katherine s confused hands. Here. (CONT D) Harrison drops her report on top of a trash can overflowing with dozens of similar reports and worksheets. It s a graveyard of obsolete work. (CONT D) It’s not an insult to your work. Harrison goes back to the board. Obsessed with the numbers, the logistics. (CONT D) It’s just obsolete. That’s how fast things are moving. If I said I was sorry, I’d be saying it all day. Katherine s immobile. Floored.

32 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (2) (CONT D) What I m asking you..what I m asking everyone one in that room, all my geniuses, is to look beyond the numbers. To look around them. Through them. For answers to questions we don t even know to ask. Math that doesn t yet exist. He studies the math. (CONT D) Because without it, we re not going anywhere. We re staying on the ground. We re not flying into space…we re not circling the earth. And we re certainly not touching the moon. And in my mind…i m already there. Katherine has no words. Are you? Yes, sir (CONT D) Good. Because I don t need another smart girl with a calculator. Harrison stops abruptly, takes off his glasses. Cleans them. Katherine is lost. Finally: Can I go, sir? Harrison remembers she s in the room. Turns back: Oh. Yes. Yes. Go home. He turns back to the board. Mumbles to himself. Good night, sir. Katherine walks to the door. Harrison starts calculating on the board. Too engrossed to say good night. INT. HALLWAY – MOMENTS LATER Katherine walks down the lonely white hallway. She shakes her fists in frustration.

33 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft EXT. NASA GROUNDS – NIGHT Katherine pushes out a door, into the parking lot. She s relieved to see: Dorothy and Mary leaning on the back of Dorothy s car. Katherine smiles in relief. We ve been waiting for hours. Next time you catch a bus. Dorothy steps into the car, starts it up. Mary holds a door open for Katherine. (re: Dorothy) She s in a mood. Katherine and Mary hop in the car. INT. S CAR – LATER Dorothy drives. Katherine s in back. Mary s shotgun, with her feet on the dash. The car is their sanctuary. I haven t been late one day in ten years. Haven t been out sick. Haven t complained. My work s on time. It s done right. It s done well. It s not fair, that s a fact. What s not fair is having the responsibility of a Supervisor, but not the title or the money. Watching you all get moved on. Now don t get me wrong, any upward movement is movement for us all. It just isn t movement for me. Truth be told, Dorothy, I don t know if I can keep up in that room. I ll be back with the Computers in a week, or out of a job entirely. Oh, please. You re better with the numbers than anyone in there and you know it. Make that pencil move as fast as your mind does, you ll be fine.

34 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft Dorothy swats Mary s feet off her dashboard. (CONT D) And you. Have some respect. Get your damn feet off my dash board. This isn t your living room. Mary sits up straight. Katherine sinks back in her seat. It s quiet. For a long time. Then: (CONT D) I sound like a supervisor, don t I? Dorothy smiles wryly. Mary and Katherine breathe. A mean, ole salty one. Riddled with authority. No question. You don t mess with, Mrs. Vaughan. Dorothy turns the music up. EXT. S HOUSE – NIGHT – LATER Katherine s tiny, single-family brick house is modest but well-appointed. She drags up the walkway, waves goodbye to Dorothy and Mary pulling off the curb. INT. S HOUSE – LIVING ROOM – CONTINUOUS Katherine steps inside. The only light shines from the kitchen, where her mother, JOYLETTE, is doing dishes. JOYLETTE COLEMAN My word, Katherine. I was fixing to call the National Guard. Katherine kisses her mom. Sorry, Momma. New assignment. The Space Task Group. JOYLETTE COLEMAN That sounds important. It s a promotion? It s important and overwhelming…maybe a slight promotion.

35 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft Joylette smiles at her daughter. Always the encourager. JOYLETTE COLEMAN You want the job, right? I think so. It s a challenge. JOYLETTE COLEMAN Nothing you can t do, Katherine. Katherine lights up. Joylette s happy to see a spark in her daughter s eye. Katherine smiles. Are they sleeping already? JOYLETTE COLEMAN They re pretending to. They want their Momma. INT. KID S BEDROOM – CONTINUOUS Katherine peeks into the tiny bedroom. One unoccupied double bed. And one twin bed where her daughter JOYLETTE (10) is pushing back against CONSTANCE (8), and KATHY (6), who are trying with all their might to shove Joylette from the bed. Katherine steps in, stops the madness. What are you doing!? CONSTANCE It s not fair Joylette always gets to sleep by herself cause she s the oldest. JOYLETTE (10) It is too fair! Nuh unh! KATHY Katherine nods calmly, sits on the double bed. Pats it. Constance, Kathy, come sit. Constance and Kathy sit on either side of her.

36 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft (CONT D) I understand you want to be grown. And you want your own space. So I m willing to change the rules– Momma! JOYLETTE (10) Katherine shoots her a look. Joylette quiets. Whoever sleeps in that bed in, Joylette s place, will also dry the dishes, take out the trash, and do all the rest of Joylette s choirs. Constance and Kathy would rather die! KATHY That s okay. Never mind. CONSTANCE She s not so terrible to share with. As Constance and Kathy get into bed, Katherine winks at Joylette. Joylette smiles. Now don t let me come home, find you like this again. You should have been asleep. A long time ago. JOYLETTE (10) We just wanted to say good night. KATHY You ve been gone for 300 hours. Katherine steps to Kathy s side of the bed. I work full time now. You all know that. I have to be the mommy and the daddy. Just the mention of daddy…instant quiet. Long faces. Katherine sits on the edge of Constance and Kathy s bed. (CONT D) I miss your father as much as anyone. KATHY He s with his angels.

37 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (2) She tucks Kathy in. That s right. He s with all his angels. CONSTANCE And he s watching over us. Every minute. (CONT D) So, we re going to be strong. We re done crying about it. We have to all do our part now. Which means you have to go to bed like big girls. On your own. Understand? ALL THREE SIBLINGS Yes, Momma. Katherine moves over to Constance. Tucks her in. CONSTANCE Are the Russians fixing to attack us? Where d you hear that? CONSTANCE My teacher. She said they re putting spies and nuclear bombs up in space. Joylette (10) cuts in. JOYLETTE (10) We had to stay under our desks this morning. All scrunched up. That s just a drill. A precaution. Truth is, we don t know what they re doing up there. Katherine moves to Joylette (10), tucks her in. CONSTANCE Are you going up to space too, Momma? No, baby. But I m going to help those brave men do it. The best I can.

38 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (3) Kathy pulls out a picture she drew of Katherine in space. Hands it to her. KATHY You could fly to space too if you wanted to, Momma. You could be an astronaut. Katherine s touched. She smiles at her babies. Kisses them. Thank you, baby. Now this time…really go to bed. She turns off the lamp. EXT. MCCLEAN BAPTIST CHURCH – ANOTHER DAY Picturesque, white church for an all black congregation. THE CHURCH SERVICE – CONTINUOUS Sunday morning. Everyone s on their feet. The room is packed with FAMILIES. Amongst them: Katherine, Joylette (Mom) and the kids; Mary, her husband LEVI and their kids (LEVI, JR.(5) and CAROLYN MARIE (4)); and Dorothy and her husband, HOWARD and their kids (ANN (16), KATHRYN (14), LEONARD (9) and KENNETH (7)). The charismatic, PASTOR AYERS, afire, preaches from the hip. Amens all around. PASTOR AYRES Praise God that change is coming. From the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, to the good Reverend Dr. King, to the students sitting in at lunch counters in North Carolina. PASTOR AYRES (CONT D) His faith in us has no limit! The good Lord has our very own women workin on rocket ships! All eyes turn to our women. Here they stand proud, here they re revered. PASTOR AYRES (CONT D) And we have National Guardsman defending our freedom! On the front row, a tall drink of water, NATIONAL GUARD COLONEL JIM JOHNSON, bows his head in recognition.

39 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft Cheers and claps. Refrains. PASTOR AYRES (CONT D) Give a shout of praise for: Colonel Jim Johnson. Returning home by the grace of God, to set up a National Guard unit right here in Hampton! PASTOR AYRES (CONT D) Can I get a Hallelujah in here?! BEHIND THE CHURCH – CONTINUOUS An after service banquet: PARISHIONERS everywhere enjoying an outdoor pot-luck. Mary and her husband, Levi are serving their Kids. A hushed argument: LEVI JACKSON Now you want to be an engineer? A female engineer. We re Negro, baby. Ain t no such thing. Understand it. It s not like that there, Levi. LEVI JACKSON The only real chance we re gonna have is when we fight back. You can t apply for freedom. Freedom is never granted to the oppressed. It s got to be demanded. Taken. Levi, please. Stop quoting your slogans at me. I ve heard them all. There s more than one way to achieve something. Levi, Jr. interrupts: LEVI JR. I don t want any greens. LEVI JACKSON I tell you about interruptin? Mary steps in, replaces the greens with mac and cheese. Try this, baby.

40 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft LEVI JACKSON He s gonna eat the greens too. Levi pushes the greens back on his son s plate. LEVI JACKSON (CONT D) Kid needs to eat vegetables. You would know that, if you were home. Mary has heard enough. You better settle, Levi Jackson. Less you want this female s mind right here, front of everybody. Levi backs down. Hell hath no fury… LEVI JACKSON All I m saying, don t play a fool. I don t want to see you get hurt. NASA s never given you gals your due, having another degree won t change that. Civil rights ain t always civil. He walks off. Mary serves greens to her daughter, Carolyn. Cuts her off before she can complain: No lip, little miss. Your brother gets them, so do you. PICNIC TABLES – MOMENTS LATER Katherine and Dorothy are feeding their Kids, trying to have a conversation. I hear he s planning on staying in the area. That s good for him. Mary walks up, cuts in: Katherine, go find your way over there. That Colonel Jim s a tall glass of water. Across the green: Jim Johnson s talking to Dorothy s husband, Howard.

41 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft That he is. Tall. Strong. Commanding. Probably like that day…and night. Mary, it s Sunday. Have some shame. I will not. They laugh. Jim Johnson smiles over at Katherine. I think he s smiling over here. (to Katherine) At you. Katherine looks. Yep. I m not smiling back. Dorothy and Mary look at Katherine. Yes, you are. You re all teeth right now. I am not. She is. Katherine turns away. He s coming this way. Why s he doing that? Mary s waving him over. Sure enough, Mary s waving him over. Ladies, I don t know if I m-

42 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (2) Too late. Fix your hair on the side. Jim Johnson arrives. Dorothy wastes no time: Jim nods hellos. Hello, Colonel. I m Dorothy Vaughan. This is Mary Jackson. I believe you met her husband, Levi. JIM JOHNSON Yes, ma am. Good to meet ya ll. And this is Katherine Goble. Jim and Katherine lock eyes. Mary blurts out: She s not married. She s a widow. With three little girls, so well-behaved. Angels on earth, we call em. She can tell you the rest. Dorothy, slice-a pie? I d love one. And with that, Mary and Dorothy leave Katherine alone with Colonel Jim. He smiles at her. THE GROUNDS – LATER Katherine and Jim are walking through the grass. JIM JOHNSON Pastor mentioned you re a Computer at NASA. What s that entail? We calculate the mathematics necessary to enable launch and landing for the Space Program. JIM JOHNSON Aeronautics. Pretty heady stuff. They let women handle that kind of- He stops himself. Too late. Backpedals. JIM JOHNSON (CONT D) Well. That s not what I mean.

43 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft What do you mean? JIM JOHNSON I was just surprised something so…taxing- Katherine stops him. Mr. Johnson, it may be best if you quit talking right now. JIM JOHNSON I m not meaning any disrespect- I ll have you know, I was the first Negro female student at West Virginia University Graduate School. On any given day I analyze the manometer levels for air displacement, friction and velocity and compute over 10,000 calculations by cosine, square root and lately Analytic Geometry. By hand. There are 20 bright, highly capable Negro women in the West Computing Group. And we re proud to be doing our part for the country. Katherine adjusts her glasses. (CONT D) So, yes…they let women do some things over at NASA, Mr. Johnson. But it s not because we wear skirts…it s because we wear glasses. She walks off. Jim Johnson watches her go, he s speechless. And very, very enticed. EXT. NASA GROUNDS – MAIN STREET – ANOTHER DAY The energy of a parade. A MARCHING BAND plays, You re a Grand Old Flag. A MILITARY MOTORCADE roars to a stop, and out step the guests of honor: The Mercury 7 Astronauts: ALAN SHEPARD, GUS GRISSOM, JOHN GLENN, SCOTT CARPENTER, WALLY SCHIRRA, GORDON COOPER, and DEKE SLAYTON. Harrison s the first to greet the Mercury 7. Shaking hands. Making introductions. Ruth and Sam are amongst the welcoming committee.

44 CONTINUED: Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft The entire NASA STAFF is lined up in the parking lot. A receiving line. At the end of this very long line of WHITE MALE NASA EMPLOYEES…we find WHITE FEMALE NASA EMPLOYEES. And after that…our Colored Computers. Dorothy s first, proudly next to Katherine and Mary. She bios the Astronauts for Katherine and Mary. Alan Shepard. US Navy pilot. He could be the first man in space. Alan Shepard waves at the Crowd. (CONT D) That s Scott Carpenter and Walter Schirra. Also Navy pilots. Shots of the Mercury 7 intercut. (CONT D) All under 5 11, 180 lbs. IQs over 130. Handsome must be a requirement too. How can you possibly be ogling these white men? It s equal rights. I have the right to see fine in every color. Harrison leads the Astronauts down the receiving line. John Glenn shakes hands. That s John Glenn. The only Marine Corps pilot. A dashing John Glenn shakes a NASA ENGINEER s hand. (CONT D) And those three there are Airforce: Gus Grissom, Gordon Cooper and Deke Slayton. The Mercury Team lands in front of Vivian Mitchell and the East Computers. Handshakes. Ruth ends the procession. RUTH Gentlemen, if we may…much to see around here.

... – Inclusion at MIT MIT Reads: Hidden Figures Brown Bag Discussion45 Hidden Figures – 5/9/ Shooting Draft CONTINUED: (2) The Mercury Team follows Ruth. John Glenn catches Dorothy staring at him from the end of the line. He stops. JOHN GLENN Heck, haven t shaken all the hands yet. RUTH We have a fairly tight itinerary, Colonel. (lets her know it s okay) Ruth- Too late, John Glenn s already gone. Heading to the end of the line. The Mercury Team follows. Sweet mother of mercy. They re coming this way. Look straight ahead. Shoot, look right at em. Mary stares at the Astronauts as they approach. Vivian sees them headed to Mary, Katherine and Dorothy s way. Hmm. John Glenn stops in front of Dorothy. JOHN GLENN Ladies. Didn t wanna run off without saying hello. They seem to be in a big rush around here. Dorothy looks him in the eyes. He smiles. Jokes: The Russians certainly aren t slowing down any. JOHN GLENN They can t make a damn frigerator, how the heck they beat us into space? Dorothy laughs. John Glenn offers his hand. They shake. He moves on to Katherine. Holds out his hand.




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