Josiah Henson

Excerpt: ‘The Autobiography of Josiah Henson’
By Josiah Henson

I was born, June 15, 1789, in Charles County, Maryland, on a farm belonging to Mr. Francis N., about a mile from Port Tobacco. My mother was the property of Dr. Josiah McP., but was hired by Mr. N., to whom my father belonged. The only incident I can remember, which occurred while my mother continued on N.’s farm, was the appearance of my father one day, with his head bloody and his back lacerated. He was in a state of great excitement, and though it was all a mystery to me at the age of three or four years, it was explained at a later period, and I understood that he had been suffering the cruel penalty of the Maryland law for beating a white man. His right ear had been cut off close to his head, and he had received a hundred lashes on his back. He had beaten the overseer for a brutal assault on my mother, and this was his punishment. Furious at such treatment, my father became a different man, and was so morose, disobedient, and intractable, that Mr. N. determined to sell him. He accordingly parted with him, not long after, to his son, who lived in Alabama; and neither my mother nor I, ever heard of him again. He was naturally, as I understood afterwards from my mother and other persons, a man of amiable temper, and of considerable energy of character; but it is not strange that he should be essentially changed by such cruelty and injustice under the sanction of law. Continue reading


That Purse Better Have My 40 Acres

Purse Clutch - marcus kwameThe Truth Behind ’40 Acres and a Mule’

(The Root) Amazing Fact About the Negro No. 13: What happened to the “40 acres and a mule” that former slaves were promised?

We’ve all heard the story of the “40 acres and a mule” promise to former slaves. It’s a staple of black history lessons, and it’s the name of Spike Lee’s film company. The promise was the first systematic attempt to provide a form of reparations to newly freed slaves, and it was astonishingly radical for its time, proto-socialist in its implications. In fact, such a policy would be radical in any country today: the federal government’s massive confiscation of private property — some 400,000 acres — formerly owned by Confederate land owners, and its methodical redistribution to former black slaves. What most of us haven’t heard is that the idea really was generated by black leaders themselves.

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Straight Up Hair

Black Queen 2

Love my hair

I can have straight hair, but I love my hair as it is.
My hair becomes me, as I take good care of it.

I know to nurture my hair like any other body part.
Without attaching my self-worth to it.
I feed my hair Natural oils, so it can take care of itself. Continue reading

For the Wooly-Haired – 4

White Fashion Mocking Black HairBible Interpretations and Explanations, Booklet Two
By Dr Malachi  Z York
Those Who Care (1968)

What is the real meaning of accepting an alien religion?

98. The Negro (the mentally dead) does not know what it means to accept AN ALIEN RELIGION. For example, if a Wooly-Haired Person accepts Hinduism as his religion, he should know that he has accepted the East Indian as his visible God, and neither can he become equal with or have power over the East Indian, because he has been accepted as the superior power. The same way it is with Judaism and Christianity or any other religion that is alien to Wooly-Haired People. If a Wooly-Haired Person accepts Judaism or Christianity as his religion, he has accepted the Caucasian as his visible God, and neither can that person become equal with or have power over the Caucasian, because the Caucasian has been accepted as the superior power, and this is why trying to obtain liberty and equality in Caucasian religion or any alien religion is a CRUEL Continue reading

For the Whooly-Haired – 3

Two Lines of GenesisBible Interpretations and Explanations, Booklet Two
By Dr Malachi  Z York
Those Who Care (1968)

Part 1, 2,4

What are mercy, forgiveness, and justice?

64. MERCY is DEFERMENT OF JUSTICE until a later time. Then justice will fall upon the individual guilty one himself (or herself) or upon his or her seed or kind, because each and every one of a kind is one flesh and blood, for they sprang from the same ancestral tree or origin. FORGIVENESS is TEMPORARY TRANSFERMENT OF GUILT from the guilty one to the forgiver. However, forgiveness does not free the guilty from his or her wrong-doing because, according to the laws of Nature, the guilty one MUST ACCOUNT for his or her wrongness’s, personally, or the guilty one’s seed or kind must do so. Forgiveness means to take the guilt of someone upon self, and thereby the forgiver becomes an accomplice of the guilty, therefore, his penalty or punishment is the same as the guilty, but the forgiver’s punishment comes before that of the guilty. But the punishment of the forgiver comes before that of the guilty, because the act of the forgiver is a temporary transferment of the guilt to himself or herself, meaning, the Continue reading

For the Wholy-Haired – 2

White Fashion Mocking Black HairBible Interpretations and Explanations, Booklet Two
By Dr Malachi  Z York
Those Who Care (1968)

Part -> 1, 3

 What is life and can it be eternal?

42. A living being gets its life from its parents. The parents of a living being is its personal Creator and Nature its impersonal Creator. A living being is in the image and likeness of its mother and father. The parents of a living being is its Creator by the help and laws of Nature. A child’s life is inherent from its parents and is spontaneous. The father and mother of a child (or any living being) give up part of their lives through the sex act, and this is how the child gets its life. Continue reading