1984 King Alfred Plan

Image result for uhuru movementKING ALFRED [Plan]

In the event of widespread and continuing and coordinated racial disturbances in the United States, King Alfred, at the discretion of the President, is to be put into action immediately.


National Security Council Department of Justice
Central Intelligence Agency Department of Defense
Federal Bureau of Investigation Department of Interior

(Under Federal Jurisdiction)

National Guard Units State Police

(Under Federal Jurisdiction)

City Police County Police

Memo: National Security Council

Even before 1954, when the Supreme Court of the United States of America declared unconstitutional separate educational and recreational facilities, racial unrest and discord had become very nearly a part of Continue reading


Freddie Gray – Torture Timeline

Timeline: Freddie Gray’s arrest, death and the aftermath
From Baltimore Sun

8:39 AM
April 12, 2015

Police pursuit

Four officers on bicycles attempted to stop Freddie Gray and another man, who ran after seeing police at the intersection of W. North Avenue and N. Mount Street. “A lieutenant begins pursuing Mr. Gray after making eye contact with two individuals, one of which is Mr. Gray,” Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said.

8:40 AM
April 12, 2015

The arrest

Police caught and arrested Gray in the 1700 block of Presbury Street. Police said Gray stopped voluntarily and they did not use any force. An officer took out his Taser but did not use it, police said. “That has been verified by downloading the information on the Taser and also by the physical evidence on Mr. Gray’s body,” Rodriguez said.

8:42 AM
April 12, 2015

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White Mind Dominating Black News

Fake smile Odd StuffWhen Black News Disappears: White Holds on Black Intellectuals’ Minds and Misinforming the Black Public
Friday, 24 May 2013 09:49By Dr Tommy J Curry, Racism Review | Op-Ed

As an historical entity, the Black press has not only offered critical commentaries and political critiques of the sempiternal racism of the modern world, but correctives as to how white newspapers, opinion-makers, legislators, and most importantly the white public sought to justify their complacency towards and support for anti-Black racism and the sexual brutalization of Black men, women, and children. Today, however, the post-Obama lullabies of racial détente and the progressive liberal passivity of Black intellectuals have allowed the structural Continue reading

Tips to Cut Down Toxic Computer Exposure

Burn OutMy 9 Tips To Cut Down On Exposure To Computer Radiation
By Lloyd Burrell (2010)

Who doesn’t use a computer today? I happily live without a cell phones but I’d find it very hard to get by without using a computer – especially for writing this blog! But computers are not as harmless as they might seem.

Whether you are electro-sensitive or just eager to take protective measures to protect you and your family here are my (started off as 9 tips but has now grown) tips on how to best reduce radiation from your laptop or desktop PC. Continue reading

African and Latin America

Highest Standard for WhomThe Meaning of America:Sacred [Etymology] 
By VisionThought

What does “America” mean? 

Depending on who you ask,  the meaning of America would differ due to the level of spiritual development, historical awareness,  emotional attachment, as well as political perspective.  In this article, we will offer a  definition of America  based upon  “sacred etymology”.

Sacred etymology is an approach to derive the meaning of a word, through a uncoventional interdisciplinary analysis of the word’s structure. In searching for the meaning of the word America, we will arrange the word in different ways, (without changing the spelling or the sequential order of the letters), and garner Continue reading

Katrina – All Stolen Children Found?

Katrina - Passing BabiesAll Missing Hurricane [Children] Found
by CBS/AP, 2009

When 4-year-old Cortez Stewart was reunited with her mother and five siblings in Texas last week, it closed a happy chapter in the sad story of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Cortez represented the last of 5,192 Gulf Coast children listed as missing or displaced after the storms struck more than six months ago. The effort to reunite those youngsters became the largest child-recovery effort in U.S. history. Continue reading

Stand Your Ground Politics

Uncle Tax10 Effects of a Federal Government Shutdown
The federal government has not experienced a partial shutdown since 1996
By Ethan Rosenberg

[The government partially shutdown at 12 a.m. The effects of a government shutdown are somewhat predictable.]

Social Security Payments

Finding for Social Security is considered mandatory, so beneficiaries should not worry about whether or not they are going to receive their checks in the mail. What is not guaranteed, though, are paychecks for Social Security employees who process benefits. Social Security checks went out during the 2011 shutdown, despite claims from President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid they would not. Continue reading