An American Horror Story : Michael Brown’s Final Moments.

The MadMan Chronicles

Dorian, Michael friend was with him at the time of his deathThe police refuse to interview the sole witness who was with Michael Brown at the time of his death. They also refuse to listen to the neighborhood full of witnesses who also saw the murder of this child.

Instead, they issued a lie based on the tall tale of their murderer … Uhhh … Officer.

Below is what really happened. As told by Michael’s friend, Dorian Johnson,  who was with him at the time of his death.

This truth needs to be told to the people … Please read and share.

“About 20 minutes before the shooting, Johnson said he saw Brown walking down the street and decided to catch up with him. The two walked and talked. That’s when Johnson says they saw the police car rolling up to them.

The officer demanded that the two “get the f—k on the sidewalk,” Johnson says. “His exact words were get…

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Ferguson Police Shoot and Kill Another Unarmed Black Teenager in Cold Blood, Refuse to Identify Name of Shooter

United States Hypocrisy

Michael Brown's stepfather holds a sign which reads, "Ferguson Police Just Executed My Unarmed Son!!!" Michael Brown’s stepfather holds a sign which reads, “Ferguson Police Just Executed My Unarmed Son!!!”

As she was driving home to her apartment Saturday afternoon, Desiree Harris of Ferguson, Missouri passed by her grandson who was nearing her place for a visit. As was parking her car, however, she was suddenly alarmed at what appeared to be the sound of several gunshot ringing out. She quickly ran to see what was going on, but nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to see: her 18 year-old grandson’s body lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the street. “What happened?!,” Harris demanded to know of a nearby police officer. But he would give her no answer. It was approximately 2:15 P.M. Saturday, August 9 when Michael Brown’s life was tragically ended by multiple bullet wounds in his body, and as of 2:15 A.M. there remained…

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Too Much Mess

Albino LionLet me repeat myself. I need to take a break. Too Much Black is starting to look like ‘Too Much Mess’ to me.

A few months ago I lost a notebook. The notebook was not my back-up memory. It functioned as my main memory, so I could free up as much pathways as I could manage to be able to deal with this real unreal world. A month’s bundle of notes and work gone, because of my own carelessness. Oh well, such is life. It is time for me to stop moaning about it.

On to the next thing to moan about. This week I managed to add to my memory loss. I lost a data stick that had all the books and articles Continue reading

Willie Louis Witness to Emmitt Till Murder, Dies at 76

Willie Reed changed his name to Willie Louis. He died July 18, 2013 at a hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill, at 76. Willie Louis, witness to Emmett Till lynching, dies in Illinois at 76
By Jason Keyser, Associated Press, July 24 2013

CHICAGO (AP) — Hearing the screams of 14-year-old lynching victim Emmett Till from inside a Mississippi barn left a teenage farm worker with an unbearable choice. He could tell a courtroom and risk paying for it with his life or keep quiet and let those screams eat away at his conscience.

Grisly photos of Till’s mutilated body, discovered three days later in a local river, left Willie Louis with no doubt: He, a black man in the racially divided America of the 1950s, would testify against two white men accused in the black teen’s slaying.

Louis died July 18 at age 76 at a hospital in a suburb of Chicago, the city he fled to in fear of his life after the 1955 trial, his wife, Juliet Louis, said in an interview Wednesday. Continue reading