Writing Their Scripts

30 Women You Need To Know15 Things You Did Not Know about the History of Black People in London before 1948
By Charmaine Simpson, December 2012

The presence of Africans in England dates back to at least the Roman period when African soldiers who served as part of the Roman army were stationed at Hadrian’s Wall during the 2nd century CE. Septimus Severus, the emperor who was born in Libya, spent his last three years in Britain before he died in York in 211 CE.

I will present 15 facts aimed at raising the level of knowledge, and uncovering the hidden histories, of people of African and Caribbean descent who have contributed to London before 1948.

1. The earliest known [public] record of a Black person living in London is of “Cornelius a Blackamoor” whose burial on 2nd March 1593 was recorded in the parish register at St Margaret’s Church in Lee. Continue reading


Activist Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott KingCoretta Scott King: Dedicated Activist

African-American civil rights activist and author Coretta Scott King was born April 27, 1927, in Heiberger, Alabama, Coretta Scott was the daughter of Bernice McMurry Scott, a housewife, and Obadiah Scott, a lumber carrier. Scott grew up walking three miles each day to school while school buses carrying white children drove by her. Such occurrences, while difficult, led her to strive for equality and the best for herself. Scott went on to graduate from high school and in 1945 entered Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, on a scholarship.

Majoring in education and music, Scott became alarmed when she was not able to teach in a public school because she was Black. At this time she became involved with civil rights groups and joined the Antioch chapter Continue reading

Del Jones – Nana Kuntu


From Da Frontline (excerpt)
By Del Jones

Most of us throw the word revolution around until, like whites, we distort the seriousness of the term.

It must be understood that revolution is a process and not an event. Therefore, we are always involved with the revolutionary struggle. Sometimes we are making advances and other times we are being driven back.

Most of us can’t tell, because we are ideologically weak, brainwashed and politically retarded. “The Amerikkkan [Ni@@er] Factory” is responsible for the state of consciousness amongst our people trapped in this nation. Malcolm taught us “that a child is not born dumb but made dumb.” This apparatus, “[Ni@@er] Factory” that carries out the tasks of miseducation ‘n anti-Afrikan propaganda is key to the maintenance of our collective madness making cartoon characters outta of our people. And they laugh, they exploit and murder us globally undetected by most of their victims as the beat goes on. Continue reading