Great, Greater, Greatest Evil

Black face EpiphanyTHE GREATEST OF EVILS
By Atiba King (1998)

The greatest of Evils will flourish during times of extreme amnesia. When beings forget the lessons of the land, the lessons of life, and the original reasons for existence, evil moves to fill the void.

Time never stops and nature always changes. To live with nature is to accept change and grow. Change brings an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to grow in new directions. To reject change is to reject growth. To reject growth is to reject life. To reject life is to reject the teachings of the Creator of all existence. Continue reading


Historic Review of Separate Education

No Black PeteHistoric Review of Negro Education in America
by Atiba King ©2002

The African centered ideal is designed to fuel an enculturation process that serves to reject the norm of African inferiority placed on Black people in one of the three routes prescribed by Goffman for stigmatized groups (Goffman: 1963). The philosophical and spiritual perspectives that are the cornerstone of African centered thought are critical points that researchers often miss when examining the African centered education movement. Continue reading