Great, Greater, Greatest Evil

Black face EpiphanyTHE GREATEST OF EVILS
By Atiba King (1998)

The greatest of Evils will flourish during times of extreme amnesia. When beings forget the lessons of the land, the lessons of life, and the original reasons for existence, evil moves to fill the void.

Time never stops and nature always changes. To live with nature is to accept change and grow. Change brings an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to grow in new directions. To reject change is to reject growth. To reject growth is to reject life. To reject life is to reject the teachings of the Creator of all existence. Continue reading


Going Back to Kemet

remember-the-times-kolongiThe Sacred Script of Our Ancestors
By Atiba King (2008)

One of the great tragedies of [our] lives is our ignorance of the true nature of the Creator’s intent. Many of us believe we exist due to an error committed by our parents in the heat of passion. We believe we are in these physical forms due to the accidental assembling of atoms, molecules, and DNA. We believe we are trapped in an endless cycle of futile actions due to our own impotent lack of knowledge.

Do you think all these beliefs are created for us by some people with the help of some entities in order to keep us from receiving and accepting the truth about the intent of the Creator in causing life to become that which we experience? Do you wonder how we can Continue reading

Watch Your Thoughts

Dark SideA thought that makes you feel good is not necessarily a thought that is good for you
By Atiba King (2009)

I got a problem with all religions but there is a special place for those who think buddhist teachings can replace western oppressive religions. They do not know the history of Buddism. Read a biography of Buddha and you will find out that: “In his own lifetime Buddha showed a real talent for organization. He did not exclude the lower strata of society from the message but he specifically recognized the ownership of men by others and boasted of the “sons of noble family” who joined his order in which “Pariahs appear to have been the rare exceptions.” Continue reading

Communication Causing Isolation

Self-help BooksIsolation by Communication
By Atiba King (2008)

We all know a bunch of deep stuff and are trying to learn more. We know so much more deep stuff than we used to yet often find it difficult to share what we know with family and long time friends. Many times because of the new knowledge […] we call ourselves conscious and our family and long time friends unconscious. I find these terms degrading and elitist. In any case, we then move to create new circles of acquaintances based on our new standards. There are many good reasons for this. There are also many consequences of this.

One of the consequences of this is our own separation from our family and  long time friends. In addition to that, so-called people who have studied under one teacher or system of deep stuff sometimes disbelieve Continue reading

Historic Review of Separate Education

No Black PeteHistoric Review of Negro Education in America
by Atiba King ©2002

The African centered ideal is designed to fuel an enculturation process that serves to reject the norm of African inferiority placed on Black people in one of the three routes prescribed by Goffman for stigmatized groups (Goffman: 1963). The philosophical and spiritual perspectives that are the cornerstone of African centered thought are critical points that researchers often miss when examining the African centered education movement. Continue reading

Review of The Choice – The Black Poor Soldier

FOAM-richard-mosse-photography-toyheart-pink-congoA Review of The Choice by Samuel Yette
by Atiba King (1998)

Part -> 1, 2

Chapter 4

D: The Blackpoor Soldier: A Mercenary Suicide

The Machiavellian machinations of the U.S. government that drive Black men into the armed services, the police departments, or the jails are covered in this section. Mr. Yette states in the first paragraph, “…young black men are required to give their lives in the pursuit of freedom while actually denying it to themselves and to their military victims elsewhere around the world.” Continue reading

Review of The Choice – Starvation and Birth Control

A Review of The Choice by Samuel Yette
By Atiba King (1998)

Part -> 1

Chapter 4

B: Starvation and Birth Control: The Ultimate Weapons

In 1968 the senate committee investigating hunger in America requested funds of $115,000. They were given $25,000. They ran out of money in early 1969 and asked for $250,000 to continue. They were given 100,000. Sen. George McGovern chaired this committee. In February of ’69 he gave a speech which listed Continue reading