Bernie Mac

Bernie MacBernie Mac
Comedian, Actor (1957–2008)

Bernie Mac was a standup comedian and actor on film and television known for his “Bernie Mac Show” and appearance in the “Ocean’s 11” films.

Early Life

Actor and comedian Bernie Mac was born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough on October 5, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in a large family on Chicago’s South Side, his grandfather was the deacon of a Baptist church.Mac performed his first standup routine at the age of eight, impersonating his grandparents at the dinner table for the church congregation.

After losing his mother to cancer (his brother, father and grandmother died not long after), Mac realized the healing power of laughter. He began telling jokes for spare change in the Chicago subway. While working various odd jobs, he eventually established his own weekly variety show at Chicago’s Regal Theatre and joined the comedy club circuit in 1977.

Acting Debut

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What Happened to Bernie Mac?

By Byron J. Richards, CCN (, 2008)

Before the dust settles on the Bernie Mac tragedy it is important for everyone to understand two things:
1) It is abnormal to die from pneumonia at age 50.
2) There are millions of Americans with autoimmune problems of one type or another at risk for the same fate as Bernie Mac.

Conspicuously absent from the facts surrounding Bernie’s death is the lack of specific information about what actually caused his death. We are left to connect the dots based on non-specific comments made by family members that were reported in People magazine. Isn’t it convenient that doctors and hospitals can hide behind medical privacy, especially when their blunders and off-label experiments are the likely cause of death? Continue reading