Claiming Reproduction

Cornered Queensterilization – black women
mississippi appendectomy (2007)

“America has always viewed unregulated Black reproduction as dangerous. For three centuries, Black mothers have been thought to pass down to their offspring the traits that marked them as inferior to any white person. Along with this biological impairment, it is believed that Black mothers transfer a deviant lifestyle to their children that dooms each succeeding generation to a life of poverty, delinquency, and despair. A persistent objective of American social policy has been to monitor and restrain this corrupting tendency of Black motherhood.” (Roberts 1997:8) Continue reading


Designer Disease

Germ Warfare BlanketsDESIGNER DISEASES
AIDS As Biological & Psychological Warfare
by Waves Forrest

Despite repeated denials from Defense Department officials, allegations persist that AIDS is a genetically altered virus, which has been deliberately released to wipe out homosexuals and/or non-whites in the U.S. and reduce populations in third world countries.

At first glance it seems like the epitome of paranoia to accuse the military of conspiring to exterminate citizens of their own country, and even some of their own troops. However, the vast majority of military personnel could be completely unaware of such a plot in their midst, while a relative handful of traitors in key positions could conduct it under cover of classified operations. And the circumstantial evidence is actually quite Continue reading

Cutting Off the Breasts

MasectomyUnnecessary Mastectomies
Poor Women Often Face Ill-Advised Breast Removal
By Nicholas Regush, (2000)

It’s time for some hard answers from breast cancer specialists and surgeons. They’ve been sitting on a powder keg issue concerning the health of women for far too long.

While we hear news almost daily of the need for women to have mammograms and to inspect their breasts for changes that could suggest breast cancer, the actual treatment for breast cancer that many women receive, especially poor ones, is often outrageously out-of-date, if not bordering on the criminal. Continue reading

Doctor James Marion Frankenstein Sims

Statue Sims in Central ParkFamous Doctor Operated on [Enslaved African Women] Without Anesthesia

by Boyce Watkins (2010)

University of Illinois professor Deborah McGregor has shed light on an important piece of American history. McGregor has noted that Dr. James Marion Sims, considered the father of [western] gynecology, developed many of his techniques by operating on enslaved African women, many of whom were not given anesthesia.

McGregor, author of ‘From Midwives to Medicine: The Birth of American Gynecology,’ said “There is no doubt that he carried out experiments on women, and that he was only able to do so because they were [enslaved].”

Part of the controversy regarding Sims centers around a statue placed near Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street in New York City. The statue is located next to the New York Academy of Medicine, in a neighborhood that is majority African American and Puerto Rican. Continue reading

While You Are At Work, They Take Care of Your Children

Where Are the Parents - JonikNo Child Left Unmedicated
By Phyllis Schlafly (2004)

A plan to subject all children to mental health screening is underway, and the pharmaceutical firms are gearing up for bigger sales of psychotropic drugs. Like most liberal, big-spending ideas, this one was slipped into the law under cover of soft semantics.

Its genesis was the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFCMH), created by President George W. Bush in 2002. The [Commission] recommends “routine and comprehensive” testing and mental health screening for every child in America, including preschoolers. The [Commission] proposes utilizing electronic medical records for mental health interrogation of both children and adults, to search for mental illnesses in school and during routine physical exams. Continue reading

The Science of African Biochemistry – 2

A Nutritional Guide for Healing, Diet, and Well-Being
Tariq M. Sawandi, M.H., N.D. (2003)

Part -> 1

For centuries, nitriloside-rich plants were used by Africans as a food and medicinal agent without manifesting any side effects. This diet has been one of the deciding factors that protected the integrity of the biochemical processes in African people. Preventing the formation of cancer cells, appear to be closely related to the traditional African diet. Let’s examine the science behind this ancient wisdom.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the anti-cancer effect of nitriloside food nutrients. Its molecular composition was first isolated and identified in the 1950’s by Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, a biochemist in San Francisco. He advanced the theory that cancer was caused by a deficiency of the compound nitriloside. Continue reading

The Science of African Biochemistry – 1

A Nutritional Guide for Healing, Diet, and Well-Being
Tariq M. Sawandi, M.H., N.D.
Copyright ©2003

There are differences in body physiology between the races of Mankind. Every human has a specific biochemical makeup and therefore requires a unique biochemical diet in order to stay healthy and free from disease.

Nature has programmed every human body-type with certain food parameters which helps to prevent damage to the biochemical nutritional homeostasis (balance). Ancient African health practitioners taught that the human body has a vital force (aura, electromagnetic field) that allows one type of vitamin to change into another type of vitamin/or energy. Continue reading