What Happened to Bernie Mac?

By Byron J. Richards, CCN (newswithviews.com, 2008)

Before the dust settles on the Bernie Mac tragedy it is important for everyone to understand two things:
1) It is abnormal to die from pneumonia at age 50.
2) There are millions of Americans with autoimmune problems of one type or another at risk for the same fate as Bernie Mac.

Conspicuously absent from the facts surrounding Bernie’s death is the lack of specific information about what actually caused his death. We are left to connect the dots based on non-specific comments made by family members that were reported in People magazine. Isn’t it convenient that doctors and hospitals can hide behind medical privacy, especially when their blunders and off-label experiments are the likely cause of death? Continue reading


endaids-coverEND AIDS!
Break the Chains of Pharmaceutical Colonialism
Dr Rath Health Foundation

This book documents the background of a court case that is scheduled for trial in the High Court of Cape Town in late 2007. The case is about the basic right of free access to natural health. Seeking to restrict this right are the promoters of the multi-billion Rand business with ARVs, such as the board of “South African Medical Association” and the ARV pressure group “Treatment Action Campaign.” Defending this fundamental right of free access to natural health for the people of South Africa are the Dr Rath Foundation and the Government of South Africa.

The pharmaceutical business with disease is one of the world’s most profitable investment industries. Continue reading

The History of the Development of AIDS

Setanic Mind ControlThe History of the Development of AIDS
Chapter Excerpt from “State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS”, by Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

The true history of the origin of AIDS can be traced throughout the 20th Century and back to 1878. On April 29 of that year the United States passed a “FEDERAL QUARANTINE ACT”.

The United States began a significant effort to investigate “causes” of epidemic diseases. In 1887, the effort was enhanced with the mandate of the U.S. “LABORATORY OF HYGIENE”. This lab was run by Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun, a deep rooted-racist, who served the eugenics movement with dedication.

Two years later, 1889, we were able to identify “mycoplasmas”, a transmissible agent, that is now found at the heart of human diseases, including (AIDS) HIV. Continue reading

North-Carolina ‘Mississippi Appendectomy’

.psychologytoday Poster of black storkUS eugenics victim: ‘I didn’t know what they were doing to me’
By Marina Portnaya, rt.com (2012) [Edited]

A decades-long US program of forced sterilization left tens of thousands of women unable to have children. As plans for compensation remain feeble, RT talks to one of the victims about the horrors of eugenics she was exposed to.

Operating from 1933 to 1977, the Eugenics Board of North Carolina quietly sterilized an estimated 7,600 people, targeting Black women and poor young women and girls. In North Carolina, an IQ of 70 or lower – a sign of lack of education not mental capacity – would mean sterilization was deemed suitable. It was also the only state that gave the freedom to social workers to determine who would be sterilized. Continue reading

Claiming Reproduction

Cornered QueenMississippi Appendectomy (2007)

During the 1950s in the US South white women faced economic, legal, and medical obstacles to their access to reproductive services such as contraceptives and sterilization procedures. During this same time family planning initiatives targeted women of color (particularly Black women) encouraging the use of contraceptives and sterilizations in the interest of reducing the growth of the Black population.

Family planning initiatives were politically espoused by conservatives such as Strom Thurmond, as a racialized form population control in the interest of limiting Black voter strength in the US South. State funding for family planning clinics frequently [received] popular support when associated with women of color, though the same was not true when associated with white women. Continue reading

Designer Disease

Germ Warfare BlanketsDESIGNER DISEASES
AIDS As Biological & Psychological Warfare
by Waves Forrest

Despite repeated denials from Defense Department officials, allegations persist that AIDS is a genetically altered virus, which has been deliberately released to wipe out homosexuals and/or non-whites in the U.S. and reduce populations in third world countries.

At first glance it seems like the epitome of paranoia to accuse the military of conspiring to exterminate citizens of their own country, and even some of their own troops. However, the vast majority of military personnel could be completely unaware of such a plot in their midst, while a relative handful of traitors in key positions could conduct it under cover of classified operations. And the circumstantial evidence is actually quite Continue reading

Doctor James Marion Frankenstein Sims

Statue Sims in Central ParkFamous Doctor Operated on [Enslaved African Women] Without Anesthesia

by Boyce Watkins (2010)

University of Illinois professor Deborah McGregor has shed light on an important piece of American history. McGregor has noted that Dr. James Marion Sims, considered the father of [western] gynecology, developed many of his techniques by operating on enslaved African women, many of whom were not given anesthesia.

McGregor, author of ‘From Midwives to Medicine: The Birth of American Gynecology,’ said “There is no doubt that he carried out experiments on women, and that he was only able to do so because they were [enslaved].”

Part of the controversy regarding Sims centers around a statue placed near Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street in New York City. The statue is located next to the New York Academy of Medicine, in a neighborhood that is majority African American and Puerto Rican. Continue reading