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Cuba Hopes Trump Keeps Cooperation Efforts against Drug ...DEA’s Latin ‘takedown’ boosted by dubious figures
BY LENNY SAVINO, The Miami Herald, February 1, 2001

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The Drug Enforcement Administration used suspect figures to tout the success of a 36-nation “major takedown” of drug traffickers in the Caribbean and Latin America last fall, according to an examination of the operation.

The DEA’s scorecard on “Operation Libertador” reported 2,876 arrests, but agency officials could not provide evidence to support hundreds of them. Hundreds more were routine busts for marijuana possession, and some drug eradication figures were double-counts of a State Department program to burn marijuana plants. And while the DEA said $30.2 million in criminal assets were seized during Libertador, $30 million of that was confiscated four weeks before the operation began. Continue reading


Banneker versus Jefferson

 Benjamin Banneker Une image de Banneker debout derri re unTo Thomas Jefferson from Benjamin Banneker, 19 August 1791

From Benjamin Banneker

Maryland. Baltimore County. Near Ellicotts Lower Mills
August 19th: 1791


I am fully sensible of the greatness of that freedom which I take with you on the present occasion; a liberty which Seemed to me scarcely allowable, when I reflected on that distinguished, and dignifyed station in which you Stand; and the almost general prejudice and prepossession which is so prevailent in the world against those of my complexion.

I suppose it is a truth too well attested to you, to need a proof here, that we are a race of Beings who have long laboured under the abuse and censure of the world, that we have long been looked upon with an eye of contempt, and1 that we have long been considered rather as brutish than human, and Scarcely capable of mental endowments. Continue reading

Margot Shetterly

Margot Lee Shetterly - WikipediaMargot Lee Shetterly CV Oct 2013

US Mailing Address: …
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US TEL: … • MEX TEL: …

Hidden Figures, narrative nonfiction work in progress. Hidden Figures is the untold history of the African-American women employed as Human Computers by NACA/NASA from the 1940s through the 1960s. (Represented by Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency)

The Human Computers Project. Multimedia platform archiving the history of NACA-NACA’s African-American Human Computers and their significance in the context of the US Space Program, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement and the struggle for Gender Equality. Collaborative work in progress with Prof. Duchess Harris of Macalester College.


No. More Amiri Baraka

Amiri Baraka Amiri Baraka Dead: Controversial Author And Activist Dies At 79
By Hillel Italie, January 9 2014

NEW YORK (AP) — Amiri Baraka, the militant man of letters and tireless agitator whose blues-based, fist-shaking poems, plays and criticism made him a provocative and groundbreaking force in American culture, has died. He was 79.

His booking agent, Celeste Bateman, told The Associated Press that Baraka, who had been hospitalized since last month, died Thursday at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Continue reading

Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones)

Amiri Baraka and FamilyAmiri Baraka (born October 7, 1934), born LeRoi Jones, is an African-American writer of poetry, drama, fiction, essays, and music criticism.

Amiri Baraka has a writing career that spans over almost half a century. Praised for possessing a unique style, his writings portray different aspects of Afrocentrism. This, along with reflecting pride in his race has also played a role in bridging the gap between African–American language forms and literature.

He is the author of numerous books of poetry and has taught at a number of universities, including the State University of New York at Buffalo and the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He received the PEN Open Book Award in 2008 for Tales of the Out and the Gone. Along with James Baldwin, Baraka was one of the most respected and most widely published Black writers of his generation. Continue reading

Kwanzaa – Another Fake Religion

image16The Truth About Kwanzaa
From Phil’s Annual Kwanzaa Crusade, 2005

When are we going to start recognizing Kwanzaa for what it is? Let me be blunt. Kwanzaa is not some ancient African celebration. Not even close. Kwanzaa was the brainchild of Ron Karenga in 1966. That’s right, 1966. Less than 40 years ago. And who was this Ron Karenga?

Dr. Maulana Karenga (real name Ron Everett) was head of the violent group called United Slaves Organization. This was a rival organization of the Black Panthers. In 1969, the Republic of New Africa, another radical group aligned with the Black Panthers, accused Karenga of taking part in the killing of two Black Panther members at UCLA. They invited Karenga to appear before their board to tell his side of the story. He failed to show up and was booted from the organization. They stated in a letter to Black Panther Bobby Seale that “Ron Karenga represented a great deal less than the best interests of the Black Liberation struggle.” That ended up being an understatement. Continue reading

The Intelligence Origins of Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa - NguzoSabaThe Intelligence Origins of Kwanzaa
by Brother Sekhem (2006)

“Africans must stop generalizing about the loyalties and motives of Afro-Americans, including the widespread suspicion of black Americans being CIA agents. … ” – Ron Karenga

I believe it’s necessary to reveal the origin of this holiday [Kwanzaa] that was given to us. Our enemies love Kwanzaa, love to see us engaged in its practice and have no qualms in promoting it bigger than life throughout the media. TV news shows around the United Hates, go out of their way to advance Kwanzaa, not because they want to, but because they’ve been instructed to. No other festivity or pro-Afrikan day is promoted this way except for Martin Luther King Day. Why is that?

The answers might be that they want Christmas to be a largely white event, and want to take it back for themselves. But that would be self-defeating for them economically, and they are slowly losing their own economic base in Christmas, due to outright greed and over commercialization. So the answer must reside in the fact our enemies want to: Continue reading