International Copywriters

SeemingLet me rewrite this introduction. It is dumb to write about copywriting when the writing is sloppy. It would just make it clear that I am not to start a new business doing copywriting, unless it would really be just business. That would mean that I get other people to do the copying and the writing. And to get more other people to get the assignments for the copywriters.

Then what would I do? Just Continue reading


Katrina – Just As I Thought I Could Walk Again. All Turned Quickly Into Sand. Y?

Balance BLPThe decision to finally take a closer look at the disaster called “Katrina” has already been paying off. I have been able to move closer to the source of my personal distress at the time. I had run away to find that I still had nowhere to turn to, in much of the same way as the Katrina victims and survivors. I was on a Doom March of my own, and just like the Katrina victims, I was unaware of it. Something was wrong, but I could not even begin to understand what nor why.

We did not know that we were looked upon as disposable waste. The first attempts to kill us, did not work. The second attempt took a lot of lives and limbs. And those Continue reading

Meet Sophia Stewart

Sophia StewartSophia Stewart
From Whale [2013 Feb]

Sophia Stewart, The Real Creator of ‘The Matrix,’ Wins Billion Dollar Copyright Case  

A six-year dispute has ended involving Sophia Stewart, the Wachowski Brothers, Joel Silver and Warner Brothers. Stewart’s allegations, involving copyright infringement and racketeering, were received and acknowledged by the Central District of California, Judge Margaret Morrow presiding.  Stewart, a New Yorker who has resided in Salt Lake City for the past five years, will recover damages from the films, The Matrix I, II and III, as well as The Terminator and its sequels. She will soon receive one of the biggest payoffs in the history of Hollywood , as the gross receipts of both films and their sequels total over 2.5 billion dollars. …..

…The investigation also stated that ‘credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers came forward, claiming that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge Continue reading

Do You Know Any Black Farmers?

Black Farmers Rally For Discrimination Settlement
By JULIE ROSE (2010)

This is why you cannot get any more young black farmers in it, because they see the struggle that the older black farmers got — being discriminated and mistreated. – Vern Switzer

After rallying across the South last week, Black farmers plan to be in Washington, D.C., on Monday to call on the government to “pay up” on its more than 10-year-old promise to compensate for discrimination. Despite the conditions of the 1999 civil rights settlement, more than 70,000 Black farmers have yet to see a penny.

‘A Dying Breed’

Vern Switzer is 63 years old, but he still single-handedly farms 19 acres of land along a busy country road just outside Winston Salem, N.C. He is one of only about 30,000 Black farmers in America today. These farmers are mostly in the South and represent just 1.5 percent of total farm operators in America, compared to 14 percent back in 1920. Continue reading

Haiti Showing the Sickness of US

Haiti QuakeThe US and Haiti
by Mitchel Cohen, 1994

Hardly a day goes by at the US Navy base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, without some kind of demonstration by the 14,000 Haitian refugees interned behind barbed wire fences and armed guards. Whether singing for the return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (who was overthrown by a US-funded military coup in 1991 eight months after winning election with 67 percent of the popular vote), chanting against the inhumane and crowded conditions, wearing white to symbolize their demand for political asylum, or escaping from the camps en masse and trying to swim away from the brutalities of the US military into Cuba proper, the refugees are now in a constant state of rebellion. Continue reading

The Need for Incarceration and Execution

New Hospital BedsIn China, Organ Transplants from Executed Prisoners

Officials within the Ministry of Health have said more than once over the last three or four years that about two-thirds of the organs that are used in transplants in China come from executed prisoners.

Now we don’t know for sure how many executed prisoners there are per year, but estimates vary from 1,500 to 5,000 – 7,000. There are 10,000 organ transplants per year, roughly.

What we also know is that there are mobile execution buses and vans Continue reading