Chevron and Exxon: The Criminals Behind Katrina*

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There were No Police at this Chevron, Exxon Crime Scene*

By Greg Palast

Nine years ago this week, New Orleans drowned.  Don’t you dare blame Mother Nature.  Miss Katrina killed no one in this town.  But it was a homicide, with nearly 2,000 dead victims.  If not Katrina, who done it?  Read on.

The Palast Investigative Fund is making our half-hour investigative report available as a free download – Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans, produced for Democracy Now.  In the course of the filming, Palast was charged with violation of anti-terror laws on a complaint from Exxon Corporation. Charges were dropped, and our digging continued.

It wasn’t an Act of God.  It was an Act of Chevron.  An Act of Exxon. An Act of Big Oil.

Take a look at these numbers dug out of Louisiana state records:

Conoco 3.3…

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The One Prepared to Stand on the Mess

Katrina and ObamaThere is so much to say about the theater production that involves President Obama, that I would not know where to begin, if I even wanted to start.

Sure enough, I enjoyed reading conspiracy and crazy theories alike. My favorite story was about one of the ‘secret’ government time travel projects. I cannot remember if he met schizophrenic Abra’m Lincoln or only reptillionaires, but I look forward to reading the story that explains how his soul kept up with his body disappearing from the assigned time line. It probably got lost.

Yes, bullshit bingo. The puppet theater show means nothing if you are left without a house to live in nor food to feed your family. Too bad that those assigned to help the poor masses are to care for their own asses before they can think of really helping someone else. So many people have been dealing with a personal Katrina, yet white America got bored really quick when Katrina proved to have hurt the Black community and disunity the most. Continue reading

Katrina Displacement Continued

Sunni Patterson, whose poems and songs voice the soul of New Orleans, was pushed out the city she loves by the racially discriminatory Road Home program that has prevented her from rebuilding the home her family lived in for generations and, as a tenant, by the cost of housing that has risen 63 percent just this year. Now in Houston, she longs to return home, echoing the longing of 75 percent of Black New Orleanians who remain displaced five years after the flood.

On the fifth anniversary of Katrina, displacement continues
by Jordan Flaherty, 2010

Poet Sunni Patterson is one of New Orleans’ most beloved artists. She has performed in nearly every venue in the city, toured the U.S., and frequently appears on television and radio, from Democracy Now to Continue reading

Katrina Displacement

Katrina - Not Looting But HelpingDisplacement Of Historic Proportions
By David Von Drehle and Jacqueline Salmon, 2005

The largest displacement of Americans since the Civil War reverberated across the country from its starting point in New Orleans yesterday, as more than half a million people uprooted by Hurricane Katrina sought shelter, sustenance and the semblance of new lives.

Storm refugees overwhelmed the state of Louisiana and poured into cities from coast to coast, crowding sports arenas, convention centers, schools, churches and the homes of friends, relatives and even strangers. Continue reading

Katrina – How Are the Children?

Katrina 2Effects on Children from Hurricane Katrina
From Society for Research in Child Development (2010)

Summary: Hurricane Katrina effects on children: Resilience and gender.

Document Detail: Hurricane Katrina’s effects on children: Resilience and genderRebuilding schools after Hurricane Katrina and providing supportive environments and relationships have helped many children reduce their levels of overall trauma from the hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast in August 2005, according to a new study. A second study found that girls had distinct stress reactions from boys in the aftermath of the storm. Continue reading

Katrina – All Stolen Children Found?

Katrina - Passing BabiesAll Missing Hurricane [Children] Found
by CBS/AP, 2009

When 4-year-old Cortez Stewart was reunited with her mother and five siblings in Texas last week, it closed a happy chapter in the sad story of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Cortez represented the last of 5,192 Gulf Coast children listed as missing or displaced after the storms struck more than six months ago. The effort to reunite those youngsters became the largest child-recovery effort in U.S. history. Continue reading

Katrina – Just As I Thought I Could Walk Again. All Turned Quickly Into Sand. Y?

Balance BLPThe decision to finally take a closer look at the disaster called “Katrina” has already been paying off. I have been able to move closer to the source of my personal distress at the time. I had run away to find that I still had nowhere to turn to, in much of the same way as the Katrina victims and survivors. I was on a Doom March of my own, and just like the Katrina victims, I was unaware of it. Something was wrong, but I could not even begin to understand what nor why.

We did not know that we were looked upon as disposable waste. The first attempts to kill us, did not work. The second attempt took a lot of lives and limbs. And those Continue reading