Smile – You Are A Slave

Happy Slaves

Grateful Slave
by Paine’s Torch

I am a grateful slave.
My master is a good man.
He gives me food, shelter, work and other things.
All he requires in return is that I obey him.
I am told he has the power to control my life.
I look up to him, and wish that I were so powerful.

My master must understand the world better than I, Continue reading

Moses Musta Betrayed Us

Three Jews?Myth of the Ruddy Red people (Seth)
By Metaphysics (2007)

The ancient egyptian myth of the Ruddy red people

The Bible states that the last great battle will put Israel against the rest of the Middle East and its allies. (and that is where we are today)… WORLD WAR III …the last stage is set for when we go for Iran.

“everything goes in circles (cycles)” -dog star Continue reading

Katrina Displacement

Katrina - Not Looting But HelpingDisplacement Of Historic Proportions
By David Von Drehle and Jacqueline Salmon, 2005

The largest displacement of Americans since the Civil War reverberated across the country from its starting point in New Orleans yesterday, as more than half a million people uprooted by Hurricane Katrina sought shelter, sustenance and the semblance of new lives.

Storm refugees overwhelmed the state of Louisiana and poured into cities from coast to coast, crowding sports arenas, convention centers, schools, churches and the homes of friends, relatives and even strangers. Continue reading

Great, Greater, Greatest Evil

Black face EpiphanyTHE GREATEST OF EVILS
By Atiba King (1998)

The greatest of Evils will flourish during times of extreme amnesia. When beings forget the lessons of the land, the lessons of life, and the original reasons for existence, evil moves to fill the void.

Time never stops and nature always changes. To live with nature is to accept change and grow. Change brings an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to grow in new directions. To reject change is to reject growth. To reject growth is to reject life. To reject life is to reject the teachings of the Creator of all existence. Continue reading

They Knew About Prozac and Suicide

DepressionThis post does not advertise suicide in any way. It is only posted to show that when the mind gets stuck on suicide, those that claim to want to help you, may only be after your money. If you find that the idea of suicide is becoming a constant companion in your life, then make sure that you seek help in replacing that mindset. Seek help from people who have overcome it themselves first, and those who seek to profit from it last. Be well. NBP

Eli Lilly Knew Prozac had 1200% Higher Suicide Rate Than Other Antidepressants
From (2005)

It’s yet another example of the widespread negligent actions committed by Big Pharma in the quest for profits. It’s not just Vioxx, Bextra or Celebrex. Now the truth is finally starting to come out on antidepressant drugs like Prozac.

And what is the truth? That drug makers like Eli Lilly not only knew their Continue reading

The Media Propaganda Machine

Reality or Reality TV

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream
By Noam Chomsky (1997)

If you want to understand the media, or any other institution, you begin by asking questions about the internal institutional structure. And you ask about their setting in the broader society. How do they relate to other systems of power and authority? If you’re lucky, there is an internal record from leading people that tells you what they are up to. That doesn’t mean the public relations handouts, but what they say to each other about what they are up to. There is quite a lot of interesting documentation.

Those are major sources of information about the nature of the media. You want to study them the way, say, a scientist would study some complex molecule. You take a look at the structure and then make some hypothesis based on the structure as to what the media product is likely to look like. Continue reading

The-Evil-Science of Te-levi-sion

HypnotismTelevision and Evil
By CBSworks (2003)


“…big brother really caring about the quality of picture on the boob tube.”

That’s correct. Big Brother could care LESS about picture quality but cares greatly that your mental clarity and natural function be routinely interrupted by more ‘regularly scheduled programming’. You’ll also remember that the new digital tv was first instituted on a wide scale in Japan, and it was GW Bush’s father (elder Bush, while then President) who signed into law the decree that the US television system would be mandated to a digital switch by the coming of the new millenium, or else broadcasters would loose their expensive (and very lucrative) broadcasting licenses. Push came to shove so to speak, and the rush toward media conglomeration was on. Continue reading