Straight Up Hair

Black Queen 2

Love my hair

I can have straight hair, but I love my hair as it is.
My hair becomes me, as I take good care of it.

I know to nurture my hair like any other body part.
Without attaching my self-worth to it.
I feed my hair Natural oils, so it can take care of itself. Continue reading


Electromagnetic Melanin

Got Melanin?From “The ANKH:The Afrikan Origins of Electromagnitism”
By Nur Ankh Amen

“Its influence (the Ankh) was felt in every dynastic period and survives as an icon possessing mystical powers throughout the Coptic Christian Era.”

“One of the most famous of these shrines was the ARK (ANKH) of the Covenant. Built by Moses the Egyptian, to protect the tablets of the Ten Commandments and to serve as a reminder of God. Once charged, this portable shrine was potentially lethal if touched, as was evident in the Old TEstament account. A priesthood specially trained to handle the shrine wore special clothing for protection and used a ROD to ground or discharge the Ark. When the shrine was discharged by the priest it could be handled safely. (Exodus 25) (I Chronicles 13:9)” Continue reading

Some Got More Melanin Than Others

Melanin Electromagnetic ChartMelanin!
By Nibs Ra & Manu Amun

The varied presence of melanin between individuals and ethnic groups is of utmost importance in that it determines what conditions constitute a suitable lifestyle for an individual. For example, for optimal physical, spiritual and mental health, melanin dominant people should live in tropical or equatorial regions where they can get adequate amounts of sunlight. The opposite is true for melanin recessive individuals who would risk genetic defects and cancer when in the presence of abundant direct sunlight.

It is also important to realize that what is a ‘nutritional diet’ varies greatly across Continue reading

Recognizing Asians

Study ChineseThe Asians
By Nibs Ra & Manu Amun

It was not until around 20,000 years ago that the mongoloid racial type began to stabilize. This was the early Asian, or the proto-Asian type that developed from the Afrikans who migrated to land masses such as India and going out to the pacific coast of Asia. Because of the geographical differences between Africa and these new areas, the expressed physical features of the proto-Asians adapted to the various environments. The skin color and pigmentation levels now ranged from still black, to brown, and lightening to the yellows that we currently observe in Continue reading

Melody In Melanin

Trinidad CarnivalMelanin!
By Nibs Ra & Manu Amun

What a glorious revelation it was for me to realize that: the key to life, the secrets of the universe, and the essence of divinity lives within the physical body of the Afrikan people! Let us take a journey into the depths of our bodies, minds, souls and the universe. Let’s explore what is perhaps the most powerful, extraordinary and mysterious substance known to man… the substance that defines who we are as a people… melanin!

What is melanin? Continue reading

It Does Matter If You Are Black or White

By: Amon Hotep, 2009 [Edited]

Whites cannot reproduce anything but themselves! Through powerful propaganda and indoctrination we have been completely oblivious to what having white skin really means. We have been skillfully mislead to believe that white skin is mankind’s anthropological model and should be coveted. However, recent research paints a picture of white skin that is just the antithesis of what we have been brainwashed to believe. The polar bear analysis that was done by the Discovery Channel helps prove my point. If you shave the hair off a polar bear, the skin beneath is black. In nature the skin of the polar bear is black to absorb as much heat and light as possible to keep the arctic animal warm in its environment. It is also true for the Eskimo (Inuit). Human adaptation remains an insufficiently studied part of climate and climate change. Scientists have tried for years to prove that the environment was responsible for altering heredity. Continue reading

Feeding Our Melanin

Image result for black beautyFeeding Our Melanin
By The Body Temple (2011)

Hemoglobin in human blood is our body’s oxygen transporter. From a chemical standpoint, the molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to those of hemoglobin.

A German chemist, Dr Richard Wilsstatter, determined in 1913 that the two molecules closely resemble one another. He found that hemoglobin is composed of four elements – carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen – organized around a single atom of iron. Hemoglobin’s iron content is the main reason we need a dietary supply of that mineral. Chlorophyll has the same elements, however they are organized around a single atom of magnesium.

Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin, a dark pigment responsible for the coloration of hair and skin. Continue reading