Will The Real Black Messiah Please Stand Up

Nicholas Payton


Black syncopated rhythm, African Tribal DNA is becoming a lost art. With each passing day, it’s more and more irrelevant. Not useful. Obsolete. And it’s sad. Being Black used to mean something. What was at one time a commodity is now a liability. Black people live through the drum, through song. Without the Blues, Black life means nothing. The Blues is our collective Black language. Developed out of our resistance to the global dehumanization of colored people, we established a new way to commune with our ancestry. Any freedoms we’ve been able to craft post-Columbus has been due to the music. And it’s through the music that any future salvation is to be found.

It used to be clear who was within the Black tradition and who wasn’t. The rhythmic code embedded in the music makes it apparent which artists are linked to the lineage. As we head deeper into…

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Shoot – You Better Recognize

Valentine Fake - lqThis immature joke fits well. White propaganda telling me to fake feelings one day of the year. For me to comply means that I will have to choose to fake hate. They are not offering a white flag. I will show them what to do with that… Red flag.

Okay, just calm down, missy. It is not that big of a deal, is it? They murdered that Valentine guy and made him a saint, or whatever. (No, I am not going to look it up. It is BLACK OUR-story month.) So what? Continue reading