More Than Me

by Dionne Character

Mi mind, stuck in the school zone
as my people slow me up,   with their foolish thougths
thinkin’ I think   I’M BETTER THAN THEM   when my
whole life has been so slow, like a snail with salt on his
back,   My eyes continue to burn like, Cayenne Pep’R the
numbers continure to get higher, hotter like crawfish as
the southern waters run deep like the Mississippi, Continue reading


Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key - imdbThe Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key is a 2005 American supernatural horror film starring Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, John Hurt, Peter Sarsgaard, and Joy Bryant. The film centers on a young hospice nurse who acquires a job at a Terrebonne Parish plantation home, and becomes entangled in a supernatural mystery involving the house, its former inhabitants, and the hoodoo rituals and spells that took place there. It was released in cinemas in the United Kingdom on July 29, 2005, and in the U.S. on August 12, 2005.

Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson), is a New Orleans nurse who takes a position as a private hospice caregiver at an isolated plantation house deep in the bayous of southern Louisiana. The lady of the house Violet Devereaux (Gena Rowlands), looks after her husband Benjamin Devereaux (John Hurt). With some prompting from the family’s estate lawyer, Luke Marshall (Peter Sarsgaard), she accepts the position. Continue reading

Eternal Pi Skin

choi-xoo-ang-unique-sculptural-art-3Learn Chinese word radical – Leather / Hide
By Like A Bridge/Teach me Chinese (12 Mar 2014)

The Chinese word for leather or hide is 皮革 (pígé).

(pí) means skin, leather or a thin layer of some material (such as a dumpling wrapper). It is also the abbreviation for 顽皮 (wánpí naughty).

When referring to human skin, say 皮肤 (pífū). Continue reading

Sure Switzerland Cares About Black Children

bloody-ceramic-sculptures-maria-rubinke-9THE ASHLEY MONTAGU RESOLUTION
A Petition To The World Court, the Hague
James W. Prescott, Ph. D.

Adopted by the Fourth International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations,
University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, August 9-11, 1996.


On this distinguished occasion of the Fourth International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland (9-11 August 1996), we honor Professor Continue reading

Electromagnetic Melanin

Got Melanin?From “The ANKH:The Afrikan Origins of Electromagnitism”
By Nur Ankh Amen

“Its influence (the Ankh) was felt in every dynastic period and survives as an icon possessing mystical powers throughout the Coptic Christian Era.”

“One of the most famous of these shrines was the ARK (ANKH) of the Covenant. Built by Moses the Egyptian, to protect the tablets of the Ten Commandments and to serve as a reminder of God. Once charged, this portable shrine was potentially lethal if touched, as was evident in the Old TEstament account. A priesthood specially trained to handle the shrine wore special clothing for protection and used a ROD to ground or discharge the Ark. When the shrine was discharged by the priest it could be handled safely. (Exodus 25) (I Chronicles 13:9)” Continue reading

Hiding Black Presidents

Stop Saying Obama is the first Black Prez.. He’s the Seventh
By Reality (2008)

Welcome to Chuuch Today Babies – the sermon is all about “Acceptance of History and Black Presidents

We repeat this history lesson, because there is so much negative discussion on the color of the newly elected Continue reading