Sea the Pisces

tamcc-01-jason-decaires-taylor-sculptureSea the Pisces

It is like getting cut to bits
For me to walk back and forth
To collect all the pieces of self.

To collect only the pieces of self
For me to know more pieces, yet
To leave pieces of others to them.

To leave pieces in others to them
Understand the dual effort it takes
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The Warrior – Chapter 1.0

vein-man_jason-decaires-taylor-sculpture-art-02The warrior stood on the mount overlooking the land that stretched forth in all directions. The green of the land stretching all the way to the forest in the South. The brown red and grey mixture of the clusters of city-villages to the West. More city-villages to the North, unable to guise the red of the earth desert. In the same way that the industries to the East were not able to hide the colors of the great many drops behind them.

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Straight Up Hair

Black Queen 2

Love my hair

I can have straight hair, but I love my hair as it is.
My hair becomes me, as I take good care of it.

I know to nurture my hair like any other body part.
Without attaching my self-worth to it.
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Shoot – You Better Recognize

Valentine Fake - lqThis immature joke fits well. White propaganda telling me to fake feelings one day of the year. For me to comply means that I will have to choose to fake hate. They are not offering a white flag. I will show them what to do with that… Red flag.

Okay, just calm down, missy. It is not that big of a deal, is it? They murdered that Valentine guy and made him a saint, or whatever. (No, I am not going to look it up. It is BLACK OUR-story month.) So what? Continue reading