Know Better


Part 2

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Getting Off the War Ship

It is time for some knowledge that shows their sick system governing our tortured minds. Learn their alphabet of war.

This is Sevan Bomar. He brings a lot of information in a different way.  Different from what I have been fingering. This is the second video I have watched, and I like what he does.

Hiding Nas

Move over Nas. You are on igg. There is no more time to listen to you wine. No more moping and hoping. We are dealing with a real disease…




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On Mariah… Uh, Miriam Carey

Miriam CareyCrazy Black woman rammed White House gate? With her baby girl in the car? Huh?

Yes, I am late to the party. I was very busy untying myself from Katrina and some other minor inconveniences. Besides, I like to show up late so there is no need to make awkward conversations about Scandal or whatever junk is served up on tele-sick-vision, Continue reading