War On US

Steve Cokely Gone but Never Forgotten

by Kristen (April 13 2012)

I found out today my friend, my mentor, my hero Steve Cokely died on April 11, 2012. Continue reading


On Mariah… Uh, Miriam Carey

Miriam CareyCrazy Black woman rammed White House gate? With her baby girl in the car? Huh?

Yes, I am late to the party. I was very busy untying myself from Katrina and some other minor inconveniences. Besides, I like to show up late so there is no need to make awkward conversations about Scandal or whatever junk is served up on tele-sick-vision, Continue reading

Dr. Phil Helping With Katrina

Katrina - Government Does Not CareWhen I first heard about Katrina and a “Death March”, I did not even want to know what that was about. I was still overwhelmed by the whole New Ordeal, and could not make sense of the catastrophe. I needed help digesting the tragedy. The mainstream media focused on helicopter pictures of “refugees”, and took a stance against presumed “looting” and “rape”. By the same Black people who were said to be “refugees”. I could not break through the Internet filters to get to the real story. Still, I managed to learn about the government operation in favor of (oil) corporations. Continue reading