Getting Haitians to Volunteer Back Into Slavery

Something went wrong as I reblogged this post. So, I decided to just post the article and link. After I have my say.

This picture is haunting. I have watched white people in Holland go on about their victimhood based on their Second World War, uttering empty words about ‘never forgetting’ while they collect nice financial benefits beyond death to do us part. Never forget what?

Never forget that the successful revolt on Haiti has been made into the excuse needed to isolate and punish Haitians. That is, poor Black Haitians, the ones who still look like the kidnapped and enslaved Africans who dared to take ‘free’. The rich Haitians have been welcomed in neighbouring countries and far away Europe just fine. Did Baby Doc not fly in from France? Or did he move to Monaco?

How can we forget that Haitians have been targeted and experimented on ever since there was such a thing as “Hispaniola”? Ongoing physical and mental slavery, Yoruba religion made into an enslavement tool, man-made diseases, man-made earthquakes, hurricanes, UN cholera, hunger and starvation for the farmer class. This is the short-list.

If Haiti has no riches, how do the rich Haitians survive? If Haiti has no riches, then the rich cannot be anything else but overpaid overseers. Keeping the ‘freed’ enslaved locked up on the island for the US and European enslavers. For the love of money. Never mind this child, and all the children like him who die anonymously. The blood keeps flowing. Who is drinking it?

I do not like writing about Haiti, because it upsets me. I read the articles on Rapadoo, and notice how the display of the rich is in painful contrast to the plight of the poor. I do not agree with the bleak portrayal of Haiti. I think Haiti is a beautiful and rich country, and the tourist industry that is buying up beaches and hillsides, agrees. Above all, the European enslavers would have never chosen to live on the island and bring in shipments of Africans to be able to enrich themselves without working for it, if it was not. There would have been no “Haiti” if there were no riches to be gotten.

What happened for this nation to get ridiculed instead of admired? There is no need for the poor to be sick and poor, but the poor are no longer just sick and poor, they are sick and starving. Is it of any use to talk about financial aid? How much more money is to be stolen by those who could not care less about the starving poor? How about feeding people? They know how to fish, so how about… some fish?! How can the Dominican side of the island bear many fruit, but not Haiti?

Give the US back all their GMO poison, and help people plant and cultivate real food. If people cannot get off the island – most who escape the prison island get sent back – then the people on the island have to be helped so that the island can take care of them. Not the UN, IMF, World Bank or other New World Order institutions.  Nice fighting words. It is easy to utter them while I eat my luxury organic snacks as I type away. I am of no help either. I could busy myself with the very few Haitian refugees let into Europe, but I have not even tried to find out if there are any around my way.

Even if I could reach into this picture and feed the child –  and the child sitting in the background – I would still have to decide to do so. As I have no intention of packing my bags to hop over to Haiti, three fingers point back at me. I am no better than the sick Haitian elite. I am watching people starve to death… As such, it is of no use to go into a rant about Baby Doc not going hungry as he – and his plastic wife – give acte de presence at the trial. He may have been acting according to assignment, but his assignment enabled mass murder.

Enough about him – and his plastic wife. On to the short article that finally got me to say something. Of course it was not the article, but the photo that got to me. And, before I move on, there is another question that needs to be asked. Did the photographer pay – or at least feed – this family for the photo? Or did he just take it – feeling entitled to it – without having to give something of value back? And… is this child still alive?

2 out of 3 people face hunger as Haiti woes mount

From Yahoo! News

The hardship of hunger abounds amid the stone homes and teepee-like huts in the mountains along Haiti’s southern coast. The hair on broomstick-thin children has turned patchy and orangish, their stomachs have ballooned to the size of their heads and many look half their age — the tell-tale signs of malnutrition.

Mabriole town official Geneus Lissage fears that death is imminent for these children if Haitian authorities and humanitarian workers don’t do more to stem the hunger problems. “They will be counting bodies,” Lissage said, “because malnutrition is ravaging children, youngsters and babies.”

Three years after an earthquake killed hundreds of thousands and international donors promised to help Haiti “build back better,” hunger is worse than ever. Despite billions of dollars from around the world pledged toward rebuilding efforts, the country’s food problems underscore just how vulnerable its 10 million people remain.

Source: http://rapadoo. com/2013/06/10/2-out-of-3-people-face-hunger-as-haiti-woes-mount-yahoo-news/
Original source:  – Yahoo! News.

No Black Pete – 2014

To read that Haiti has over 100 trillion billion dollars worth of Natural “resources” made me think of this article I wrote last year. How many have died for no good reason? Oil and gold to be stolen, are not a good reason. We are looking at millionaires starve, and millionaires getting kicked out of the Dominican Republic. Yes. That Black child in the picture should be rich enough to be able to lift white children out of spiritual poverty. Now what?!



3 comments on “Getting Haitians to Volunteer Back Into Slavery

  1. Oops! Never mind! I found

  2. The only thing missing from your photo is flies. In the case of Haiti the occupation is both economic and military, with two US coups against Aristide, a president elected with overwhelming popular support. The US military only allowed him to return from exile based on agreement he wouldn’t stand for president again. I guess that means they’ll just shoot him the next time he tries.

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